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4 Jan. 1978
The Spoilers
Fish in Hoot Owl Creek are dying off and animals are falling ill as well. Adams,Jack and Nakoma decide it could be something in the water...but what and possibly who is caused it?
11 Jan. 1978
Marvin the Magnificent
Marvin the Magnificent and his trained bear named "Babe," happen upon Adams place and he invites them to stay over. Something,however,causes "Babe" to fall ill. Can the cause and the cure be found ?
18 Jan. 1978
A Time of Thirsting
A long dry spell in the mountains affects its inhabitants. Adams and friends devise ways to conserve what water they have,until the rains return. ..but not before someone's ignorance sets the forest on fire.
25 Jan. 1978
The Seekers
Before the mountain's hit by a storm,a military man,Master Sargent Monahan arrives,whom Mad Jack mistakes for an infamous being of sorts. It's up to Adams to not only prepare all for the storm but to prove the identity of the Sgt. as well.
8 Feb. 1978
A Gentleman Tinker
Mad Jack overhears a short Irishman and Tinker (Inventor) discussing gold. Thinking he's found a leprechaun,that'll lead to a pot of gold, he tells Adams. Adams doubts him though,so Jack must prove he's wasn't seeing and hearing things.
22 Feb. 1978
The Runaway
Adams meets a runaway slave named Isaac and decides to help him by letting stay at the cabin. Mad Jack thinks this may lead to trouble should Isaac's master come looking for him.
1 Mar. 1978
The Great Burro Race
Mad Jack's reacquainted with pals Gus and Gerty, Gus,still feels he's better at things than Jack. So,he talks him into a "burro race". If Jack loses,he must turn his burro named Number Seven over to Gus.
15 Mar. 1978
The Littlest Greenhorn
A new creature's in the forest,scaring the animals. Mad Jack's seen it and tells Adams it's a giant gorilla. Skeptical,Adams decides to investigate this tall tale and finds more and less than expected.
22 Mar. 1978
The Renewal
Before all can complete preparations for an Easter celebration ,they must first deal with two wayward,yet,strange visitors,whose wagon burst into flames after being struck by lightning.
5 Apr. 1978
The Stranger
Adams and friends meet a young man named Ulysses Grant. He's writing a book on the wilderness. Stating his lack of survival skill, Adams sees about teaching him the ways of the wild. Which is not as easy as it sounds.
26 Apr. 1978
The Quest
Adams and Nakoma are told by Mad Jack,he's spoken with an Army Corporal. The Corporal said he was sent by the Govt. to help with issues regarding the animals. Adams is suspicious and thinks it may be a lie and the Corporal a bounty hunter.
5 May 1978
The Skyrider
Adams and Mad Jack find an unusual man. Mr. Milton Wright's trying to achieve human flight in his bird-like "glider" invention. S close watch is kept on him. He keeps crashing but also needs to find the answer to realizing his dream.
12 May 1978
The World's Greatest Bounty Hunter
After coming down with a seriously high fever and sickness,Mad Jack's state of mind leads him to believe he's a bounty hunter. He also believes that Adams is the man he's looking to hunt down and take in...dead or alive.
19 Dec. 1978
Once Upon a Starry Night
A heavy blizzard covers the mountains and later causes an avalanche. These 2 factors threaten to separate a pioneer family. Adams,Mad Jack,Nakoma and Ben must rescue and reunite them and keep Christmas a joyful occasion.

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