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Season 1

5 Sep. 1977
A 15-year-old whose family moves from Oregon to Boston misses the girlfriend he left behind, so he runs away to see her. On the way he hooks up with a female art student in her 20s who is also hitchhiking across the country, from whom he learns some valuable lessons about life.
27 Oct. 1977
James struggles to find his place in Boston, and tries to make friends with three fellow students at Bunker Hill: Sly, Marlene, and Paisley.
3 Nov. 1977
The Girl with the Bad Rep
James falls for a fellow student who is known to be promiscuous.
10 Nov. 1977
Kathy's in the Shower
James' older sister Kathy is found to be romantically involved with one of her college professors, and struggles to keep this knowledge a secret from their parents.
24 Nov. 1977
Higher Ground
James is interested in a young woman who belongs to a cult.
15 Dec. 1977
The Apple Tree, the Singing and the Gold
When his best friend comes to visit from Portland, James has to confront how to deal with a loss.
22 Dec. 1977
Fast and Loose
James befriends a new boy at school from a wealthy family, and the two take an unsupervised trip to California.
29 Dec. 1977
Mrs. Carson
James becomes concerned when a student teacher finds herself alone and pregnant.
5 Jan. 1978
Unrequited Love... Twice
A young friend of Sandy develops a crush on James while one of Mr. Hunter's students shows a romantic interest in him.
19 Jan. 1978
Actions Speak Louder
Scott, a deaf student, transfers to James' school and struggles for acceptance.
26 Jan. 1978
Star-Crossed Lovers
Marlene falls for a street musician.
9 Feb. 1978
The Gift
James looks forward to his upcoming 16th birthday and hopes to get a car as a gift. His uncle decides to give him a night with a call-girl instead. Shunning that situation, James falls in love with a Swedish foreign exchange student and loses his virginity.
16 Feb. 1978
The Blowout
The school dance is around the corner, and everybody's looking for a date. James has a crush on a fellow student who's taller than he is, while fending off the advances of another who's much shorter than him.
23 Feb. 1978
Listless Fever
James fears he may have contracted a venereal disease from Swedish exchange student Christine.
2 Mar. 1978
James, Sly and other Bunker Hill students fail to make it onto the school basketball team, and start up their own intramural team instead. But when he falls for Jennifer, a friend of Marlene's who starts her own all-female team, James is conflicted.
9 Mar. 1978
An Hour Before Midnight
James befriends Karen on the newspaper staff, and helps her to confront her alcoholism.
1 Jun. 1978
Knocking Heads
James writes an article questioning the offense of the football team but pays the price in history class. Later he finds out the coach didn't play college football as he claims.
8 Jun. 1978
Rebel Without a Car
James takes driving lessons as he attempts to obtain his driver's license but finds trouble when he borrows the family car without permission.
15 Jun. 1978
Hunter Country
James runs for student body president. Marlene is opposed to some of his views and decides that she will run against him.
22 Jun. 1978
When the expressway expansion threatens a local park James and his friends help relocate the park ducks to a new outdoor area rather than see them moved to a zoo.
29 Jun. 1978
Queen of the Silver Dollar
While away at a swim meet James convinces a young woman to spend the night in his motel room to win a bet with the other swimmers.

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