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30 Jan. 1977
The Mystery of the Haunted House
The Hardys investigate the disappearance of their own father, a case involving a haunted house, a graveyard, and espionage.
6 Feb. 1977
The Mystery of Pirate's Cove
Nancy suspects something is amiss when an abandoned lighthouse mysteriously activates.
13 Feb. 1977
The Mystery of Witches' Hollow
On a trip to a retired police captain's country home, the boys and their friends find him missing and themselves plagued with mysteriously threatening happenings that seem related to an old local legend.
20 Feb. 1977
The Mystery of the Diamond Triangle
While in the air, Nancy sees a car go off the road, and reports it. Everyone says the road is not been used since the bridge went down. Searching for that special car leads her to a young mechanic, but as they open the barn-doors?
6 Mar. 1977
The Disappearing Floor
While investigating the disappearance of a missing scientist, the boys begin to doubt their senses when they discover an isolated estate loaded with bizarre illusions.
13 Mar. 1977
The Secret of the Whispering Walls
Nancy's aunts are going to sell their property. The day before the deal is reality, a burglar steals all documents. Nancy goes to her aunts to explain. One aunt shows very discomfort, and speaks about voices in the walls??
27 Mar. 1977
The Flickering Torch Mystery
While investigating the disappearance of a sound technician, the Hardy Boys find a link to a rock band he was working for.
3 Apr. 1977
A Haunting We Will Go
Nancy revives a play in a theater that is supposed to be haunted. Actors from the original cast return to do the play. They seem to have intentions rather than the play, which makes Nancy suspicious and determined to discover the secret of the phantom.
10 Apr. 1977
The Mystery of the Flying Courier
Frank thinks he sees a girl whom he knew years ago who went missing, whose parents hired his father to locate but couldn't. When he tries to talk to her she claims that she is someone else. So he and Joe try to follow her but someone tries to kill them so they think she's mixed up in something.
17 Apr. 1977
Mystery of the Fallen Angels
Under a Charity Fair, the landowner claim it has been a jewelery theft from their safe. A young Mexican is accused, after been seen on the property. Nancy believes the case has more sides to it than it seems. Who and how?
24 Apr. 1977
While vacationing is Hawaii, the boys are robbed. So they set out to try and find the robbers.
1 May 1977
The Mystery of the Ghostwriters' Cruise
An attempt by someone is being made to force a famous mystery writer to relive one of his novels before killing him.
15 May 1977
The Secret of the Jade Kwan Yin
The Hardy Boys stumble upon an ancient Asian jade statuette that gangsters are desperate to recover.
22 May 1977
Mystery of the Solid Gold Kicker
At a party after a winning football game, the star feel discomfort. After party is over, Georgie forget her purse and goes back for it. Through the window she see a body on the floor. Nancy and police come along and see nothing. Foul play??
11 Sep. 1977
Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula, Part I
When Fenton disappears while in Europe, Joe and Frank go there to find him. Eventually they meet a Romanian police inspector who's working with their father. They also run into Nancy Drew; it seems that Fenton was working for her father and she came to find out what he learned. Eventually they find themselves in the village where Dracula is from.
25 Sep. 1977
The Mystery of King Tut's Tomb
On a trip to Egypt, frank and Joe finds themselves in a ploy of artifacts and smugglers, so it seems. In a confusing chase after a nameless girl the troubles looms around them. What is next??
2 Oct. 1977
Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom, Part I
Frank, Joe, and Nancy are at a detectives' convention when they discover a mysterious phantom who snatches one detective after another.
9 Oct. 1977
Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom, Part II
Frank, Joe, and Nancy are at a detective's convention when they discover a mysterious phantom who snatches one detective after another.
16 Oct. 1977
The Mystery of the African Safari
The boys and their father go to Africa to help find out who's behind some poaching. The prime suspect is a hunter who runs a Safari where most of the poaching is going on. But Frank falls for the man's daughter and doesn't believe he has it in him to do what they suspect him of. But when evidence against him is discovered he just gives up.
30 Oct. 1977
The Creatures Who Came on Sunday
While answering to a letter from an old friend, Frank and Joe ends up in superstition of something more than lights in the air. A disappearing boyfriend nd no trace, except ETs???
6 Nov. 1977
The Strange Fate of Flight 608
Joe and Frank are in Bermuda. Before they leave, a man who works for a someone who smuggles diamonds, needing money to pay back some people he owes, steals the diamonds and replaces them with fakes. His boss then gives them to his courier, a flight attendant on the plane Joe and Frank are on. So he goes to the airport and before it leaves, drugs the pilots, so while in flight, they pass out. So Frank and Joe try to fly but instead crash on an island and some of the passengers think they're in the Bermuda Triangle.
13 Nov. 1977
Acapulco Spies
Fenton is in Mexico being chased by someone. He then calls the boys and tells them to bring something. And that someone will meet them but before he could tell them anything else, the one following him finds him. When the boys arrive and check into the hotel, two girls who are in trouble walk up to the boys and utters the words their father told them their contact would say. Later a man who claims to be a friend of their father approaches them but they don't know him.
20 Nov. 1977
Nancy Drew's Love Match
Nancy sees someone stealing a watch. The thief turns out to be a rich girl and a kleptomaniac. She is a competitor in Las Vegas' tennis tournament. Lots of jewellery around the casinos starts disappearing.
27 Nov. 1977
The Mystery of the Silent Scream
A deaf girl who's in Las Vegas with a friend, stops at a gas station. She sees a man in a phone booth talking and reads his lips. She then drives off, she tells her friend that the man was talking about bombs being planted at a hotel. So they go to the hotel and try to tell the manager who doesn't believe them. They run into Joe and Frank who tries to help them. Later the man runs into her and tells his accomplice about her so they try to deal with her.
18 Dec. 1977
Will the Real Santa Claus...?
A burglar dressed as Santa. A drifter in a stable next door, gets accused for burgling. Nancy don't believe that this gentle man is guilty, so she starts looking for clues. A mysterious car around. Who and what is going on?

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