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Season 27

6 Jan. 2004
Episode #27.1
Togger winds up Tanya with a chicken's foot, Maddie is overprotective towards Baz, Hudson frets over missing Shannon and Taylor Mitchell might throw light on the mystery about Nick.
8 Jan. 2004
Episode #27.2
Tanya and Annie wear chicken claw jewellery, Mr. Green makes an entrance and finds discipline a problem, Hudson finally locates Shannon, and Taylor seems to be stalking Mel.
13 Jan. 2004
Episode #27.3
The cross country run seems the perfect opportunity for Togger to find the treasure Uncle Peter told him about, if he doesn't lose the map.
15 Jan. 2004
Episode #27.4
Mr. Wainwright goes missing, Andy and Emma have a thing going, Calvin becomes a Roman statue, and Togger uses Mr. Green's knowledge to determine the location of the time capsule.
20 Jan. 2004
Episode #27.5
Togger's hopes of finding the capsule are dashed by the caretaker, Taylor's account of Nick's racist past becomes public knowledge, and Annie gets kept at home by her unstable father.
22 Jan. 2004
Episode #27.6
Things come to a head for the Wainwrights, Togger has fun with a false door, and Nick is goaded into violence against Taylor.
27 Jan. 2004
Episode #27.7
Taylor's disappearance is assumed to be a permanent exclusion, Annie falls out with Tanya, and Togger floats the fake door in the swimming pool.
29 Jan. 2004
Episode #27.8
Josh wants to enter the trip to France essay competition when he leans Anika is entering, but isn't inspired to write anything, so Martin puts his own entry in under Josh's name.
3 Feb. 2004
Episode #27.9
Tanya renews her friendship with Annie, Anika learns that Josh will be accompanying her to France, and Miss Dyson finds an elderly ex-Grange Hill pupil for Togger to interview.
5 Feb. 2004
Episode #27.10
On the last day of term Anika almost gets pulled off the French Exchange trip, Togger and Abel visit an elderly man in sheltered accommodation, and Taylor convinces Nick to go to the police.
10 Feb. 2004
Episode #27.11
Togger & Abel give a disastrous presentation for the history project, Martin makes some dubious new friends, and Annie's disobedience makes her mother take drastic steps.
12 Feb. 2004
Episode #27.12
Shannon marks the anniversary of her parents' death, Jeremy discovers it is Emma who is leaving presents for Miss Dyson, and Baz and Annie call in their social worker to foil their mother.
17 Feb. 2004
Episode #27.13
Togger has another "offal" surprise for Tanya. Jeremy tries to help Emma, but when she tells him that he's got no friends, he proves that she is Miss Dyson's secret admirer.
19 Feb. 2004
Episode #27.14
The truth comes out about Emma being the one leaving presents for Miss Dyson, Spencer offers odds on who will become the next Headmaster and Taylor tries the patience of Mr. Green.
24 Feb. 2004
Episode #27.15
Emma and Annie fight, but Miss Dyson makes then apologise to each other. Goaded by his insults, Mr. Green lands a punch on Taylor, but the event is witnessed by Nick.
26 Feb. 2004
Episode #27.16
Mr. Green gives a false account of events and so Taylor is expelled - Nick does nothing. Jeremy tells Emma to write an email to her mother. Baz forgets his date with Maddie.
2 Mar. 2004
Episode #27.17
Emma's winning of the DVD artwork competition doesn't seem to have made her happy, Annie gets a disappointment, and Martin stands up to Max with Kathy and Baz's help.
4 Mar. 2004
Episode #27.18
Nick puts his neck on the line by telling Mrs. Bassinger about Mr. Green's attack on Taylor. Annie goes home to see her dad, finding that he's decided to stop taking his pills.
9 Mar. 2004
Episode #27.19
Emma, Annie and Tanya become friends again, Hudson gets a holiday job from Mr. Malachay, and Taylor decides he wants to stay and retracts his statement about Mr. Green.
Episode #27.20
On Open Day, Togger's brother causes mayhem with the help of a goat, Shannon makes a last moment decision about Hudson & the Year 8 girls handcuff themselves to the goalposts.

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