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3 Feb. 1977
A group of passengers on their way to have a vacation become shipwrecked on a strange island where people from all times and dimensions are trapped.
10 Feb. 1977
All seems well at the gleaming white city of the Atlantians, but the Source - a master brain which controls all around it - is in need of energy and Scott is singled out as the supply.
17 Feb. 1977
Beyond the Mountain
Varian, Fred, Scott and Liana are separated after another strange storm. Liana meets a strange man who runs an ideal Utopia, while the other find themselves in a swamp with strange green people who want vengeance on the strange man named, Jonathan Willoway.
24 Feb. 1977
Children of the Gods
The travellers arrive in a new Time Zone and meet a young boy who has escaped from a community inhabited solely by children led by the bullying teenager Alpha.
10 Mar. 1977
A Dream of Conquest
Willoway agrees to help a woman bring down a tyrant who plans to conquer the zones on the island by getting close to him, making his oblivious companions look down on him.
24 Mar. 1977
An Act of Love
Under the influence of a drug, Varian becomes infatuated with a woman whose people practice human sacrifice.
31 Mar. 1977
The group comes upon a seemingly abandoned amusement park and Willoway is in danger when the cursed magician that runs it to attract visitors tries to posses him.
7 Apr. 1977
The travellers encounter a city where the women are subservient to brutish male authority. The women mutiny and imprison the male travellers in a strange black void, and Liana appears to join their cause.
21 Apr. 1977
Guided to an old house by a mysterious mounted messenger, the travellers - minus Liana - quest for an object that will assist their search for Evoland, and a strange couple conjures illusions drawn from their deepest fears.
16 Jun. 1977
The Innocent Prey
A vessel from the future that is used for transporting prisoners is pulled into the triangle and crashes. The prisoners get free and kill the guards. When the travelers come across them, the prisoners have assumed the guise of the guards. Later they come across a colony of pacifists who live an idyllic existence. When they display their abilities, one of the prisoners sees how can it profit them so he sets to possess the source at an cost. And when he kills one of the colonists and they accuse him, the leader upon hearing his proclamation of innocence decides to end ...


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