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Season 2

16 Sep. 1978
Peaks and Valleys
An accident victim Ponch and Jon helped is pressed by his lawyer into suing them. Ponch encourages his partner to stay on the force when a disillusioned Jon considers leaving the CHP to sell used cars for a successful high school friend.
23 Sep. 1978
The Volunteers
Ponch and Jon are tapped to escort a convoy of tanker trucks containing highly explosive and toxic chlorine gas across 140 miles of troublesome terrain.
30 Sep. 1978
Family Crisis
Ponch intervenes when he suspects Jon's young nephew of joyriding in stolen cars. An overeager officer is obsessed with recovering a stolen movie stunt car being employed for diamond heists. Ponch trades in his motor home for an apartment.
7 Oct. 1978
Disaster Squad
Ponch befriends a runaway four-year-old motorcycle enthusiast while Jon romances his divorcée mother. A sensationalist news crew dubbed the Disaster Squad pesters Ponch and Jon.
14 Oct. 1978
Neighborhood Watch
Ponch and Jon are put on patrol in a residential neighborhood where four unsupervised children run amok. Jon has repeated run-ins with a reckless driver with a bad attitude.
21 Oct. 1978
Trick or Trick
Keeping the streets safe for trick-or-treaters, Ponch and Jon search a haunted house for a runaway boy, foil a ghoulish getaway and nab a candy bag snatcher. Meanwhile, Sgt. Getraer is determined to bust the Halloween Hobgoblin.
4 Nov. 1978
High Flyer
Ponch and Jon pick up the trail of an auto theft ring. A fatherless teenage girl has a crush on Jon. Ponch is running out of excuses to avoid going up on patrol in the CHP helicopter.
11 Nov. 1978
The Grudge
In retaliation for a drug bust, five frat boys wage psychological and prank warfare on Ponch and Jon.
18 Nov. 1978
The Sheik
It's the "Taming of the Sheik" when Ponch and Jon are put on patrol with a pompous and spoiled young oil sheik studying police science in America.
25 Nov. 1978
Return of the Turks
Ponch and Jon each experience unsettling encounters with past acquaintances. A reckless driver plays bumper cars on the freeway.
2 Dec. 1978
An Evel Knievel-style stunt cyclist evades, outwits and embarrasses the CHP, so Harlan develops a supercycle to put Ponch on a level playing field.
9 Dec. 1978
High Explosive
Ponch and Jon befriend a fatherless country boy out of place in the big city and in big trouble for firing his pellet gun into traffic. A reckless ambulance driver threatens lives when he illegally transports cases of unstable dynamite.
16 Dec. 1978
Down Time
Ponch's personal and professional lives meet when his prized Firebird is heisted by a trio of beautiful car thieves. Determined to get it back, Ponch turns detective on his down time.
6 Jan. 1979
Repo Man
Jon's heroism makes him a reluctant local celebrity. A disreputable repo man makes life difficult for Ponch and Jon. The CHPs pull a practical joke on their published writer colleague Grossman.
13 Jan. 1979
Cahill is critically injured in a multi-vehicle pile-up that claims eleven lives. Ponch and Jon are tapped to serve on the Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team determined to pinpoint the cause and to clear Cahill from blame.
20 Jan. 1979
Pressure Point
Ponch and Jon put away their bikes and play a diplomat and his chauffeur when they go undercover to prevent a wealthy man and his beautiful granddaughter from falling victim to a violent extortion racket.
27 Jan. 1979
The Matchmakers
Jon and Ponch are matchmakers for two lonely people: an officer forced to retire and a widow pressured by the city to move.
3 Feb. 1979
Rally 'Round the Bank
While investigating a string of drive-in-bank robberies, Ponch is baffled by a visit from his mother.
17 Feb. 1979
Ponch reconnects with Robbie, whose trucking business is at the mercy of a competitor trying to put her out of business. Meanwhile, Officer Cahill is tracking everyone's biorhythms to see if it affects their performance on the job.
24 Feb. 1979
A young hitchhiker with a bomb succumbs to a rare illness after being taken into custody by Jon and Ponch, putting the CHP headquarters on a quarantine alert.
3 Mar. 1979
Distracted by his son's accident, Sgt. Getraer mistakenly releases a narcotics suspect.
10 Mar. 1979
Ride the Whirlwind
Jon and Ponch encounter unruly dirt bikers, a clandestine PCP operation and a macho city councilman showing off on the hillsides when they volunteer as members of a pilot trail bike team.
12 May 1979
The Greatest Adventures of CHiPs
While Ponch and Jon are off in Sacramento attending a seminar, Grossman starts to collect anecdotes about the team from other officers so that - win or lose - they can give them a party, half testimonial and half roast.

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