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New Fist of Fury

Author: kurciasbezdalas from Lithuania
6 December 2008

I've watched this movie for three reasons. The first one is, because this movie is a sequel to Fist of Fury (my favorite Bruce Lee's film). The second one is because Jackie Chan is in this movie. The third reason is because I wanted to see some good Kung Fu fights. I wasn't disappointed. This movie is not a remake of Fist of Fury (not like I expected), it's a real sequel, even Nora Miao and her character returned in this film. Jackie Chan was pretty good. The fighting scenes were great, though the real fights begun only at the second half of the movie. This movie has a similar plot with Fist of Fury, but I think it's good, I would be disappointed if this movie was very different from it's prequel.

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solid fist of fury followup

Author: daworldismine from United Kingdom
17 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

i am a huge chan fan but i knew what the movie was about so when i watched it i watched it as a sequel to one of my fave movies fist of fury, and in that respect i thought it was a great sequel and followed from the original very well. chan was great in it occasionally showing what would later make him a star. i feel this is a very underrated movie that people should view before they bash it. a solid kung fu movie,although chan does not really fight during the beginning of the movie but the build up is worth it believe me. some people don't like the ending but i thought it was a powerful ending to a powerful movie. as a chan movie it may not deliver on all levels but as a follow up to fist of fury this is a very good companion.

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Am I the only one?

Author: (
26 February 2002

Am I the only one that likes this film? I got this for 5 bucks and was extremely happy because I didn't want to waste good money on a bad film. This was anything but. I got the dubbed version, but the voices were standable, expecially Jackie's. His is done by the same man that does many of his other early dubbing. I'll admit that I haven't seen the original, and I'm not really planning on it. If you are a fan of Jackie (a big fan, not casual viewer) then you should check out this film; realize that it was his first starring role.

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Classic martial arts film with interesting plot and plenty of action.

Author: ( from United States
8 January 2005

I just finished watching "New Fist Of Fury" and I found the plot to be interesting and the martial arts action entertaining. Jackie Chan does a commendable job in one of the first films of his successful career. Unlike "Rush Hour" and other films that have followed it, Jackie's demeanor is mostly serious. The martial arts action is fast and intense. In addition, the plot draws the action together nicely. The familiar themes of revenge and bitter discourse between the Japanese and Chinese are present throughout. I have seen the original "Fist Of Fury" with Bruce Lee and I feel that this film is a worthy successor. If you like classic martial arts films of the 70s and 80s; this film is for you.

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I highly recommend this flick.

Author: jon144k
10 June 2002

(this text is from an email i wrote immediately after watching the movie)

Wow Nate, I just watched a Jacky Chan movie called New Fist of Fury. This movie is the sequel to Bruce Lee's Chinese Connection (known in Asia as Fists of Fury, I think?)!

This is another one of those Jacky Chan movies that is not so funny at all. Actually the movie was downright depressing and infuriating. It's a great movie; it takes the Bruce Lee classic one step further. Just watching the Japanese disrespect and even kill the Chinese made me so upset during the whole time that I just started to lift weights and work out as an outlet for the hurt I felt.

It's hard watching racial discrimination on this scale... the setting here was Taiwan and the Japanese were in total control of the island. It's hard to believe but the prejudice in this movie was even worse than in the Chinese Connection. The treatment of Chinese in this movie was brutal, to say the least. Jacky Chan turned in another passionate, violent, un-humorous performance; the kind of which he is not known for nowadays.

I highly recommend this flick.

On another note, at the end of the DVD they had a bio of Chan and it said he moved to Australia at a very young age, and he studied martial arts there! I had no idea; I find that amazing.

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confusion (?)

Author: benisaloser from United States
15 June 2005

Alright. so i feel like i should clear some stuff up first...i have this movie fist of fury, which is the sequel to the Chinese connection, also called fist of fury, but the big boss (which features many of the same actors as new fist of fury) is also called fists of fury (the DVD i have of this movie is called fists of fury). Confusion is also aroused by the fact that the villain of the big boss is part of Ching Wu school in this movie. I don't know, i just thought i should mention this since it is really funny to me.

Alright so, if you like Kung Fu movies...and by Kung Fu movies i mean bad Kung Fu movies, you will like this movie. It has all the elements: bad dubbing (by the people who seem to do every Kong fur movie EVER), shots that got cut up really horribly so you only see someone's ear and Another really funny thing is how there is a Japanese flag clearly present in the background of most of the scenes featuring Japanese characters.

What i actually liked about this movie is that Jackie Chan is not trying to be funny for once, kind of. I mean the whole not knowing Kong fur forces him to act a certain way, but it's okay i guess. For some reason though, i thought Jackie was above the whole posthumous Bruce Lee cashing in phenomenon, but if you think about it, it makes the rest of his career make a lot more sense.

So if you watch this movie as a normal horrible Kung Fu movie, and don't somehow elevate it because it's Jackie Chan (which in reality, you shouldn't) then it's AWESOME. and the fight scenes where Jackie starts to get intense don't feature him throwing baskets and flowerpots at people for once (another thing i hate about Jackie Chan, but that's just me)...and i have a little crush on Nora Mao.

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A terrible Kung-Fu Film

Author: caspian1978 from Boston, MA
14 September 2001

Ok, call me crazy but I think good Kung-Fu films should have a lot of fighting.....don't you? In the first hour of this film, there's about 30 seconds of fighting. Why? What's the point of this film? This film is said to be a sequel to the original. It is not. This movie is a waste of time if you're looking to watch some good Kung-Fu action films. This movie is a drag. There's no character development, no good action sequences, and no story line.

Leave this one on the shelf and rent the original Fists of Fury instead.

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