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Sex & Nudity

  • -The main character is often shown topless, sometimes during sex scenes.
    • A man's butt is shown while he's being killed.
    • During a flashback, we see a rather graphic scene of a man having sex with his small daughter, no nudity is visible.
  • -This film is very erotic in nature and features many scenes of topless nudity, as well as sex scenes.

Violence & Gore

  • -While at the beach, a woman has a hallucination that all the men are dead, and their bodies are shown graphically, some blood visible.
  • -A woman castrates a man, we don't actually see this on screen, but we hear the man's screaming and see blood squirting on the woman's clothes.
  • -During a hallucination scene, a man cuts his own throat with a razor, graphic and bloody.
  • -In an extremely disturbing scene, a woman cuts a man's throat with a razor, then drags the razor down his stomach. She later rubs the man's blood all over herself.
  • -A man and a woman fight violently, and she eventually bites him.


  • Strong profanity used throughout, i.e. "f-ck", "c-nt", and "sh-t"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • -During one disturbing scene, two men and a woman smoke marijuana through a pipe.
  • -Some characters take pills throughout for various reasons.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • -Several hallucination sequences are very disturbing, as all of the voices have been slowed down and given a "trippy" quality. Also, any scene involving child molestation and murder are not frightening, but more disturbing and creepy.

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