The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976) Poster



In the sheriff's office, there are some shots of the bulletin board in the background. On the board is the FBI's Wanted Poster for Frank Morris, following his escape from USP Alcatraz. The Alcatraz escape took place in June of 1962, sixteen years after the events in the film.


Several times in the movie when we see a close-up of the cops driving in their car, you can see rows of houses behind them out the back window of their car, but in the immediate next wide angle shot they're out in the wooded countryside, with no houses anywhere in sight

Crew or equipment visible 

Closeup camera crew visible on a flatcar during long shots of the train.
When the cop grabs the suspect "Eddie LuDoux" by his belt and pulls him over to the police car, the cameraman's shadow is seen on them as they walk across the frame
Obvious fire hose rain coming from the left when Emma Lou Cook boyfriend's car is leaving the restaurant.
Cameraman (and his camera) reflected on the wagon train during the slow motion final chase.

Factual errors 

At the beginning of the movie a graphic is put onto the screen to draw attention to the fictional date of the first attack. The graphic reads, "SUNDAY, MARCH 3". Later, as a lead-in to the second crime, the graphic, "SATURDAY, MARCH 24" appears on the screen. The narrator's voice adds, "Now, it is a rainy Saturday night, March 24, 1946, 21 days after the attack on lover's lane." 21 days from March 3 would indeed be March 24, but it also would be, and was, a Sunday, just as March 3 was. The second graphic and the narrator's script were incorrect.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

On several occasions, the killer is shown using a revolver with a silencer attached. Standard revolvers cannot be silenced. However, gas sealed revolvers can indeed be silenced.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.

Boom mic visible 

During the final chase at the sand pit, before the killer runs through the railroad line, the mic is seen twice at the left.

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