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Stranger Things 2: complete Easter Egg and reference guide

Michael Ahr Oct 30, 2017

Stranger Things season 2 is filled with pop culture references and other goodies you may have missed. Here's what our Us chums found...

Warning: contains episode-by-episode spoilers.

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With a series like Stranger Things, which places a lot of weight behind its nostalgia for 80s pop culture, any hidden references, allusions, and homages become key for audience enjoyment, especially for those who were the same age back then as the kids are in the show. Whether it be a song choice with particularly appropriate lyrics, a recognisable image meant to invoke an 80s movie or TV show, or a detail harkening back to season 1, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the easter eggs and references here.

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Film News: Roger Moore, Who Portrayed James Bond, Dies at 89

Switzerland – Of all the breathless hype that comes with each new James Bond movie, the man who played Bond the longest (and in the most films) is often forgotten. Sir Roger Moore – he was knighted for his charity work – portrayed Bond from 1972 to 1985, and died in Switzerland on May 22, 2017. He was 89.

The roguish Moore portrayed Britain’s most famous spy with a air of sophistication and humor, eschewing the harder edge that the first Bond, Sean Connery, had established. From the first film, “Live and Let Die” (1972) to 13 years later with “A View to a Kill,” Moore defined Bond for a generation of 1970s and ‘80s filmgoers. He had been an established British TV actor before taking on his most famous role, and even made inroads in America on the popular series “Maverick” in 1960.

Roger Moore Strikes a Familiar Pose as James Bond

Photo credit: Eon Productions

Roger Moore was
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Sir Roger Moore Has Passed Away At Age 89

  • CinemaRetro
By Lee Pfeiffer

Sir Roger Moore, the iconic British actor who swept to fame playing The Saint and James Bond, has passed away from cancer at age 89. Moore grew up in a middle class lifestyle in Lambeth during WW2 and was among the children evacuated from the city during the Blitz. He had planned a career as a cartoonist but his good looks and charismatic personality drew him first to modeling and then studying acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. He found success early in his career and was placed for a time under contract with MGM in Hollywood. However stardom didn't follow immediately.  Moore mostly appeared in soap opera stories opposite big stars but none of the films were very successful and was dismissed as just another pretty face. In  the 1956 period costume drama "Diane", he was Lana Turner's leading man- but the film
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Drive-In Dust Offs: Night Of The Demon (1957)

My favorite thing about taking these weekly trips to the Drive-In is my own selfish thirst for discovery. I need to patch up the holes of missing films on my personal movie screen; there is still so much to see, and sometimes the holes are so big that they obscure the view. Every once in a while though, a film comes along that not only mends the tears in the fabric but strengthens the whole. Such is the case with Night of the Demon (1957), Jacques Tourneur’s masterpiece of shadowy menace and dread, and a new personal favorite.

Released in its native U.K. in December and then stateside in July of ’58 under the new title Curse of the Demon (where 13 minutes were trimmed from an already lean 95 minute running time), this Columbia Pictures production was fraught with anguish before it even appeared to audiences, most famously producer Hal E. Chester
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George Lazenby At "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" Screening, Landmark Theatre, L.A. July 8

  • CinemaRetro
By Todd Garbarini

Director Peter Hunt’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. Actor George Lazenby, who donned the role of Bond, James Bond, for this singular film will be appearing for a Q and A at the screening on Tuesday, July 8, 2014. The event will be held at the Landmark Theatre, 10850 West Pico at Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. From the press release:

James Bond goes undercover in the treacherous Swiss Alps in this underrated, highly entertaining, action-packed epic filled with artillery-laden ski pursuits, incredible stunts and nonstop thrills! George Lazenby (in his only appearance as James Bond) leaps into the role of Agent 007 with supreme confidence and undeniable charisma, even finding love with the beautiful and seductive Tracy Di Vicenzo (Diana Rigg). But first Bond must stop evil genius Blofeld (Telly Savalas) from releasing a germ warfare plot that could kill millions! Directed by Peter R. Hunt (Gold,
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Review: "Shout At The Devil" (1976) Starring Lee Marvin And Roger Moore DVD/Blu-ray From Timeless Media

  • CinemaRetro
By Lee Pfeiffer

Timeless Media have released the epic 1976 adventure film Shout at the Devil as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. The movie, produced by Michael Klinger and directed by Peter Hunt, is an big budget affair very much in the style of John Huston's The Man Who Would Be King, which was released the previous year. Both films follow the antics of a couple of charismatic rogues in exotic settings. The film is based on the novel by author Wilbur Smith, who also co-wrote the screenplay. The movie was shot in between Roger Moore's second and third James Bond films, The Man With the Golden Gun and The Spy Who Loved Me and boasts a "who's who" of Eon Productions talent. Peter Hunt had edited the early Bond films and directed On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Ironically, Moore and Hunt never worked on a 007 film together but in
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Motley Crue Retiring -- We're Done!!!

  • TMZ
Shout at the devil ... for the last time ... TMZ has learned, Mötley Crüe is calling it quits after 33 years.The iconic heavy metal band -- famous for hits like "Kickstart My Heart" and "Girls Girls Girls" -- just announced their retirement at a news conference inside Beacher's Madhouse Theater in Hollywood.The stage was set with headstones, symbolizing each of the band's members -- singer Vince Neil, guitarists Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars, and drummer Tommy Lee.
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Kent on Marilyn: 'a totally insignificant little blonde' off-screen

Jean Kent: ‘The Browning Version’ 1951, Gainsborough folds (photo: Jean Kent in ‘The Browning Version,’ with Michael Redgrave) (See previous post: “Jean Kent: Gainsborough Pictures Film Star Dead at 92.”) Seemingly stuck in Britain, Jean Kent’s other important leads of the period came out in 1948: John Paddy CarstairsAlfred Hitchcock-esque thriller Sleeping Car to Trieste (1948), with spies on board the Orient Express, and Gordon Parry’s ensemble piece Bond Street. Following two minor 1950 comedies, Her Favorite Husband / The Taming of Dorothy and The Reluctant Widow / The Inheritance, Kent’s movie stardom was virtually over, though she would still have one major film role in store. In what is probably her best remembered and most prestigious effort, Jean Kent played Millie Crocker-Harris, the unsympathetic, adulterous wife of unfulfilled teacher Michael Redgrave, in Anthony Asquith’s 1951 film version of Terence Rattigan’s The Browning Version — a Javelin Films production
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R.I.P. Bernard Horsfall, British character actor of Doctor Who and On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Actor Bernard Horsfall, whose 50-year career of film and television roles included the 1969 James Bond thriller On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, small roles in Braveheart and Gandhi, and four guest appearances on Doctor Who, died on Tuesday, reports Radio Times. He was 82. Horsfall made his film debut in the 1957 Cold War drama High Flight, going on to play military men and similar tough-guy roles in movies like The Steel Bayonet, Guns At Batasi, and Shout At The Devil. In On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, he appeared as Campbell, who helped George Lazenby’s Bond on ...
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'Wild Geese' star Sir Roger Moore on making the action classic, now out on Blu-ray

'Wild Geese' star Sir Roger Moore on making the action classic, now out on Blu-ray
Star-studded action movies don’t get much more studded with stars than 1978′s The Wild Geese. Filmed, controversially at the time, in South Africa the film finds big screen legends Richard Harris, Richard Burton, and Sir Roger Moore playing mercenaries recruited by Stewart Granger’s sinister merchant banker to rescue the imprisoned president of an central African state. Does all go to plan? It very much does not — and in a manner which involves some of the most thrilling action sequences of the era.

Tomorrow, Severin Films is releasing the Andrew McLaglen-directed film in an extras-packed Blu-ray/DVD set
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Syd Cain obituary

Production designer behind the deadly gadgets used by James Bond – and his foes

The production designer Syd Cain, who has died aged 93, was one of many behind-the-scenes professionals elevated to something like prominence by the worldwide interest in the James Bond films. An industry veteran who began work in British cinema as a draughtsman in 1947, contributing to the look of the gothic melodrama Uncle Silas, Cain is credited on a range of film and television projects, but remains best known for his work in various design capacities on the 007 series, from Dr No in 1962 to GoldenEye in 1995.

Born in Grantham, Lincolnshire, Cain served in the armed forces in the second world war, surviving a plane crash and recovering from a broken back. Working at Denham Studios in Buckinghamshire in the 1940s and 50s, he moved up from uncredited draughtsman (on Adam and Evelyne, The Interrupted Journey, You Know What Sailors Are
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Syd Cain, James Bond Art Director, Dead At Age 93

  • CinemaRetro
A line-up of Eon greats at the National History Museum in 2002, where Syd was promoting his autobiography. (L to R): Ken Adam, Syd Cain, Peter Lamont and Michael G. Wilson. (Photo copyright Dave Worrall. All rights reserved).

By Lee Pfeiffer

Syd Cain, the respected art director and production designer, has died at age 93. Syd's death is a personal loss to many of us at Cinema Retro who considered him a friend. His remarkable career included a long association with the James Bond films. He began on the very first film, Dr. No, in 1962 as art director, working with the legendary production designer Ken Adam. When Adam wasn't available for the second film, From Russia With Love, Syd took over for the art direction and production design duties. Syd was billed as the production designer for the 1969 Bond classic On Her Majesty's Secret Service in 1969, playing a crucial role in
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The Power Comes With Great Responsibility

Okay, Spider-Man puns aside, what we're talking about here is the new flick The Power, which was originally announced at Cannes. Not that dealing with Satan or real life Satanists doesn't come with its own set of responsibilities of course.

According to Screen Daily Grace Vallorani, Jonnie Hurn, Valentine Pelka, Constance Carter, Rosie Fellner and Earl Ling all star in Moviehouse Entertainment's The Power, which is currently under way in Norwich, England under the direction of Paul Hills.

Look for more on this one as it comes.


Abducted and imprisoned by a cult, Magda awakens in a filthy cell. Despite hearing distant voices, her screams for help go unanswered. She's a prisoner, seemingly without hope... In time, she befriends another hostage, a girl who provides some comfort. However, as the weeks pass, the cult members prepare Magda for participation in a dark ritual with demonic, religious and sexual overtones; and her despair grows.
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Mötley Crüe Celebrate 30 Years of Debauchery with a Hearty 'F**k You'

Credit: Gil Kaufman, MTV News

Cincinnati – Always about as subtle as a flaming, spiked sledgehammer to the sternum, Mötley Crüe mince no words with the title of their current summer tour: "30 Years of Crüe … F**k You."

And because I somehow missed out on seeing the band in their heyday, I felt it was my duty to celebrate three decades of decadence with the boys on Sunday night at the packed Riverbend Amphitheater, because, well, you never know.

Though I didn't pack a handy flask of Jim Beam in the boot of my jeans to bust out at just the right moment (that would be during "Dr. Feelgood," Fyi) and I was not sporting a full back tat of the Shout at the Devil album cover (I spotted three, in addition to countless massive Theatre of Pain inkings), I dutifully took my place among the masses tossing up the horns for 90 minutes of pyro-fueled mayhem.
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Taylor Blamed Marvin For Burton's Drinking

  • WENN
Taylor Blamed Marvin For Burton's Drinking
Dame Elizabeth Taylor blamed Oscar winner Lee Marvin for introducing her husband Richard Burton to alcohol, according to her close pal Sir Roger Moore.

Burton struggled with alcoholism for years and it is believed his addiction contributed to the breakdown of his first marriage to his Cleopatra co-star.

And Taylor warned James Bond actor Moore, who lived near her in Gstaad, Switzerland, about working with Marvin, who she held responsible for Burton's alcoholism.

Moore recalls, "Having worked with Liz I also knew her personally from being neighbours in Gstaad, when she was married to Richard Burton. We often socialised.

"She was a great, fun person to be around and I remember telling her I was off to shoot a film called Shout At The Devil with Lee Marvin. 'Lee Marvin?' she asked. 'Oh Roger, be careful, he was the one who turned my Richard to drink.' Bless you Liz."

Alan Hume, Acclaimed James Bond And Star Wars Director Of Photography, Dead At 85

  • CinemaRetro
Alan Hume, one of the most accomplished directors of photography has died aged 85.A veteran of over 100 films, Alan Hume began his career as a clapper boy on David Lean's In Which We Serve, Great Expectations and Oliver Twist. He progressed up the ranks to focus puller by his third film with Lean. When Our Girl Friday (starring a young Joan Collins) came along in 1953, Hume was promoted to camera operator and shot 27 more films as camera operator in 7 years. He gained a reputation for being fast, efficient and a brilliant photographer - which deeply impressed Carry On producer Peter Rogers, who put Hume under contract and offered him the chance to become a director of photography in 1960 on No Kidding. Over the next forty years, Hume lit over 150 films and TV shows.Among his credits were fifteen Carry On films, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Stepping Out,
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Brock Lesnar Versus Shane Carwin: Who Will Win The Entrance Music War?

It's a great time to be a sports fan at the moment. The knockout round of the World Cup is in full swing, several different baseball races offer new thrills every day and NBA free agency is re-aligning the league. But the biggest event of the weekend is most certainly Ufc 116, which will play host to the biggest heavyweight fight in decades. The former Ncaa wrestling All-American, WWE star and reigning heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar will square off against All-American football player and wrestler Shane "The Engineer" Carwin (so nicknamed because he actually owns a degree in mechanical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines).

Both men have dominated the mixed martial arts scene since their respective debuts. Lesnar stumbled in his first Ufc fight but since then has been a total killer, knocking out legends and former champs like Randy Couture and Frank Mir. Carwin has been on a similar tear,
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Shout! Factory Explodes into Comic-Con

The company that has given us countless goodies this year including a bevy of Roger Corman titles along with the resurrection of Gamera, Shout! Factory, is not only one of the first out of the gate with its San Diego Comic-Con news, but Shout! is ready to tackle the show with a vengeance!

From the Press Release

Shout! Factory returns to Comic-Con International San Diego 2010 with a stellar lineup featuring upcoming and current home entertainment juggernauts that will be showcased in a special panel discussion, media appearances, special signings, interactive fan activities and Comic-Con exclusives at the Shout! Factory booth (#3749, main show floor) throughout the convention. Fan favorite filmmakers, creators and select stars from Shout! Factory’s branded properties scheduled to attend include: Roger Corman, Julie Corman, Joe Dante (Piranha, Trailers from Hell, Gremlins), Allan Holzman (Galaxy of Terror, Forbidden World), Sid Haig (Galaxy of Terror, The Devil’s Rejects), Mary Woronov (Death Race 2000,
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Happy Birthday, Nikki Sixx: Wake-Up Video

If you're in Los Angeles, swing by Nikki Sixx's house to wish him a happy birthday, as the Mötley Crüe bassist turns 51 years old today. Of all the self-destructive rock stars who emerged from the '80s hair metal scene (and there were no shortage of casualties), Sixx's survival is nothing short of miraculous. While most of his bandmates in the Crüe were content to drink too much Jack Daniel's and crash expensive cars, Sixx spent most of his quality time experimenting with heroin. According to his excellent book The Heroin Diaries, Sixx believes he overdosed at least six times in his life, with one of those incidences coming on December 23, 1987, when he was legally dead for two minutes before paramedics revived him with a pair of adrenaline shots directly to his heart (this incident is memorialized in the Crüe hit "Kickstart My Heart").

But Sixx is sober now,
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Exclusive Video Premiere: Hollywood Undead's No Other Place

In conjunction with our currently running contest for a Hollywood Undead autographed skate deck, a copy of their upcoming CD/DVD Desperate Measures and a band T-shirt, Dread Central and Total Assault are pleased to provide the exclusive premiere of Hollywood Undead's live video of "No Other Place".

A&M/Octone recording group Hollywood Undead will give their fans something brand new to talk about on November 10th, when they release a two-disc CD/DVD consisting of six new studio recordings, six live recordings, and a full 60-minute live performance on DVD. The new package dubbed Desperate Measures is an eclectic mix of new studio recordings produced by Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails) and live recordings of fan favorites.

The new CD + DVD package includes three cover songs: "Shout at the Devil" originally performed by Motley Crue, "Bad Town" originally performed by Operation Ivy, and "Immigrant Song" originally performed by Led Zeppelin.
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