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  • Charles Dreyfus escapes from the mental asylum and tries to kill Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau. He doesn't succeed at first, so he takes on another strategy, namely to build a Doomsday machine and demand that someone else kills Jacques Clouseau, or Dreyfus will use the machine to wipe out whole cities and even whole countries... With about 22 assassins from all over the globe on his tail, Clouseau decides to find Dreyfus alone and put him back in the mental asylum.

    - Written by Lars J. Aas <larsa@colargol.edb.tih.no>
  • Charles Dreyfuss, the Chief Inspector of the Surete and superior of Inspector Clouseau was last seen in the previous movie, suffering a breakdown cause of Clouseau's torment. He decides to try and kill him but fails and was last seen confined to a mental asylum. This movie begins three years later, Dreyfuss' doctors think is well enough to be released but before he is, Clouseau visits him and agitates him into killing him, so he's not released. But he escapes and tries to kill Clouseau but fails. He then decides to recruit some of the best criminals in the world, and then kidnaps a noted English scientist and creates a device that can destroy the world. After using it, his only demand is Clouseau. So every country in the world sends their best assassin to kill him but fail. And Clouseau tries to find Dreyfuss before he does any more damage.

    - Written by rcs0411@yahoo.com
  • Now seriously mentally ill after working with Clouseau for such a long time, Inspector Dreyfus escapes from the mental asylum he was being held in and vows to destroy Clouseau forever. He kidnaps an eminent scientist and forces him to build a machine capable of destroying the world, with the intention of doing so unless Clouseau is delivered to him. Meanwhile oblivious to the danger he faces, Jacques Clouseau is currently only worried about not letting his manservant, Cato, get the better of him...

    - Written by Graeme Roy <gsr@cbmamiga.demon.co.uk>
  • Former Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus is nearly set to be released from a mental hospital after being cleared. However, a visit from current Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau resurrects his insanity, and he is denied leaving. Determined to take out Clouseau once and for all, he escapes and blows up Clouseau's apartment, but fails to kill Clouseau. As a back-up plan, he abducts a famous scientist in order to build a Doomsday Machine which vaporizes whatever it shoots. Dreyfus threatens to use it unless Clouseau is exterminated, so reluctantly, 26 countries send their top assassin to kill the Chief Inspector. His clumsiness saves him again, and the assassin's attempts kill each other. In a conquest to save the world, Clouseau heads out to put an end to Dreyfus's terror once and for all.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • Charles Dreyfus, who has finally cracked over inspector Clouseau's antics, escapes from a mental institution and launches an elaborate plan to get rid of Clouseau once and for all.

    - Written by jgp3553@yahoo.com


At a psychiatric hospital, former Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) is largely recovered from the murderous insanity that saw him repeatedly attempt to kill the thorn in his side...

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