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Kirpianuscus24 April 2016
its great virtue - to give to Trintignant the chance to do comedy. in a splendid role. in a film noir who use, in inspired manner, all the clichés, proposing a great portrait of a misogynist. nothing seems be too much. the French tradition of family comedy is used with high grace. the humor is used for define frustrations and secret dreams. and the references to technology does the film almost contemporary. result - a lovely story about desire and its fruits. and a great cast who propose adventure of a middle age man looking his ideal recipes of happiness. moral message and good acting. and, more important, an unique Trintignant.
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Or how to get rid of your wife
GUENOT PHILIPPE3 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It would be considered as a macho film. The tale of an insurance clerk - Jean-Louis Trintignant - who decides to kill his wife whom he doesn't bear anymore. In that purpose, he studies all the possibilities and scientific statistics of women's death that can occur in most cases; don't forget, he works as an insurance clerk. His wife will have to die in the most common way, compare to the other deaths...

A black humour comedy very well done with a Trintignant at his best, and also a Mireille Darc at her peak too.

Directed by Gerad Pirès who was also at his peak in the late seventies, some years before his disappearance and his late comeback for the evil Luc Besson and his Taxi series crap...

I don't know what happen to the poor Gerard Pirès; for such a downfall.
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