The Omen (1976) Poster


Plot Keywords

death ambassador
priest stillborn child
hospital dagger
american ambassador baby
the devil nanny
devil supernatural horror
dead woman with eyes open lifting male in air
death of protagonist switched at birth
slow motion scene lifting someone into the air
best original score oscar winner unsubtitled foreign language
catholic hospital horror movie remade
violence u.s. president
baby switch supernatural power
suicide by hanging storm
rottweiler religious sacrifice
pushed out a window pushed down stairs
police policeman
paranormal phenomena orphan
newspaper clipping mysticism
millionaire lightning rod
kitchen jerusalem
investigation gun
grave flatbed truck
family relationships demon
death of wife death in childbirth
death by hanging coffin
child murderer cave
casket bullet
broken glass blood
bible american flag
altar gothic
murder knife
gore famous score
archeological dig animal attack
adoption nun
monk monastery
beheading tricycle
stabbed in the throat paternoster
newspaper headline moving in
mother son relationship miscarriage
lightning husband wife relationship
grief governess
gas station fireplace
father son relationship facial disfigurement
evil dog evil child
english accent disfigured face
dead wife darkroom
child murder burn victim
baboon american abroad
airplane trip villainess
little boy good versus evil
fear church
christianity christian horror
catholic priest catholic church
jackal stalker
goth reincarnation
exorcist devil worship
demonic possession photographer
skeleton loss of wife
funeral child in peril
birthday party armageddon
suicide rome italy
london england impalement
falling from height dog
dog attack diplomat
cemetery first of series
omen lucifer
blockbuster reference to satan
zoo antichrist
birthmark severed head
exorcism body landing on a car
666 decapitation
vomit possession
religion hanging
occult surprise ending

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