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oh mary

Author: gardner-3 ( from chicago
11 October 2000

Actually I am surprised at the lack of comments on this one. I rented this late one night after eyeing the video box for months. I hesitated because I had never heard of the director/cast w/ the exception of the late John Carradine. I was more than happy with this picture. Mary has more than her share of nudity violence and gore. The paintings are weird. Some of the editing is ahead of it's time. I highly recommend this picture to anyone looking for cool low budget horror.

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All About Cristina Ferrare

Author: cultfilmfreaksdotcom from Orange County, CA
1 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

More exploitation than horror, MARY, MARY, BLOODY MARY is a visual treat. Not only because the leading lady, Cristina Ferrare, is downright gorgeous but the Mexico location offers an abundance of locales providing eclectic situations to keep the viewer interested and entertained, and the characters always have something to do, and somewhere to go.

From beaches to highways, villas and art galleries, here's a low-budget flick that, despite an abundance of wooden acting, will keep you in entranced during every single frame.

Mary is a surreal artist about to enjoy a show displaying her strange artwork. When not painting, she hangs around with a handsome drifter, who becomes the only person she doesn't sink her teeth into… Actually, that's the one thing that separates this from all other vampire flicks. Mary doesn't use her teeth (and her teeth aren't fangs): Instead she stealthily carries a finger-sized dagger that she stabs her victims with and devouring them of blood.

After a few kills, including a fisherman and in one delectable scene, a bisexual female art collector, the police begin to catch on – each corpse is not only bled from the neck and sucked dry but were drugged beforehand, using the same chemical.

But Mary's not the only killer on the road… John Carradine plays a mysterious masked man that travels around leaving his own bodies behind, including a sexy hitchhiker. He's also after Mary, who becomes more of a heroine after this new darker menace is introduced. She's now more vulnerable as she falls deeper in love with her boyfriend, who doesn't know her dark secret.

After a car chase replete with a 1970's slick soundtrack (think STARSKY AND HUTCH meets a game show theme), there's a showdown along a rolling hillside where John Carradine reveals his true identity and battles our heroine in a prolonged wrestling match… he has a knife and she her own wits… resulting in a fitfully bloody finale that includes her one true love being put to the test.

The direction is creative, relying on a stockpile of the usual close-ups and zooms from this era, and the pacing is suspenseful. Although the love scenes with Mary and her pretty boy boyfriend drag; you'll wish she'd either take off to find more victims or turn him into lunch.

Not scary in the conventional sense, MARY is more creepy and sadistic. And fans of vampire flicks will have to put some rules aside. Other than the non-biting technique, this particular sexy vamp roams the daylight hours. In fact that's where most of the bloodletting takes place, so you can see Cristina Ferrare even better! For More Reviews:

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Best late night rental ever

Author: drew_atreides from Ontario, Canada
10 November 2004

Of all the films that my buddy and i rented (back in our high school days) for our late night horror movie marathons, this one stands out as the most memorable.

To this day we still discuss the bath scene, the chase-scene set to bongo music where the characters run in entirely opposite directions yet meet each other, and the classic (and i mean CLASSIC) scene where the two main characters are walking along the beach, and a bunch of mexicans can be seen kicking the hell out of a SHARK in the background..

Was it a fake shark? Was it real? What the heck was it doing there?

Who knows...But it WAS there.. My friend and i rewound and watched it about 27 times.

Mysteriously, after we rented this film, it disappeared from our videostore.. I had been worried that we had dreamt the whole thing.. Nice to know there are others who have seen it!

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Bloody Mary.

Author: HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland
5 October 2009

Mary(Cristina Ferrare)is an American painter living and working in Mexico.When she's not painting her surreal paintings or dodging the advances of her lesbian gallerist Greta(Helena Rojo),she sneaks around,drugs strangers and drinks their blood."Mary,Mary,Bloody Mary" is an interesting horror film about bloodthirsty woman,which predates George A.Romero's "Martin".The main performance of Cristina Ferrare is pretty good as cold-blooded,albeit vulnerable killer.She certainly is really beautiful and appears naked several times.John Carradine has only a small cameo on screen and there isn't any supernatural component of vampirism on display.There are some stylish touches especially in the transitions from one scene to another.Although I enjoyed "Alucarda" more I'd recommend "Mary,Mary,Bloody Mary" for fans of vampire genre.8 out of 10.

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Roots, bloody roots!

Author: Coventry from the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls
8 April 2015

Mary is a vampire, but her reflection shows in the mirror completely normal. She also carelessly walks around during the daylight, and although it's not explicitly mentioned, I'm pretty sure that she can resist the effects of garlic and crucifixes as well. This all just to say that "Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary" (got to love title!) is a very unconventional vampire movie, but also one that is strangely absorbing and intriguing in spite of the ultra-thin story lines and the obvious budgetary restrictions. The film was directed by the Mexican born Juan López Moctezuma, who also made the '70s cult/exploitation highlights "Alucarda" and "The Mansion of Madness". Those who have seen these brilliant – in my humble opinion, at least – flicks know they can expect anything from Moctezuma. "Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary" is less flamboyant and bizarre than the other two, but still a uniquely compelling tale about a reluctant condition, hunger for love and the search for roots (bloody roots!). Mary is a successful painter, traveling around in Mexico with a handsome drifter that she met in an abandoned mansion where she was forced to spend the night. She desperately tries to hide it from Ben, but Mary needs to drink human blood in order to survive. So she occasionally drugs an unsuspecting victim and slits his (or her) throat with a hairpin. A duo of police inspectors follows the trail of beastly murders, but there's another mysterious figure pursuing Mary. Someone who also kills and drains all the blood from the bodies. "Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary" is full of odd little details that makes me cheerful, like the fact that the opening credits appear very late and totally randomly into the film, or the brief but very recognizable supportive role for cult-monument John Carradine. What makes me slightly less cheerful is the totally redundant and gratuitous animal cruelty (I sincerely doubt that the shark and turtles were fake). Lead actress Cristina Ferrare is a natural beauty and she gives away a powerfully integer performance, but the film mostly benefices from that typically mid-70s ominous atmosphere and the non-stop sexual tension. Recommended to cult fanatics!

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An American Vampire in Mexico

Author: FieCrier from Upstate New York
13 January 2007

This one was surprisingly good. A night, a woman's VW van breaks down near an apparently deserted house. She's grabbed by someone and runs, but then ends up staying the night. There's a flashback to her having seduced and killed a computer operator who worked at the American embassy in Mexico who bought one of her strange paintings. She kills by removing a hairpin from her ponytail, then drinking all the blood.

She meets a young guy she likes, while continuing to kill other people. Meanwhile, a man in giallo garb (black trenchcoat, black gloves, black broad-brimmed hat, plus a black handkerchief over the face kills a morgue attendant to get a look at one of her victims, killing him in the same way.

Regrettably, the videotape I rented blacked out during a couple of the seductions scenes! What the heck!

Carradine has a small role, but a good one.

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There's Something about Mary

Author: BaronBl00d ( from NC
12 March 2005

I rather liked this small budgeted movie from the 70's about a woman who acts like a vampire in terms of feeding on blood but in no other way. Mary is an artist who kills men - and a woman - for the blood in their bodies. The sunshine doesn't bother her, apparently Crucifixes hold no spell over her, or garlic or any other vampiric safeguard we have seen in movies before. But that really is not what the film is about. It is about Mary finding herself and something/someone she loves - maybe. If I do not sound too convincing, it is because it is not too direct in what it is trying to do. Mary has other problems. It seems her father holds some sway over her, even though they have not seen each other in many, many years. He is the one that gave her this insatiable thirst to feed on the living. Character actor legend John Carradine plays the role with gusto, and at least several stunt doubles as he drives cars maniacally, runs up hills, and fights like a street kid. I do have to say that watching the cloaked and masked figure of Carradine do all these things was quite amusing, especially later when he pulls the mask down and we see this somewhat feeble old man that was John Carradine. That leap of credibility aside and several other leaps as well, Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary has some interesting things going for it. It is a precursor to Martin, perhaps Romero borrowed from here. Christine Ferrare looks lovely, and I thought she did an OK job with the role. She was quite good at looking bewildered. Maybe that was not intentional but worked for me. The settings in Mexico and Southern California have that cheap 70's feel that always injects some nostalgia into me. That was a decade for films like this that I grew up watching late at night(on the weekends) and all summer long. The murders too are for the most part pretty unsettling. The opening flashback scene and the one with the fisherman were particularly well-shot. I loved the eerie paintings too. But before you get the impression I thought this was a great film, Ferrare is very limited in her acting range, the rest of the actors often more so, Carradine's character is ridiculous, and the second half of the film plunges into total unreality - I shook my head again and again. Notwithstanding these very real problems, because of the atmosphere, the weird, interesting story, and the nostalgic feelings it gives off - I give this film a qualified thumbs up!

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weird weird bloody weird

Author: trashgang from Midian
3 March 2011

The director Juan López Moctezuma is best known for Alucarda which is easy to find. it's a bloody flick with a lot of nudity. But just before Alucarda he made Mary Mary Bloody Mary. In fact 3 years before and this is something completely different. First of all, it has until this review never had a proper release, not on DVD or on VHS. It exists on VHS but it shows itself once or twice a year on ebay and it goes for a lot of money. I found it on a NTSC VHS on the Continental Video label. I saw that it was released in 1987 so still in the VHS era. I said it, it is really something different, there is no gore and a bit of blood, just once you see a wound but what a rare movie this is. When they make love for example, not even soft core they used porn music, you know, that cheap kind of saxophone stuff. But there is even some animal cruelty. When Mary walks on the beach you see some Mexican's killing a shark with knifes and some turtles lying on their back dying. It's so weird that the particular scene with the shark, and I see in other reviews, it reminded a lot of other viewers of the cruelty used. You can't find if it is a real shark or a dead one. Even the story is a bit weird, Mary's dad with the scarf and head, it's so funny. It's a good example of exploitation, some car chasing, suddenly they speak Mexican without subtitles. Weird weird, bloody weird.

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Pulpy horror movie from Mexico

Author: Maciste_Brother from the rock
27 February 2007

MARY, MARY, BLOODY MARY is an OK time killer. It has a uniformly attractive cast, the action is rarely dull. There are a lot of killings. And the production values are not bad. But in the end, it plays like a standard TV episode from the 1970s with some nudity thrown in. The film is the end product of an "author" trying to make a purely commercial film. There's very little depth here and the film spends too much time with chases and action scenes. Except for the scene on the beach with the old man, MMBM is almost devoid of any scares or suspense or dread. The director has very little understanding of the horror genre.

It's watchable even though it doesn't leave a lasting impression.

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Lame horror film with weak erotic overtones.

Author: Miyagis_Sweaty_wifebeater ( from Sacramento, CA
15 October 2003

Mary, Mary is a female vampire who happens to enjoy the company of both sexes. Unlike the highly superior Female Vampire, this movie fails on both levels. Cheap budget and bad costuming seemingly fits with this forgettable film. What angers me the most about this movie was that it had a great premise, but the film-makers either chickened out or didn't know how to handle the material. The producers should have given this project to a person who knows how to handle such material (i.e. Jesus Franco or Jean Rollin). However, there was one nice scene that I really enjoyed that occurred between Mary and her "friend". Hey, I got my money's worth from the rental. My only complaint is that it could have been a great film if the producers hired someone who knows how to flesh out this type of material. Weak Female Vampire clone is a failure, but its..

Worth a look.

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