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  • In New York City, the brother of an infamous Nazi war criminal is killed in a head on collision car accident. Shortly thereafter, members of a covert US government group called "The Division" begin to be murdered one by one. When the brother to one Division member sees his brother knifed to death, it is revealed that former SS dentist Szell, "the White Angel" of Auschwitz, is wrapping up loose ends to smuggle priceless diamonds from the United States.

    - Written by Anthony Hughes <husnock31@hotmail.com>
  • A graduate student and obsessive runner in New York is drawn into a mysterious plot involving his globe trotting brother, his European girlfriend and a Nazi war criminal in hiding. Includes one of the most agonizing torture scenes ever portrayed. "Is it safe?" You'll never see your dentist the same way again.

    - Written by Keith Loh <loh@sfu.ca>
  • Babe's brother appears out of the blue. He does this from time to time because his family never knows where he is, working as a government spy. One of his charges is a nazi war criminal who he has just told is no longer welcome in the United States. The doctor has a fortune hidden in a safety deposit box and is convinced that Babe knows whether or not it is safe to go to pick it up and will stop at nothing to find out.

    - Written by John Vogel <jlvogel@comcast.net>
  • A graduate history student is unwittingly caught in the middle of an international conspiracy involving stolen diamonds, an exiled Nazi war criminal, and a rogue government agent.

    - Written by jgp3553@yahoo.com


Thomas Levy (Dustin Hoffman), nicknamed "Babe" in the film, is a history Ph.D. candidate researching the same field as his father...

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