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Box: Regular storage procedure. The same as the other food. The other food stopped coming. And they started.

Logan 5: What other food?

Box: Fish, and plankton. And sea greens, and protein from the sea. It's all here, ready. Fresh as harvest day. Fish and sea greens, plankton and protein from the sea. And then it stopped coming. And they came instead. So I store them here. I'm ready. And you're ready. It's my job. To freeze you. Protein, plankton...

Logan 5: Killed? Why do you use that word?

Jessica 6: Isn't that what you do? Kill?

Logan 5: I've never killed anyone in my life. Sandman terminate runners. What's your name?

Jessica 6: Jessica.

Logan 5: You're sad enough. You're beautiful. Let's have sex.

Jessica 6: No.

Logan 5: Then why are you wasting my time, hmmm? Why did you put yourself on the circuit?

Jessica 6: I thought I had to do something. I told you it was a mistake. And I've changed my mind.

Logan 5: Because I'm a Sandman? Am I your first?

Jessica 6: Yes.

Logan 5: What's wrong? Do you prefer women?

Jessica 6: No.

Jessica 6: [seeing the sun for the first time] What is it?

Logan 5: I don't know. Whatever it is, it's warm.

P.A. System: Last day. Capricorn 15's. Year of the city - 2274. Carousel begins.

Logan: NO! Don't go in there! You don't have to die! No one has to die at 30! You could live! LIVE! Live, and grow old! I've seen it! She's seen it!

[Shows the crystal on his palm]

Logan: Well, look! LOOK! LOOK, IT'S CLEAR!

[Crowd laughs]

P.A. System: Lastday, Capricorn 29's. Year of the City: 2274. Carousel begins.

Jessica: No! Don't! Don't go! Listen to him! He's telling the truth!

[More laughter]

Jessica: We've been outside! There's another world outside! We've seen it!

[Sandmen grab them]

Logan: Life clocks are a lie! Carousel is a lie! THERE IS NO RENEWAL!

Jessica 6: A friend of mine went on carousel. Now he's gone.

Logan 5: Yes, well, I'm sure he was renewed.

Jessica 6: He was killed.

Box: Overwhelming, am I not?

Box: Fish, plankton, sea greens... protein from the sea!

Francis 7: Logan... you renewed!

Box: Welcome Humans! I am ready for you.

Logan 5: Run, runner!

Billy: [after trapping Logan & Jessica] Looks like we got a runner and his pair up. And look who decided to run.

Doc: Just imagine what would happen to you if the healing stopped functioning!

Logan: No Cubs over 15, Billy! Look, have you ever seen a Cub that's gone to green? You'll have to leave Cathedral then, Billy, because they won't let you stay here. And if you do try to stay here, Billy, your young friends here will rip your guts apart!

[watching Logan's son, Logan 6, in the nursery]

Francis 7: Do you know who his seed mother was?

Logan: Of course not! I'm curious, not sick!

Jessica 6: You can have any woman in the city. What do you really want?

Logan 5: You know.

[both begin laughing]

Jessica 6: The choice is still mine?

Logan 5: Of course.

Jessica 6: This time, the answer is yes.

Logan 5: [after Francis 7 looks angrily at a red] Look, why were you so angry just now? What did he do to you?

Francis 7: That Red's gonna run, I can always tell.

P.A. System: Capricorn 15's. Born 2244. Enter the Carousel. This is the time of renewal.

[Crowd applauds]

P.A. System: Be strong and you will be renewed. Identify.

[Capricorn 15's show flashing crystals]

Francis 7: [wondering about the Red he and Logan 5 terminated] He showed some life in the end. Why do they run?

Computer: Do you identify the word Sanctuary?

Logan 5: Negative.

Computer: Sanctuary is a pre-catastrophe code word. Used for a place of immunity.

Mary 2: Don't be afraid.

Jessica 6: What's your name?

Mary 2: Mary 2.

Jessica 6: Where do you live Mary?

Mary 2: Here.

Jessica 6: Why aren't you in nursery?

Mary 2: I'm very smart.

Jessica 6: When are you green? When do you go up?

Mary 2: I never go upstairs. You're a nice old lady.

[She steals Jessica 6's bracelet and runs away]

Jessica 6: Hey!

Logan 5: Who are you?

Box: I am more than machine. More than man. More than a fusion of the two. Don't you agree? Wait for the winds. Then my birds sing. And the deep grottos whisper my name. Box... Box... Box...

Logan 5: This place is a link to Sanctuary, isn't it?

Box: Link? Hmmmm...

Logan 5: How do you think we got here?

Box: Same as the others. Don't you remember?

Logan 5: Why do you think we're here?

Box: [very confused] Why? Why?

Logan: Everything made sense... until Box.

Francis 7: Aw, what the hell took you so long?

Logan: It was the debriefing, uh... it ws more complicated than usual.

Francis 7: Well, c'mon. Get in the water.

Logan: Francis, did you - did you ever SEE anybody renew?

Francis 7: Ha ha! I think you've been skulking out too much. First nursery, now silly qustions.

Logan: No, but - did you?

Francis 7: Did I what?

Logan: See anybody renew.

Francis 7: Of course!

Logan: Anybody we know?

Francis 7: Look, get into the water. You need it. More than I do.

Logan: Francis, I have to talk to you... Well, I'll see you.

The Old Man: [paraphrasing T.S. Eliot's "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats"] The naming of cats is a difficult matter, it's not just one of your holiday games. You may think at first I'm mad as a hatter, when I tell you that each cat's got three different names.

Francis 7: [to Logan] Runner...you are terminated.

Holly: [Logan and Jessica enter laser cosmetic center] Hello Sandman! We don't get many Sandmen here. I think there's only been one other since I've been here.

Logan: Well, a Sandman can get just as sick of his face as any one else.

Doc: [Shaking hands] This is a real privilege Sandman!

Logan: For me too. I, I thought you'd be older. I mean, I was expecting a Red.

Doc: [Smiling, holds up hand to reveal life clock] I am.

Logan: Your own work?

Doc: Yes, I did it myself.

Doc: Well Sandman, what will it be? Face job or full body job?

Logan: Just the face.

Doc: Fine, Holly will get you ready. You're in expert hands Sandman

[looks at Holly]

Doc: believe me.

Holly: [Prepping for a new face] Will you get on the table please?

Logan: Do you need me to take my clothes off?

Holly: Not for your face.

Holly: I like dark hair

[whispers into Logan's ear]

Holly: Tell him to give you dark hair.

Doc: All set! Did you have anything special in mind?

Logan: Oh, I don't care just...

Holly: Dark hair.

Logan: Oh yes! Holly would like dark hair.

The Old Man: You mean to say that those people know ahead of time when they're gonna die?

Logan 5: That's right.

The Old Man: Oh, that's silly. What's the reason for that?

Logan 5: That's the way things are. The way things have always been.

The Old Man: Yeah, it takes all the fun out of dying.

Logan 5: There... is... no... sanctuary.

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The Old Man: [Admiring Logan and Jessica's time crystals] Can I have one of those?

Logan 5: I'm afraid that's not possible.

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1st Sanctuary Man: Runner. Follow the corridor with the pipes overhead. The way is always down.

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Logan 5: Well, has, uh, anyone else ever passed through here?

The Old Man: No. Oh, there may be a few out there. I don't know. No, I don't know.

Logan 5: What makes you think that?

The Old Man: Well, my parents told me. My mother... and my, you know, the... um, father.

Logan 5: You knew your mother and father?

The Old Man: Sure. They raised me. Uh, you know... They raised me.

Jessica 6: How were you grown? Inside your mother?

The Old Man: Right in there.

Jessica 6: Are you sure?

The Old Man: Well, that's what she told me. I have to, I have to believe her. I don't know.

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Logan 5: Who are you?

The Old Man: Who are you?

Logan 5: I'm Logan 5. This is Jessica 6.

The Old Man: Well, I never much cared for my name, even when I could remember it.

Jessica 6: We're from the city.

Logan 5: Yes. Yes, we came through the ice. We got past Box.

The Old Man: Box?

Jessica 6: This is Sanctuary, isn't it?

The Old Man: Sanctuary?

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[first lines]

Logan: [tapping on a glass window of maternity room] Wake up.

Francis 7: Logan, you are here. I couldn't believe it when they told me. What are you doing?

Logan: [indicates baby] Logan 6. Well it's not everyday that they authorize a new sandman. I tell you Francis,

[indicating baby]

Logan: that's him.

Francis 7: Well maybe, maybe not. What does it matter? Anyway, he isn't yours anymore.

Logan: [continues tapping lightly on the glass]

Francis 7: All right, you want me to wake him?

[bangs loudly on the glass with his baton]

Francis 7: [alarms ring and lights flash]

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Jessica: Things don't change.

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The Old Man: [Repeated line] Oh my!

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Jessica: Let's take our clothes off first, before they freeze on us.

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