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Second Installment in the "Infamous" Ilsa Series
EVOL66627 September 2005
HAREM KEEPER OF THE OIL SHEIKS, is a relatively decent follow-up to the classic SHE WOLF OF THE SS. This one has the mammoth breasted sadist running a slavery ring for some Sheik. Ilsa trains the girls to be good little sluts, and the expected sleaze begins...Not as powerful as the aforementioned SHE WOLF, HAREM KEEPER has a "lighter" tone and was obviously an attempt to cash-in on the probably unexpected success of SHE WOLF. It also seems the tone was intentionally lightened, probably to draw a larger audience. Not my favorite of the series, I prefer SHE WOLF and the under-rated TIGRESS OF SIBERIA, but this one is still decent. Still a classic exploit film and worth a look - 7/10
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Exploitation cinema at its best!
Thom-P5 December 1999
Dyanne Thorne is at her campy (and sultry) finest in this second installment of the Ilsa series, delivering juicy dialogue with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Kudos also go to Victor Alexander, who plays the degenerate Sheik El Sharif to the hilt, as well as C.D. Lafleur for his hilarious Henry Kissinger impersonation. Lest anyone should think this is a comedy, well, it is, sorta... It's also one of the most over the top sleaze fests you'll ever witness. As the old saying goes, they don't make 'em like this anymore. As Harem Keeper begins, we find Ilsa at the head of a white slave ring where her primary duty is to train innocent young girls for service in the lecherous El Sharif's harem. When she's not instructing recruits on proper "tongue" technique, Ilsa also busies herself adding to her stable of eunuchs with the help of her lesbian henchwomen, Satin and Velvet. Yes, Ilsa is your classic man-hater, but the frigid ice goddess soon melts in the arms of the studly American diplomat, who's actually a spy intent on overthrowing the sheik's corrupt government. But let's not let trivial details such as story get in the way of a great performance by Ms. Thorne, who shifts between wicked witch and giggly schoolgirl with ease. Marvel as Ilsa succumbs to her own lustful desires and falls under the spell of some good ol' fashioned "manpower!" Think of it as an adult comic book come to life, full of hardcore gore (at least by 70s standards) and softcore sex, and enjoy it for what is is - trashy exploitation at its best.
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Great fun, with or without the commentary
Earl Toper30 May 2004
I would definitely recommend this movie to any fans of 70's 'B' movie sleaze. Director Don Edmonds manages to pack copious amounts depravity, sex & violence into this flick, with Dyanne Thorne camping it up as the evil Ilsa. Actually, she isn't as evil as she was in the other Ilsa films. but she still manages to hand out several doses of deranged torture on her unfortunate prisoners. The film also features perhaps one of the most brutal film fights ever, when a disobedient male guard is forced to fight Ilsa's thong wearing female personal bodyguards !. I really enjoyed watching this trash - YES it is TRASH, but it KNOWS it's trash & didn't cost millions like Charlies Angels!. Now everyone has come across DVD commentary tracks which are along the lines of 'Yeah I remember that, yeah that was fun etc', but this one actually makes the film even more enjoyable. Thorne & Edmonds give a highly entertaining account of the movie, explaining why many of the performances were so wooden and how low the budget for the movie was. It makes one realise that many of our 'respected' actors would look just as bad as the cast of this movie if they were only allowed one take because the film makers only had a limited amount of film stock!. Not for the squeamish or lovers of 'quality' cinema, but great fun for sleaze addicts!.
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Ilsa´s back!
DJ Inferno13 May 2002
Yeah, this first installment of the notorious Ilsa-series is a real goody! It is not as disturbing as "She Wolf" or "The Wicked Warden", but also not as campy as "Tigress" was! Fans of traditional adventure flicks might love it, too. The only difference is, that "Harem Keeper" features much more sex´n violence than you may find in popcorn movies à la "Indiana Jones" and friends..! If you´re a fan of the series you know what´s awaiting you! If not, prepare for a bundled load of sleazy erotic, some bizarre torture and lots of comic-like brutality! Once more Dyanne Thorne is over the top (A pity that she doesn´t take off her clothes more often..!), but also her two African helpers named "Satin" and "Velvet" are put on a show very well! And a film where Swedish supermodel Uschi Digard is casted can´t be that worse..! Exploitation cinema at its best!!!
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Tongue-in-cheek sequel to the notorious She Wolf of the SS.
BA_Harrison6 May 2006
Dyanne Thorne returns as buxom bitch Ilsa, in 'Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks—the second in the infamous exploitation series that began with the sleazy and repugnant She Wolf of the SS. Where the first film made viewers feel decidedly uneasy due to the controversial 'Nazi concentration camp' setting, Harem Keeper manages a lighter tone due to its comic book premise and tongue-in-cheek execution, yet it still contains enough violence and nudity to keep fans of the first film happy.

This time round the busty blonde sadist is to be found running a harem for evil oil sheik El Sharif, ably assisted by her two topless ball-breakers, Satin and Velvet. The buxom bitch has resorted to kidnapping beautiful women to ensure a steady supply of hot babes for the sheik; it seems that he has a nasty habit of getting carried away during sex and 'damaging' his ladies. Ilsa must train the newest additions to his harem, teaching them how to be subservient and willing to please; any resistance is punished with torture.

Meanwhile, two guests have arrived at the sheiks home; Commander Adam Scott and his associate Kaiser are hoping to convince El Sharif to give up some of his oil which lies untapped beneath the desert. As a last resort, they intend to use incriminating recordings of the sheik, secretly gathered by their undercover spy, to blackmail him into cooperating. Little do they know that the sheik has already rumbled their plan and isn't going to make life easy for them.

Ilsa, however, takes a shine to hunky Commander Adam and indulges in much rumpy-pumpy with him; when the sheik orders her to have Adam killed, she disobeys and leads a revolt against the despicable tyrant.

There is a real sense of fun to this installment of the Ilsa franchise; director Don Edmonds injects huge doses of camp into the proceedings making this film less of a 'guilty' pleasure than the first. Of course, a strong stomach and hardened sensibilities are still beneficial for those who choose to watch—there is still plenty of cheesy gore and inventive torture in evidence to qualify the film as a genuine shocker: a man has his testicles pulled off by Satin and Velvet, a thief has his hand cut off, two women have explosive vaginal implants inserted into them (which are triggered during sex), flesh eating ants eat a woman's foot, and an enemy of the sheik is doused in oil and set on fire.

It may be a different style of movie to the first one, but Ilsa Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheils is a more than worthy sequel and well worth checking out.
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I was expecting more!
shanek-23 April 2002
They don't make them like they used to. Thin comic book story line, dodgy dialogue delivered questionably, gratuitous nudity, sex, and violence. Nowdays it seems the world is too politically correct to produce work like this so people have to settle for blandness and mediocrity and the most accessible, least offensive "Product" wins. When did "Exploitation" get a bad name? Give me Ilsa any day. The cinematography shows a lot of promise from future Oscar nominee Dean Cundey. It seems Don Edmonds really can pick talent (Tarantino being another "find"). How about an Ilsa film which directly targets the fetish market Don? Quentin could Executive Produce it. At the least I think every action movie ever made could be improved by the inclusion of Satin and Velvet, Ilsa's bodyguards.
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Exploitation in its finest form!
HumanoidOfFlesh3 July 2002
Ilsa(Dyanne Thorne)and her two lesbian guards-Satin and Velvet run a harem for depraved sheik(Victor Alexander)Of course women are tortured and abused in front of the audience!This film is much more campier than "Ilsa-She Wolf of the SS" and not nearly as shocking.Still there are some torture scenes and a good amount of sleaze and nudity to satisfy exploitation freaks!Check it out!
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Another Excellent ILSA Movie
httpwww313 December 1999
This movie is great. I like all the ILSA movies and I consider this one to be a real good one. The best one though is the first one, ILSA SHE WOLF OF THE SS, which is an absolute classic. The third one is also excellent, ILSA TIGRESS OF SIBERIA. The fourth one is the weakest in my opinion and doesnt include DYANNE THORNE in the cast which for me makes the movies enjoyable to watch when she is in them.
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Highly impressive sequel effort
slayrrr66623 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
"Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks" isn't as great as the original, but it's still entertaining.


Working in the Middle-East, Ilsa, (Dyanne Thorne) works as the keeper for El Sharif, (Jerry Delony) a powerful oil sheik that controls a vast harem. When new members Inga Lindstrom, (Uschi Digard) Nora Edward, (Colleen Brennan) and Alina Cordova, (Haji) arrive to be indoctrinated into the lifestyle and she sets out to do it for them. When US Navy Commander Adam Scott, (Max Thayer) arrives at the camp to help negotiate a treaty for the oil, she takes an immediate personal interest in him and tries to do her best to keep him while also attending to her duties inside his harem. Finally growing restless with his stubbornness and refusal to allow her to keep him around, she decides to stage a coup with the girls and him to take over the palace and exact their revenge.

The News: This wasn't that bad, but it's certainly good enough at times. The main issue with this one is that this one is just as good as the original in the sleaze department when it tries to. There's a generous helping of nudity in here, delivered with plenty of opportunities to show some really nice moments. There's the usual inspection of all the slaves sequence here, where they spend the time going over every inch of their body and giving clear looks at everything on display to their training sequences for the harem, which include sexual favors, performances and more, all done with emphasis on the sleaze and nudity presented in the situation. Usually reserved for the dirtier side, yet there's a matter of doing the scenes for their best at giving off a great, dirty feel while also doing it's best to feel romantic and sensuous as well. These work from the film's several sex scenes or massages that occur throughout. There's even some from the various tortures inflicted in here, which are suitably disgusting without being too graphic. The biggest one, the ants over the legs while gnawing away on the flesh is a really gruesome sight and really does a lot of good for the brutality stakes with tons of closeups of the creatures crawling all over the skin and the wounds that occur from the bites. It's all wonderfully exploitative and works wonders for the film. There's also the wonderfully cruel forms of torture dished out along the way, including the rebel who gets set on fire in a spectacular scene that's the best moment in the film by a large majority, a thief has their hand amputated in full view of everyone at a party and an incredibly squirm-inducing one with rats-in-a-cage. There's a couple other great parts to this, mainly the really fun action scenes at the end. This one gets a little more thrilling and exciting than the previous one, which is a great feat in that it gets one over on the original, and the huge body count is a lot of fun. There's a few problems with it, though, mainly in the fact that it doesn't really feel as dirty as the first one. It's a lot more toned down in the sleaze, with the violence being quite removed from where it was, there's a lot less amount of nudity than before despite it feeling like there's a lot, and the sleaze amounts are much lower, leaving very little in the way of the original. The only other problem to be had with this one is the more relaxed pace, with a lot more scenes that appear thrown in for the sole purpose of expanding the film out. The conversations about what to do with the harem girls didn't need to be done so often, as often-times it was just for a couple quick lines with no progression made in the time, and it sort of makes the middle drag a little bit. These, though, are minor problems and don't distract enough to ruin this one completely.

The Final Verdict: Not as good or as sleazy as the original, but it's still enough to make it a watchable entry in the exploitation cannon. Give it a shot if you liked the first one, are interested in the genre or have a deep appreciation for these kinds of films, but if you weren't a fan of the first heed caution.

Rated R: Full Nudity, Graphic Violence, some mild sex scenes and some Language
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Ilsa gets sleazy in the desert
Dr. Gore4 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers

I can't say enough good things about Ilsa, (Dyanne Thorne). Her outrageous German accent and voluptuous body make this flick a stellar exploitation movie. "My ILSA!" I want her to be my harem keeper. First I would need a harem though. Details, details.

Ilsa isn't so much a character as she is a historical figure. Whenever there are strong women throughout history dominating other women for sadistic pleasure, they shall all be called "Ilsa". The Ilsa from the first movie was in Nazi Germany and was killed at the end of the flick. So clearly this is not the exact same Ilsa. The new Ilsa runs a harem for a depraved "Oil Sheik".

Ilsa runs the harem efficiently, telling girls the right way to lick a body, disciplining traitors with flesh eating ants and presiding over topless kung fu fighting sessions. There are a lot of breasts in this flick. The harem likes to go topless. Ilsa also comes up with a plastic explosive that you place in a girl's private area that will detonate when having sex. Yes. Exploding vaginas. The sleaze was working overtime.

"Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks" promises nasty sleaze and does not disappoint. Every other scene had either blood or breasts or both. It's a great exploitation movie. I recommend it.
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Shes back...
Markmainwaring26 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The exploitation worlds female Black Adder is back.

This time its modern day and she looks as good today as she did in WW2. And she is just as nasty. This time she is working for an oil sheik (well some white guy with a tan, who is rumoured to be Spalding Gray). Her jobs seem to involve kidnap, rape, torture and making girls fat.

Not as in bad taste as She Wolf of the SS but more enjoyable and faster moving. It looks bigger budget with grand sets and brilliant locations. Great costumes and surprisingly good acting.

It does have a few downsides. Such as Ilsa turning good and the very fake looking air plane interior.

Still it is brilliant and very enjoyable. But its not going to be for everyone...
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Sordid, sleazy fun
R Becker18 March 2002
The best of the three principal ILSA films, this one's got Dyanne Thorne, Haji Cat and the impossibly pulchritudinous Uschi Digart -- scenes such as the fight with the guards, the various audiences with El Sharif, and the tortures of Haji are just beyond belief! And you don't even want to know about the Love Machine... if you get the DVD, be sure to listen to the Director's Commentary, it's hilarious!
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Classic exploitation that works!!!
Dyanne Thorne is the most Badass actress ever. From these ILSA films to Point of Terror and even her return with House of Forbidden Secrets... she always impresses with a ferocity and command of the screen that very few can match. This film was a sleazy drive in movie classic from beginning to end, but it had a good story and some terrific acting from Dyanne as well as Howard Maurer. No spoilers here, but if you like trashy fun movies that push the envelope of good taste, you will LOVE this movie.
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Slightly More Polished Than Its Predecessor
Uriah4317 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
In this sequel to "Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS" we find that the lead character named "Ilsa" (Dyanne Thorne) has somehow miraculously escaped certain death and is now employed as the madam of a harem belonging to an oil sheik by the name of "El Sharif" (Jerry Delony). Besides being cruel and sadistic El Sharif also has a voracious appetite for new women and because of that Ilsa has gone out of her way to satisfy his lust by kidnapping 3 prominent young women from abroad. What neither of them realize is that this action--along with his tampering of the oil supply to the West--has generated a certain amount of attention which isn't necessarily favorable. As a result a diplomat is dispatched to talk to him about the oil disruption along with an undercover agent named "Adam Scott" (Max Thayer) who seeks to investigate his illegal sex trafficking. Now rather than disclose any more of this movie and risk spoiling it for those who haven't seen it I will just say that this movie seemed slightly more polished than its predecessor. Along with that I should also add that although these movies are certainly sleazy I don't believe they are meant to be taken seriously. For that reason those with rigid sensibilities might want to consider something else if possible. In any case, while this certainly wasn't a great movie by any means I still found it to be somewhat entertaining and I rate it as slightly above average.
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Ilsa returns for more sleazy fun
Red-Barracuda25 July 2012
As everyone no doubt knows, this is the follow up to the notorious movie Ilsa She-Wolf of the SS. That flick was a real controversial one, seeing as it was mixing a Nazi concentration camp premise with an extremely exploitative story-line. Despite all of this, it was essentially a very exaggerated movie and really quite hard to take very seriously. In Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks Dyanne Thorne returns as the super-bitch Ilsa. In this one she runs a harem for a sleazy sheik. Or more specifically, she is tasked with turning captured women into his sexual slaves. Of course, this involves much elaborate torture and copious amounts of nudity.

If anything, this one is more 'upmarket' than the first film. It has a bigger budget and some decent locations. It's also less controversial subject-wise, although it's still clearly an exploitation movie. The film revolves around sleaze and torture. We have charming things like flesh-eating ants and exploding vaginas after all. So, fear not, this one is still in the same general ball-park as the first. Unfortunately, the sexy Miss Thorne just doesn't get naked enough though, which is somewhat unfortunate and to this movie's detriment. However, we do have a couple of topless female kung-fu experts called Satin and Velvet who rip a poor fool's balls off. And two of the captured slave-girls are played by Russ Meyer regulars Uschi Digard (Supervixens) and Haji (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!). Both of whom are always a welcome presence in any movie.

Despite all of the atrocities, the Ilsa series is basically cartoonish. You cannot take these movies seriously, nor were you intended to. This one, like the others is another combination of gory violence, sleazy erotica and deranged silliness. For my money this one is neither as good as the original, nor Ilsa the Tigress of Siberia. But it's still an entertaining trash-fest.
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Ugly and nonsensical in equal measure
Leofwine_draca4 April 2015
This follow-up to ILSA, SHE WOLF OF THE SS is another grisly sexploitation movie that mixes depraved violence and torture with endless softcore sex sequences. The film retains the same star and director as the first, although thankfully the unpleasant sequences have been toned down making this a lot tamer. I still found it deeply unpleasant in terms of the violence meted out towards the female cast members.

The story sees Ilsa relocated to the Middle East (or North Africa, it never makes it clear), where she runs the harem of a rich oil sheik. Inevitably she's a sadist at heart, dishing out all manner of depraved and sadistic torture to anybody who dares cross her; the 'highlight' involves one girl being gradually destroyed by various unpleasant methods including flesh-eating ants and an exploding dildo.

Much of the running time is padded out with big breasted women either being stripped or taking part in simulated sex, while some crashingly dull sub-plots involve spies and an attempt to liberate the oppressed. Dyanne Thorne's acting is poor, to say the least, but she does have a lot of presence as the statuesque anti-heroine. The all-action ending is unbelievable but at least it offers incident away from the endless sex and violence.
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You shall have a special place in my kingdom for as long as you shall live..
lastliberal22 April 2009
The cartoonish Ilsa (Dyanne Thorne) is the keeper of the Sheik's (Jerry Delony) harem, and trains the beauties kidnapped from around the world. She is just what you would expect in the role of a Nazi she-bitch.

The Americans are sending a Henry Kissinger type (Richard Kennedy) along with a naval officer (Max Thayer) to try and overthrow the Sheik and get his oil. So, what else is new? Ilsa and her henchwomen, Satin (Tanya Boyd) and Velvet (Marilyn Joi) are ruthless in their methods and devise extreme methods of torture to get what they want.

Despite what Ilsa tells the Sheik, it is apparent that she is becoming close to the naval officer. He becomes tired of her delay and devises punishment that was decidedly extreme.

Of course, there is a bloody Palace coup after that. And, Ilsa gets her reward.

The porn was decidedly soft-core.
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The blouse-bursting bitch returns!!
Coventry16 April 2004
Dianne Thorne returns as the (not so) desirable Ilsa, this time making the wealthy Arabian world to her playground. Ilsa is in control of Sheik El Sharif's harem and she arranges the kidnappings of new sex-slaves. The most remarkable difference with the previous `She Wolf of the SS' is the more lightheaded character of this film and the constant presence of humor. Of course, the subject matter is a little less sensitive (Nazi's aren't that funny, you know) and the makers indented to reach a larger audience this time. This resulted in less cruelty, less nudity and a lot less perversion. Yet, this film is still warmly recommended to cult fans and admirers of occult cinema! There are a few slick and ingenious aspects to discover, like the introduction of Ilsa's assistants! Satin and Velvet look like identical twins performing lesbian action, while their uniforms simply exist out of pink thongs! No shocking and nauseating images this time, but a goofy black comedy with a couple of bloody highlights.up to you whether it's an improvement or not.
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Ilsa the hard ball
Prismark1016 October 2013
What a bizarre sexploitation film. A mixture of torture soft porn, schlock horror and political intrigue.

The pneumatic Ilsa who takes out her bazookas for just a few scenes works for an Arab Sheik's harem cum human traffiking prison camp. She helps train the kidnapped girls, and gets them patched up after they are tortured. There is a scene where the girls are repaired from their injuries, where the girls are fattened up and where girls are tortured. You have a scene of body parts to show what happens if you try to escape. You have an auction scene where girls are sold off.

The American government send a naval officer get rid of the Sheik. You have the straight laced officer trying to teach the Sheikh of such things as democracy, human rights, fair trials, innocent until proved guilty. You can guess this was filmed in 1975, long before the 'War on Terror!

Ilsa falls for the naval officer and for her troubles, the Sheikh gets a leper to ravish her!

Dyanne Thorne has a hoot of a time playing the amoral Ilsa in a Nazi uniform aided and abetted by her two well oiled black henchwomen who truly can turn a man into a eunuch.

It really is curious, not enough horror, laughable torture scenes, too tame and cheesy to be sexy. It might had raised eyebrows almost 40 years ago for shock value. These days when you have American women getting kidnapped in Europe to be turned into Human Centipedes then you can see how much these kind of films have advanced since then!
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A must for all sickos.
gridoon5 January 2003
Full-frontal nudity (in "up close and personal" shots); tarantula torture; flesh-eating ants torture; breast torture; arm amputations; eye gougings; eviscerations; bloody beatings; rape. This is not a film; it's a catalogue of perversions. It's the first "Ilsa" movie I ever watched, and it's gonna be the last. Surprisingly good photography, though. And also a leading man with the most monotonously droning voice you'll ever hear; even Charles Bronson shows more enthusiasm with his line readings. (*1/2)
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Absolutely worthless attempt at exploitation, very disappointing.
Paul Andrews16 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks starts somewhere in a Middle Eastern desert as a special delivery of three crates are made to the Palace of Sheik El Sharif (Jerry Delony as Victor Alexander) where he likes to use & abuse various pretty young women before selling them to other rich oil Sheik's in slave auctions, the sadistic Ilsa (Dyanne Thorne) in her own unique way makes sure they obey his every wish without question & are fully trained to please their new owners aided by her two lesbian assistants Satin (Tanya Boyd) & Velvet (Marilyn Joi). The three crates contain kidnapped women, Nora Edward (Sharon Kelly) the daughter & sole heir of a rich American businessman, Inga Lindstrom (Uschi Digard as Elke Von) an actress dubbed the 'new Scandinavian love goddess' & Alina Cordova (Haji as Haji Cat) an equestrian champion from Europe. It's up to Ilsa to convince them to obey the Sheik's every command, Ilsa does pretty much whatever she wants to them to make them comply. Meanwhile the Sheik is expecting visitors, two Americans named Kaiser (Richard Kennedy as Wolfgang Roehm) & Commander Adam Scott (Max Thayer as Michael Thayer) who intend to blackmail the Sheik into making him give up his land which is rich in oil. However their plans don't go as they had hoped...

This Canadian American co-production was produced & directed by Don Edmonds & in my opinion is pretty worthless, surely this is the worst of the Ilsa films which lets face it are hardly brilliant anyway. This was the second out of four Ilsa film's following Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (1975), the fact that Ilsa died at the end of the previous film doesn't seem to matter. The script by Langston Stafford is much lighter & campier in tone than the original, which is most definitely a bad thing. It has been stated that the filmmakers intended to make a much tamer film to obtain a lower rating & appeal to a larger audience, well that's fine but the finished product ended up being very disappointing as far as I'm concerned. There is no attempt at any sort of characterisation, all the women in this film are one dimensional, are given no background, personality or feelings & are simply there to be used, abused, treated like dirt & are nothing more than objects to please men. This is simply not an attitude that I can condone or take any enjoyment from. The exception is obviously Ilsa herself, but she is little more than the comic book villain & is there only to cash in on the Ilsa name. The sleaze & violence has little impact because of the overall tone & feel of the film, there is plenty of female nudity & (very) softcore sex scenes, there are a few lame torture sequences too like pouring flesh eating ants (?!) over someones foot, a thief has his hand chopped off, an exploding stomach & in the films most brutal scene someone is set on fire. The rest of the blood & gore consists of joke shop quality fake blood & stick on rubber scars. There is a few minutes of unexciting action towards the end when the prisoners fight back but like the rest of the film director Edmonds fails to create any sort of pace or tension. I was surprised at just how well made Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks is, the costumes, locations, sets, cinematography & general production values are much better than I would have expected. The acting was OK for this sort of thing I suppose but you have to be a bit suspicious when so many of the cast hide behind pseudonym's. In my opinion the worst & tamest of the Ilsa films that barely qualifies as exploitation, even Jess Franco's Ilsa, The Wicked Warden (1977) is better than this. Not even an exploding electric dildo can save it, one to avoid.
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vincentga9 June 2005
1/10 Not only this "movie" is a lot bad but many actor/actress too.

Dyanne Thorne (Ilsa) play like a "brush". I see her in other "movie" and she "play" "better".

Max Thayer (Comander Adam, US Navy) is the best bad actor I see until now I think. Oh my God! A bot will play better than him. If this guy is a actor well i'm the Pope. :) This movie is a joke. Z series. But if you watch (I don't suggest that) it and not take it serious you can laugh.

Tanya Boyd (Satin) and Marilyn Joi (Velvet) play bad too even if they have good body. :P What it's impress me is a guy find money to sell this c**p! If you collect Z series "movies" this one is for you. Else forget it.
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