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What is the end of eternity...or what is the real form of God

Author: John Seal from Oakland CA
14 February 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Initially, I thought I was the first person to write a review for this film--but then I realized it seems to be listed twice on IMDb! Ze do Caixao is, of course, no longer a secret in the Anglophone world, and a number of his films have had Region 1 DVD releases. Here's one that hasn't yet...and it's pretty darn good. Strange Hostel of Naked Pleasures features many of the elements you expect from a Jose Mojica Marins production: portentous philosophical musings, naked or semi-naked women, crude special effects, not much plot (though more than in some other Ze do Caixao features), dissonant music, spiders, and lots of the man himself--Coffin Joe--here in a bowler hat for a change! This time the bearded one is hiring people to work for him as receptionists at his fully-booked Strange Hostel--and you can bet they get much more than a pay cheque and a free continental breakfast for their troubles. When hippies ripe for an orgy and a trio of corrupt businessmen check in, sanity checks out--and (in scenes reminiscent of Finis Hominis) the man with the curly fingernails soon looses his wrath on the amoral louts. Beware the eyes that hypnotize!

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A masterpiece (or trash?)...

Author: Zarathos-5 from Finland
11 August 2000

A very chilling movie, which starts with a crazy and surrealist dance, where naked women dance all over, and old men scream towards the sky. Then a coffin has dragged open, and a man (Coffin Joe?) is broad back to life. Then the story goes to an eerie hostel, where all kinds of men come in one stormy night. Coffin Joe tells the visitors some very strange stuff like "All thats nothing will be everything" (???!). The moody story ends up in a knockdown-ending, but the story still continues veery eerie for its last a couple of minutes. Lots of violence, and corny nudity, its normaly regarded as pure exploitation trash. But if you look it, in another way, its a masterpiece of eerie horror-movies. *** out of ****, or *½ out of ****. You see it, then decide.

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Strange Hostel of Naked Pleasures

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
22 January 2009

Strange Hostel of Naked Pleasures, The (1976)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Brazilian horror film has Jose Mojica Marins, the man behind Coffin Joe, running a hostel where a mixed group of people, ranging from hippies to gamblers, show up with nightmarish events to follow. I've heard some call this a Coffin Joe film but I don't see it as such since Marins' character, the hostel owner, is never called that nor is it ever implied that he's Coffin Joe. With that said, I found the film pretty hard to get through for a variety of reasons but the biggest being the dialogue. It really seemed like they were going for some type of Bob Dylan like lyrics because Marins' character is constantly coming up with various sayings, which are meant to be thought provoking but they left me wanting to laugh. After a while these sayings stop being funny and instead just come off as lame and this is what happened to the film as it kept going. For the most part we've got a twenty-minute movie spread out to 78-minutes and that means we get a bunch of scenes, which just replay over and over. This includes one of the dumbest orgy sequences I've ever seen where the hippies are just passing around bottles of vodka while canting an incredibly stupid line about getting naked. The final twenty-minutes is when the violence starts to kick up and we get countless more lines trying to be deep. I'm really not sure what the killings were about since the lines are so dumb but we get a wide range of events with a couple nice sequences. One such sequence is when a man is shot in the head only to have firework sparks come out before the screen turns all red in blood. We have other scenes involving the likes of a snake and crab but these add to very little. The entire movie is strange as you might expect and there's a certain level of atmosphere, especially the first ten minutes, but in the end the movie is just too dull to really work. Fans of the bizarre or surreal will want to check this out but others should certainly stay clear. Original title: A Estranha Hospedaria dos Prazeres.

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Weird but laborious Brazilian oddity

Author: Red-Barracuda from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
30 January 2013

José Mojica Marins (a.k.a. Coffin Joe) is something of a hit and miss director for me. Sometimes his brand of low budget horror surrealism works pretty well but on other occasions the results are somewhat tedious. Strange Hostel of Naked Pleasures falls into this latter category sadly. It begins brightly enough though with an extended scene of a strange ceremony where Marins character is resurrected from the dead. There are dancing women, drumming men, weird imagery and avant-garde music throughout. The whole segment has a real demented rhythm to it. It turns out, however, that this opening sequence is the best part in the entire movie. After it, the action shifts to a hostel run by Marin's character. More specifically to events surrounding one stormy night. The hostel takes in several guests, including a group of hippies, corrupt gambling businessmen and an adulterous couple. It seems that uncle Joe is some kind of extreme supernatural moralist and he sets about killing his amoral guests.

This sounds all well and good but the problem is that it's all a bit tiresome in reality. Sure it's weird and surreal but it's also dull. It's the latter factor that's the big problem here. The pacing's not too great, which is admittedly a Marins trait in general but there is a lot of unnecessary repetition such as the silly hippy orgy where the same shots are seen over and over and the chant 'Everybody naked! Great!' is repeatedly seemingly endlessly. Otherwise, scenes drag out and the constant atonal music makes it even more unbearable. It's got its moments but overall it's hard work getting through this one.

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Joe's Hostel.

Author: morrison-dylan-fan from United Kingdom
11 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Having been left extremely impressed by Marins (aka Coffin Joe) grim Gothic Horror first film,I decided today to watch one of the other films in the set,mostly due to expecting seeing the films be mostly similar to each other.From the first 5 minutes of this wonderfully insane film,I began to suspect that Marins may be creating a film that is as far off the road of normality as it is possible to get.

The plot:

As Coffin Joe wonders about the creation of the universe and the meaning of life he decides to open a hostel which will be run by himself and five other people,who he has chosen due to feeling that each individual is at "the perfect time" to be a worker in the hostel with him.Shortly after opening the hostel,the building gets filled with dozens of guest including partying hippies and gambling gangsters who soon begin to suspect that this hostel is far from normal when they each look at their watches and discover that time is standing still.

View on the film:

Looking at the credits on the DVD case,I was surprise to discover that for this instalment Jose Mojica Marnis had co-directed the film with Marcelo Motta,which seems to be one of the main things that helped to give this film a very different "voice".Whilst the opening does make the movies low budget pretty obvious,Marnis and Motta impressively do not let this ruin the film,with the whole setting of the hostel being covered in an terrific infa-red colour that gets brighter as the activates in the hostel get weirder.

Along with the bold colour of the main location,Marnis and Motta also include a very interesting ominous atmosphere to the film,with it being strongly suggested that Coffin Joe is far from what he may originally appear.Although the screenplay by Marnis and Rubens Francisso Luchetti does sadly drag as the film attempts to put all of its complex cards on the table,I feel that whilst I did find some sections of the film slow going,I never felt that it dipped below fascinating, thanks to the writers/directors bravely attempting to mix the movies minimalist filmed moments of Joe being philosophical on the meaning of life with a good, unsettling (mostly light) Horror feel.

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I want my 78 minutes back

Author: rob-2313 from United States
30 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wind. Clouds. Nameless actors. Lighting. Thunder. Lighting. Wind. Coffin. Eyeball. Hotel. Lighting. Clouds. Hippies. Thunder. Gamblers. Thunder. Cheaters. Eyeball. Clouds. Lighting. Wind. Lovers. Gamblers. Wind. Clouds. Eyeball. Stupid Dialogue. Clouds. Lighting. Thunder. Eyeball. Hippies. Gamblers. Fake alcoholic. Lovers. Eyeball. Clouds. Lighting. Hotel maid. Mindless drivel. Thunder. Clouds. Cars. Motorcycles. Hippies. Gangsters. Clouds. Thunder. Wind. Hotel. Candles. Naked boobies. Eyeball. Wind. Hotel. Hotel maid. Gamblers. Lovers. Eyeball. Guns. Fireworks. Thunder. Fake blood. Eyeball. Thunder. Clouds. Hotel. Wind. Lighting. Naked Boobies. More fake blood. Stupid Dialogue.

You have just seen the movie.

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"Everybody Naked! Great!"... Not So Great, Actually.

Author: Bensch from Salzburg, Austria
27 November 2010

Generally speaking, I am a fan of the iconic Brazilian Horror filmmaker José Mojica Marins and his most famous creation and alter ego Zé do Caixão aka. Coffin Joe. I liked the first two Coffin Joe films "À Meia-Noite Levarei Sua Alma" ("At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul") and "Esta Noite Encarnarei no Teu Cadáver" ("This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse") (both from 1964) and I absolutely loved the third film "O Estranho Mundo de Zé do Caixão" ("The Strange World of Coffin Joe") of 1968, which is a morbid anthology in which the eponymous gravedigger only gives an introduction. The fourth (sorta) Coffin Joe feature "O Ridual Dos Sádicos" ("Awakening of the Beast", 1970) already bored me, and I regret to say that I hated this film. "A Estranha Hospedaria dos Prazeres" aka. "The Strange Hostel of Naked Pleasures" (1976) is an insufferably boring affair that is not saved by its unintentional (?) fun-factor, since it just drags and drags way too slowly to be fun to watch. After a never-ending bizarre sequence in the beginning, Zé Do Caixão is apparently not looking for a woman to bear him a son any longer, but has opened a hostel in which, naturally, strange things are going on...

Seriously, "The Strange Hostel of Naked Pleasures" is an excruciatingly tiresome affair. The orgy scene in which a bunch of people in red speedos are yelling "Everybody Naked! Great" for about ten minutes must be one of the least erotic sex scenes ever filmed. A few outburst of morbidity are not nearly enough to make the film watchable. The first three Coffin Joe films (especially the third) were incredibly macabre and controversial for their time. This one really isn't. I have no idea why this is labeled an "Adult" film on IMDb; there is no pornography involved, the film isn't more explicit than any other 70s Exploitation film. I seriously hope that the four remaining films in my 9-film Coffin Joe DVD-Box are going to be better than this one, and preferably more like the first three. 2.5 out of 10 for the cult-value. Overall, one to avoid.

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Naked, great!

Author: mamis62 from United States
1 February 2009

While watching this movie, my doorbell rang. I ran to the door, hoping it was Coffin Joe there to show me MY death, thereby saving me from watching the rest of this awful movie. Alas, it was the pizza guy, and he didn't have a gun that shot sparkles. I gave him a twenty and told him to keep the change, but he didn't say anything profound like "the change shall be kept, but the change kept within your soul will be your change", or anything. He just said, "thanks." What a bummer. Last time I order from that place.

Anyway, I wanted to watch until the end, but that orgy scene - the LEAST erotic scene ever shown on film (unless skinny, pale, hairy Brazilian guys in bikini briefs swilling vodka and saying sexy things like "let's make love" turns you on) - caused me to switch off. Honestly, this movie is a LITTLE bit funny...but it drags on for so long that the camp/humor is drained. And it's only 80 minutes! Just awful.

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