The Enforcer (1976) Poster


Plot Keywords

dirty harry partner
terrorist inspector
ransom terrorist group
mayor alcatraz
prison showdown
warehouse revenge
rocket launcher policewoman
hostage extremist
police procedural neo noir
shootout in a church baseball bat
shoulder holster quick draw
assault rifle opening action scene
militant female villain
catholic priest wisecrack humor
police shootout street shootout
gunfight ambush
female cop female gunfighter
gun violence gun battle
action violence cop
1970s woman kills woman
famous line catch phrase
m 16 shot in the groin
buddy cop terrorist plot
mixed martial arts martial arts
fistfight brawl
gore shot in the head
.44 magnum dark comedy
blood spatter blood
violence maverick cop
tough cop tough girl
anti hero tough guy
action hero hero
racial slur blood splatter
shot in the chest restaurant
revolver prostitute
throat slitting knife
arrest shootout
swat team pistol
press conference rescue
machine gun army base
nun watching tv
sex doll playing pool
baseball stadium audio cassette
radio station baseball game
suspended cop politician
reporter african american
priest rooftop
foot chase autopsy
bomb morgue
explosion police officer
hospital police car
tear gas armed robbery
siren stabbed to death
shotgun murder
male nudity female nudity
bazooka detective
warrior blockbuster
third part sequel
limousine kidnapping
returning character killed off black militant
helicopter pool table
neo black panthers terrorism
san francisco california hit and run
shot in the crotch disc jockey
boat policewoman killing
hijacking chase
baseball church
surprise ending

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