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  • A scientist doing experiments on a human fetus discovers a method to accelerate the fetus into a mature adult in just a few days. However, the "adult" fetus turns into a homicidal psycho and looks for a new formula to prevent her from aging further.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • A pregnant mother is involved in a horrific car accident. She survives long enough to be taken to hospital where the still undeveloped fetus is retrieved and contained within an artificial womb. The womb instigates a rapid growth rate which causes the child to grow into adulthood within a matter of weeks. All is not well though as the child begins to exhibit some horrific tendencies...

    - Written by <mr_ons@hotmail.com>


Geneticist Dr. Paul Holliston (Rock Hudson) lives alone in his rambling clinic/home after his wife has passed away from a car crash in which he was the driver...

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