The Desert of the Tartars (1976) Poster

Plot Keywords

tartar fortress
desert border
attack mountain
garrison military
lieutenant turn of the century
austro hungarian army austro hungarian officer
habsburg empire austria hungary
border station disobedience
military discipline dinner
mist dripping water
war wound wound
fort bastiano gunner
road construction optical illusion
refectory obedience
test tube germ
heart condition broken back
corset lantern
tedium bam citadel
piano nomad
field glasses suicidal thoughts
nightshirt old man
lieutenant colonel flag
flag draped coffin coffin
medal commanding officer
dust devil wild boar
guard photograph
sleeping hunting
hypodermic needle injection
military drill fort
violinist violin
rebellion whipping
cigar smoking mirror
fencing cross
torch isolation
messenger engineer
surveyor warrior
reference to jesus christ bible
military patrol military outpost
orchestra paranoia
medic shame
battle cigarette holder
cigarette smoking snowstorm
snow rain
facial scar target practice
suicide by gunshot medical examination
sentry major
military officer grave
graveyard javelin
spear regiment
king of italy italian army
army waiting
wine drink
drinking dust
illness prayer
song singer
gun machine gun
binoculars colonel
count tent
general lance
horseman deserter
bayonet platoon
sword rifle
doctor captain
murder shooting
traitor disobeying orders
mutiny sand
cannon infantry
military uniform trumpet
saying goodbye kiss
mother son relationship year 1907
horse riding horse
artillery sadist
soldier death
honor white horse
suicide singing
shot to death shot in the head
password long take
loneliness hope
deception bright lights
barbarian anthem
based on novel

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