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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

Chris is somehow able to give her boyfriend a blow job and talk to him at the same time, without her voice being distorted in the least.
After the bucket of pig's blood falls, you hear the 'blood' spilling long after the bucket has emptied.
At the Prom the keyboard player slides his hand from right to left on the piano but the audio goes from low to high (opposite) during the song.
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Character error 

When Ms. Collins is calling the role in the gym, she walks over to one of the girls and snaps "Katie!" But the character's name is Helen.


When the blood falls on Carrie, it really only hits the left side of her hair and her shoulders. In following shots, she is soaked in blood.
There are several signs posted about the time of the prom, all of which say from 9 - 1. (One says 9 - 1 pm, which, of course, is incorrect.) Sue Snell asks the time at the family dinner on the night of the prom and is told that it is 8 o'clock. Shots immediately before and after the dinner scene show the prom going full swing, even though it is not scheduled to start for another hour. Additionally, it would still be light outside on May 25th at 8 pm.
Norma has her hair styled at the salon in preparation for the prom. Immediately afterwards, she is back at the gym setting things up, with her hair in braids and wearing her baseball cap.
When Margaret pulls a book out of her bag and turns to offer it to Mrs. Snell, the book goes from having a blue cover to a pink cover.
Billy Nolan's car is seen briefly from behind, before Carrie rolls it, and the taillights are clearly those of a '67 Pontiac Firebird. However, when the car is overturned, it becomes a '67 Chevrolet Chevelle.
When the mirror shatters while Carrie is praying, it shatters into many small pieces but when the mother comes into the room and the mirror is fixed, it was only broken into a few large pieces.
When Carrie is pleading for help in the opening shower sequence, she grabs Sue Snell's arm twice. Both times, Sue dodges and pushes Carrie away. In both pushes, Carrie grabs the same spot and Sue ends in the same position, revealing that the two pushes are the same push shot from different camera angles.
In the gym scene where the girls are told about getting detention or refusal of their prom tickets, Chris' lip gloss disappears and reappears. When she takes the gum out of her mouth she has lip gloss on. It then disappears and reappears as the scene goes on.
When Miss Collins is pacing in the principal's office after the shower incident, she pauses in front of his desk. Carrie's blood is visible on her shorts, making the principal uncomfortable. She then continues pacing around the office and the blood disappears. Although she is moving, her sweatshirt would not move that much as to cover all traces of the blood.
After Carrie is covered in blood, her crown disappears between shots.
When Miss Collins begins calling the roll, Helen doesn't appear in the first shot of the girls. In the next shot, Helen is sitting next to Sue.
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When Miss Collins begins calling the roll, the first shot reveals a girl dressed in dark blue sitting among several girls higher on the bleachers. In the next shot, she's sitting in the front row next to Helen. But in the shot after that, she's in her original place.
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Carrie's hair when she talks to Mrs. Collins on the bench.
When Miss Collins is questioning Sue and Tommy in her office, Tommy is initially sitting some distance from Sue on the bench. In subsequent shots he is closer to her, although he never moves.

Factual errors 

Stephen King's name is spelled "Steven King" in the trailer.
At the beginning of the movie playing volleyball, the far side team has 6 players (one is Carrie) and the near side team has 7 players plus 1 additional player serving (out of camera range).

Revealing mistakes 

When Carrie looks out her window, when she hears a horn honk, you can see the spike mark where Tommy's car is suppose to stop.
In the opening shower scene, all the girls who are toweling their hair dry have obviously dry and permed hair and are just going through the motions.
When Chris and Billy are in the car, Chris calls Billy a stupid shit and he slaps her cheek with the back of his hand. A loud sound is heard, but he clearly isn't actually hitting her hard.
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In the final part of the film when Sue walks in slow motion towards the White's home you can see at least one red car going backwards at the junction in the background.
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The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Boom mic visible 

Shadow on Carrie's chest a few times while she is walking through her house after her prom killing spree.


When Carrie kills her mother using the kitchen implements, there are numerous stab wounds and blood stains. But when Carrie drags her lifeless mother into the closet, the blood stains are all gone.


At the end of the movie, when Carrie pulls her mother into the closet after she has died, you can see the mother's feet moving under her nightgown.


Two candles on the left hand side of the stair case were blown out, but all candles were lit as Carrie falls down the stairs from being stabbed.
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Crew or equipment visible 

In the final shot of the knives in Margaret White's body, you can quite clearly see one of the wires that the knives were "flown" on for the telekinesis effect.

Revealing mistakes 

When Carrie goes to kill her mother, she impales Margaret's wrists with knives through her palms. When she dies moments later, her body remains completely upright. Her body would sag, and the knives could not hold up the weight of her body.

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