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Plot Keywords

girl prom
school student
telekinesis teacher
pig tease
isolation gym
blood night
evil classmate
bucket prank
revenge shower
gym teacher pig blood
outsider religious fanatic
first part impalement
strange person suspense
sinister terror
saint sebastian trees
closed doors bicycle
pink dress near future
future year 1979
1970s cross
abuse of power demonic possession
dead woman with eyes open woman stabbed
woman kills woman villain not really dead cliche
bad mother female protagonist
slow motion scene high school prom
prom king dream sequence
stabbing fire engine
guilt doubt
inferiority complex self confidence
paranoia index cards
graffiti poetry
symbol icon
outcast prayer
oddball single mother
watching tv school principal
taunting school teacher
repression bare breasts
backwards vagina
hysteria buttocks
candle gossip
library mania
sin yearbook
wrong side of the tracks unrequited love
underage teenager
teen romance teen movie
teen love slumber party
shy girl school yearbook
school life school dance
party dress opposites attract
nerd juvenile
horror movie remade high school sweethearts
high school love high school dance
generation gap forbidden love
first love dating
dance contest crush
convertible coming of age
class differences adolescent romance
adolescence teen angst
ashtray religious zealot
depression paranormal phenomena
dysfunctional family troubled teenage girl
oral sex in a car female student
evil woman evil student
work out underground
screaming ridicule
locked door knocked unconscious
hell fury
firetruck firestorm
dream death by falling object
dead woman collapsing house
bible child abuse
female slaps female stress disorder
mother versus daughter teacher student relationship
burning house gothic
wrath white dress
water washing
volleyball violence
vengeance underwear
trousers trauma
tragedy tomb
teenage sex teenage prankster
teenage love teenage girl in underwear
teenage daughter teenage boy
teenage alienation t shirt
surprise stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the back shorts
shirt sex
sexual repression sexual desire
sexual attraction sadness
sadism rejection
rampage rage
punishment psychological trauma
prom night practical joke
panties panic
out of control oral sex
one word title murder
multiple stabbing menstrual blood
mass destruction mass death
love loss of control
long hair locker room
laughing knife
kiss kissing
joy jacket
house hostility
homicide hit on the head
graveyard female teacher
female bully fellatio
fear dying
dress domineering mother
disturbed individual disillusionment
disappointment destruction
desolation desire
deeply disturbed person death
dark heroine danger
dance cult film
crying cruelty
cruel joke crowd
covered in blood compassion
classroom cemetery
car burning
bully bucket of blood
brunette bra
boyfriend girlfriend relationship bloodbath
blonde bitterness
bathroom ball
bad girl attraction
anger alone
based on the works of stephen king bullying
opening credit bush high school
high school student female rear nudity
matricide female nudity
fright overprotective parent
goth firestarter
teenage girl blockbuster
teenage sexuality tampon
supernatural power shyness
sexual humiliation schoolgirl
popularity misfit
loner humiliation
alienation cult director
nudity stars
rock band burned up car
stage prom queen
psychic rose
stabbed in the hand hand from grave
public humiliation street
principal's office torso cut in half
face slap psychic power
psionic power under stairs
fire extrasensory perception
mother daughter relationship stabbed to death
electrocution crown
grave school on fire
split screen menstruation
falling down stairs nightmare
prom ballot gym class
menarche principal
multiple views fanaticism
bedroom sibling rivalry
night time female frontal nudity
reverse footage cracked mirror
sexuality dancing
prom dress religion
death of mother death of friend
based on book independent film
based on novel title spoken by character
character name in title surprise ending

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