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stubtail2 May 2000
I may be the only person who has visited this title and knows this one. This is one of the earliest forms of "Rock Opera" which indeeed features Vincent Price, Perched High Atop a concert venue reading the story of Mr. Mole. while David Coverdale( Yes the same one who was later in Whitesnake), Pace Ashton Lord and most of Deep Purple Play, jam and experiment.

This is a multi-media event and the story involves some man in a mole suit running around London and the English Country side. I have not seen this in years but remember it flashing from the man in the mole suit to Mr Price reading and then the music .

If you can find this it is a must ...not likely to see this on DVD , video chip or any future technology (By the way the picture on the cover of the box is quite similar to the Small Faces Ogden's Small Flake Lp).Its on a small label and it may be the only title they released on that label.. I wrote this mostly from memory..I still have a few brain cells left!
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Love is all, etc.
soniaandree22 September 2006
Probably because I was born the same year, or because I saw it over and over again on French television when there was a technical problem, I have got a sentimental value towards this animation/anime. The video is based on the book of the same name, so the characters are pretty much alike. It is mixed with weird human-like animals/insects and fantastic lyrics by Roger Glover, a certain enthusiasm radiates from the whole. The animation is great, it puts you in a fantastic mood for the day and I would encourage anyone to find the LPs or the new upcoming DVD of the 1976 concert, or go to the Roger Glover website, there are a lot of news flying around. When watching the video, try to spot all the references (three blind mice, the beauty dancing with the beast, the dancing tankard, masquerade, carnival, etc). I just love it! Highly recommended.
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Nice Rock Opera
Rainey Dawn26 August 2015
Sources say the rock opera album is based on the children's poem "The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast".

The film is good if you like mellow psychedelic music although some of it is hard rock. Deep Purple's Ian Gillan & Ronnie James Dio have performances in the film, as well as the famous model Twiggy. The film is narrated by Vincent Price.

It's a pretty cool film if you are looking for something completely different, a bit psychedelic, 1970s music and like concerts/rock operas.

"Love Is All"... sums this film & album up nicely.

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Don't waste your time with this Ball
Loren16 June 2017
I had high hopes for The Butterfly Ball being good. I knew within the first few minutes I was in as much trouble as this film. The Director clearly was inexperienced and the film suffers because of it. Avoid this abortion of a film at all costs. Don't waste your time with this Ball.
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Amazingly bad
Noah Richardson16 June 2017
I understand this is an early Rock opera but the director who made it is strictly out of the amateur hour. The shots, the editing, the lack of continuity and the script? Puh-lease! There is no script for this deck. I can't believe I wasted the few minutes I did on this poorly produced and directed drivel. If you want to see a good Rock Opera, please watch "Tommy" and skip this crime against culture.
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Not even a decent early Rock Opera
Katty16 June 2017
The Rock Operas of the 1970's gave us such legendary productions as Jesus Christ Superstar, Ziggy Stardust, Tommy and Pink Floyd's The Wall. The Butterfly Ball doesn't measure up to any of them by a long shot. Unlike the films mentioned, the Butterfly Ball falls victim to a novice director with no vision or discernible talent. Skip this rubbish and see one of the classics I listed.
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Horrible with a capital "H"
Taddy Bin16 June 2017
How can you possibly utilize the talents of Vincent Price, Twiggy, some fine musicians, wonderful source material and come up with this ABOMINATION called The Butterfly Ball? It looks like a couple of inexperienced students shot this with their clueless friends running around in animal costumes their mothers sewed for them. Disaster.
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Blame the Director for this travesty
Christopher16 June 2017
Oh dear. Poor Vincent Price. How did he wind up in this hackneyed film called "The Butterfly Ball"? Though he is a bright spot in this very unappealing film, nothing can save this production from the talent less hack who directed it. Speaking of the hack, Tony Klinger, he makes a big splash with his name all over the opening credits and glosses over the notables. If only his ability was a big as his ego it could have been a better production but I sincerely doubt it.
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