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Man takes on mob

Author: ( from United States
11 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not too bad not too good. Bo Svenson is cool but the "action" is pretty cheesy and the bad guys are sappy. I don't know whether a lot of what I found to be humorous about the movie was meant to be funny... but what the heck. Svenson's character outsmarts his pursuers with a number of neat tricks, like pretending his finger is a gun even though he is carrying a gun. I love the fact that Svenson pushes a house over a cliff and the house explodes when it hits the ground... great stuff. There is also a nice Malatov cocktail incident that results is a gratuitous flaming man stunt and one of the weakest car chases ever. I recommend this movie if you are a fan of 70's action and are in the mood for a good laugh.

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1976 Classic with Svenson carring a big stick again.

Author: William ( from Seattle, Washington
19 September 1999

Bo Svenson witness a beating, which turned into a murder and now he is in the witness protection program headed by Robert Culp. He was "tricked" into testify against John Colicos's oganization, which backfires when the system fails and now Colicos wants Svenson dead. Good action at times, sloppy editing (one scene we have Svenson leaving, then quickly cuts to a middle of a car chase), cheap but a early (for its time) electronic syntherizer music, and the film has that slow Canadian 70's film feel to it that sort of put you to sleep. Supporting cast like Stephen Young or even Culp has little to do, and minus one sort of rape scene with nudity, and some foul language, the film is easy to cut for T.V, as the violence is rather mild. This movie actually opened wide for 20th century fox, but is not on video (except Canada), but seems to be a cable classic recently. Being a Svenson fan, it's great to see the film again, but something tells me the film was originally longer. I think its Svensons BEST non "Walking Tall" film, and Svenson does pick up a Bufford Pusser 2x4 wood as he hits one of the bad guy behind the tent in the last 10 minutes. Recommened to 70's action fans. And for a panavision film, the director didnt utilize the format well, as practically every shot is kept in the middle, as to not lose any image when viewed on TV!!

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Points that break

Author: znowhite01 from San Ho
31 May 2007

Breaking Point: Bob Clark's lost vigilante epic finally gets a shameful full frame release from the ornery bastards at Fox, most likely in an attempt to cash in on the man's fatal car wreck. Bo Svenson, a full and lanky vertical 7'8", is taking his stepson home from an intense sports game when he sees two gangsters beating a poor man right outside his home. He interferes like a true neighbor would, bludgeoning the attackers with his gargantuan fists. Predictably, after the Bo's testimony, the mob sends out torpedoes to rub him out in some truly baffling hit-man reasoning and logic like throwing a Molotov cocktail at a man standing right next to a river. There's nothing here that distinguishes itself from any other Death Wish clone or Walking Tall entry, with minuscule action scenes peppered throughout the final third. If you're lucky enough to stay awake that long, you'll be treated to a magnum facial, a 2x4 used as a spear and Svenson flipping a house over a cliff. Robert Culp plays a weary police officer that's half Boggs and half, well, nothing. Love the music credit which actually lists a computer for the synthetic score!

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At his breaking point, Bo Svenson pushes John Colicos to the limit

Author: msroz from United States
15 May 2016

The IMDb rating of 5.5 is about right for "Breaking Point" (1976), indicating a watchable film that's somewhat below par because it has some flaws. I round it to 6 in this case. I enjoy seeing Bo Svenson go "off" and take matters into his own ex-Marine hands after his sister's boy friend is murdered on the orders of mob figure John Colicos. Colicos is a Philadelphia businessman, a builder and developer, who is connected. He's told to lay off Bo who has been a witness against two of his men who were convicted, but he doesn't want to lose face and he refuses. He has his men hunt down Bo and his family after they've been relocated to Toronto. Quite coolly, Bo turns the tables and systematically begins a program of divide and conquer.

This picture is a 70s style noir, the basic plot being a family in distress and revenge. Robert Culp is a more or less helpless cop; his role is pretty thin and thankless. The action scenes have some hitches in places. I didn't think the movie dragged. It built up to the inevitable fighting back efforts of Svenson quite nicely. I'm not as down on the movie as most of the external critics and user reviews here. I see these 70s movies as making a transition to the even more graphic and dark movies in subsequent decades. This is seen here in some brief use of four-letter words, a brutal killing or two, a fiery attempted murder, and brief nudity. It's seen here in the idea of the uselessness of the police, the same idea as in "Death Wish", but the plot here is very different. Svenson makes a good masculine screen hero. This is the kind of film where you root for the good guys to deal with the bad guys. Colicos can project evil.

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Completely average

Author: Oslo Jargo (Bartok Kinski) ( from FINLAND
3 December 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Completely average vigilante flick, following loosely in the footsteps of Death Wish (1974). The only negligible action takes place near the end, by that time, we don't care.

Has reliable actors in it such as Robert Culp (The Outer Limits (1963–1965), the classic "Demon with a Glass Hand", The Greatest American Hero) as Frank Sirrianni, John Colicos (he played the Klingon Commander Kor in Star Trek episode "Errand of Mercy" (1967), Battlestar Galactica) as Vincent Karbone, Belinda J. Montgomery (Doogie Howser, M.D.) and Bo Svenson (Walking Tall, Part 2, The Inglorious Bastards).

Also recommended: Vigilante (1983) Death Wish II (1982) Rolling Thunder (1977)

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The Breaking Point is your patience

Author: vandino1 from United States
11 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a glum little on-the-run-from-the-mob story not worth your time. It's filmed in Canada and is no advertisement for our northern neighbor. Grimy locations and grainy photography makes this film hard to watch, and the writing leaves us nobody to care about. Sure, it's always a pleasure to see the hero (Svenson) get pushed to the wall by the cocky bad guys and then take their arrogance and stuff it back in their faces. But what took Svenson so long, and why is it so darn easy when he does? The mafioso, lead by Colicos, act like idiots (even scared off by Svenson pointing his finger at them like it's a gun!) Then there is the obligatory car tumble leading to an explosion... followed later by the topper: A house tumbling over and exploding! Not sure what would make the small home/office burst into flames but it provides the last moment of the film, our hero Bo sitting atop his convenient bulldozer in glum triumph. Of course it's hard to tell what you're seeing since this film looks like it was filmed through the moist gauze of someone's armpit sweat. And the soundtrack is just as oft-putting, consisting of that dreadful 70's horror movie-like synthesizer drivel. But Svenson at least tries, and at his size he can't help but fill the screen (and makes sure to wear tight jeans---a common sight for our male heroes back in the mid-seventies). Bob Clark went on to do 'Porky's' and 'A Christmas Story' but there's no humor to be found here.

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