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Season 1

21 Sep. 1976
Chapter I
1968, U.S. Senator Rudy Jordache is disillusioned about politics and concerned about his stepson Billy Abbott, and Wesley Jordache, the son of his murdered brother Tom.
28 Sep. 1976
Chapter II
Rudy travels to war-torn Vietnam to investigate Calderwood's missing electronics shipments, learning that a company called Tricorp has sabotaged deliveries. Here he runs into Julie, and the two relive happier days--but are interrupted by a horrible accident.
5 Oct. 1976
Chapter III
Billy moves in with Wes and Rudy in Whitby, and Wes begins work at Rudy's new electronics plant, where he meets the union leader's daughter Ramona Scott. Billy lands a job at Greenway Records, and Roy appears with news of Falconetti.
19 Oct. 1976
Chapter IV
Released from prison, Falconetti wants revenge and spends time in Rudy's apartment while he's out of town. Billy invites Wesley and Ramona to New York to a recording session and shows them the town. Rudy notices his apartment's been disturbed.
26 Oct. 1976
Chapter V
A suspicious strike at Rudy's electronics plant causes tension between Wes and Ramona, while in New York City Billy discovers singer Annie Adams. Hungry for revenge, Falconetti sets out for Whitby.
9 Nov. 1976
Chapter VI
Billy realizes that something has come between Wesley and Ramona, she tells him it's that they are on different sides in the strike. Rudy and Billy have a heart-to-heart, Rudy tells him that you pay a price for trying to do without people. He says that's what happened between Rudy and Tom as well as between Rudy and Julie. You end up all alone, he says, "where I am now". The national union takes over the strike and when Rudy and his lawyer drive up, they begin to jostle the car, throw rocks, breaking the windshield and whipping chains onto the car. Wesley jumps onto ...
16 Nov. 1976
Chapter VII
Scotty admits the strike was orchestrated by national, while Charles worries that Rudy is dangerously close to a secret that could destroy his wife Claire. When Wes and Rudy leave the hospital, Falconetti is waiting.
23 Nov. 1976
Chapter VIII
After their windshield is shot from an overpass, Wesley tells the police that he believes the shooter to be Falconetti. Billy works up the courage to ask Rudy for $50,000 demanded by the record company for his singer. Billy is going to demand part ownership. Rudy tells him he doesn't have that kind of cash, but can get it if he sells some stock. If the company passes financial inspection, he will give Billy a check on Monday. Billy has decided to learn to need people. Sarah Hunt gives information to Rudy on payoffs from Charles Estep and will give the rest when she ...
30 Nov. 1976
Chapter IX
Still in New Orleans, Rudy learns that Sarah has vanished with Charles' assistant Raymond--and is soon after found dead. Billy takes Ramona out for a wild night, and Scotty disappears.
7 Dec. 1976
Chapter X
In Dallas, Charles worries about Albert Dietrich--Claire's real father--and locates Rudy's weak spot. Up at Whitby, Wes learns about Billy and Ramona and a bitter fight ensues.
21 Dec. 1976
Chapter XI
Charles Estep is aware that Falconetti tried to kill Rudy; he sends one of his men to bail him out so they can get the story of why. Maggie discovers that Falconetti has been bailed out and by whom, but doesn't know why yet. Rudy discovers Wesley and Diane in bed together, right after Diane advises Wesley to go to Ramona and tell her that he loves her. Wesley stops in front of Ramona's house and continues past.
28 Dec. 1976
Chapter XII
Wesley goes down to the Port Authority to find Roy and ask for a job. Rudy receives a phone call from an unknown person offering information on the death of Sarah Hunt. Falconetti is watching Roy and Wesley. The mysterious caller was Charles Estep's CFO.
4 Jan. 1977
Chapter XIII
Rudy continues his efforts to send Estep to prison.
11 Jan. 1977
Chapter XIV
Billy, working for Estep in Las Vegas, follows Falconetti. Back in Washington, the Senate decides to go forward on hearings investigating Estep.
18 Jan. 1977
Chapter XV
The Senate opens hearings investigating Estep.
1 Feb. 1977
Chapter XVI
The Senate hearings collapse; Rudy goes to Aspen. Falconetti goes to work for Estep, target: Rudy Jordache.
8 Feb. 1977
Chapter XVII
Rudy is faced with charges of falsifying evidence connected to the Senate hearings into Estep's businesses.
15 Feb. 1977
Chapter XVIII
Censure hearings open against Rudy.
22 Feb. 1977
Chapter XIX
Wesley finds out Falconetti's motel room number, but finds curtains blowing in the breeze when he enters. Billy leaves his star in Las Vegas with Estep. Falconetti comes to Wesley. Wesley makes an impulsive decision.
1 Mar. 1977
Chapter XX
The drama builds as Billy manages to sneak into Estep's files and Mrs. Estep remains hidden away.
8 Mar. 1977
Chapter XXI
In the series finale, Rudy and Falconetti have a fateful confrontation.

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