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7 Jan. 1981
By Their Faith
Quincy and Sam travel to a small village in Central America to help identify the remains of a religious icon.
14 Jan. 1981
Stain of Guilt
While working as a technical advisor on a reality movie, Quincy uncovers that the murder being filmed was unjustly prosecuted.
21 Jan. 1981
Dear Mummy
Quincy stumbles upon a plot devised by a group of nazi war criminals to use an Egyptian mummy to smuggle rare gems from Cairo to Los Angeles.
4 Feb. 1981
When the body of an airline stewardess is found with her stomach cut open, Quincy's investigation runs into interference from Internal Affairs, who is certain that a well respected police officer is involved in the drug smuggling operation.
11 Feb. 1981
Scream to the Skies
An Airliner crash in Santa Monica Bay springs Quincy into action fighting for airline passenger safety.
28 Jan. 1981
Jury Duty
While serving on a jury Quincy finds flaws in the prosecution's case.
25 Feb. 1981
Who Speaks for the Children
When the body of a missing young girl shows up in a dumpster, Quincy's investigation takes him into the world of child molestation and pornography. Can he save the girl's sister before an insidious predator claims another victim?
4 Mar. 1981
Seldom Silent, Never Heard
A tragic death of a teenager sets Quincy into action fighting for orphan drug development.
11 Mar. 1981
Of All Sad Words
Quincy gets involved with a woman whose husband may have been killed by her as a tenacious insurance investigator pursues her.
18 Mar. 1981
To Kill in Plain Sight
An assassin killed before the hit has Quincy rushing to expose who the target is before it's too late.
1 Apr. 1981
Sugar and Spice
Quincy investigates the death of a model.
6 May 1981
Vigil of Fear
A vigilante group gets in a shoot-out with a killer resulting in the death of an innocent bystander and Quincy uses all of the coroner's office resources to find out what exactly happened and who was responsible.
28 Oct. 1981
Memories of Allison
At a job fair, Quincy sees a woman in terror fall down an escalator. At the hospital, she cannot remember her name or her past. Quincy is determined to figure out who she is, but he's running out of time. Someone wants this woman dead.
4 Nov. 1981
The Golden Hour
When a young girl dies in a car crash, Quincy's investigation leads him to some disquieting numbers about emergency room care and the need for trauma centers to handle the critically injured.
11 Nov. 1981
Slow Boat to Madness: Part 1
While on a cruise in Tahiti, Quincy steps in and helps the crew when a mysterious illness affects the passengers on the ship.
18 Nov. 1981
Slow Boat to Madness: Part 2
While on a cruise in Tahiti, Quincy steps in and helps the crew when a mysterious illness affects the passengers on the ship.
2 Dec. 1981
Quincy gets involved in an anti drunk driving campaign after a tough case involving a pedestrian being killed by a prominent lawyer-with a surprising twist.
9 Dec. 1981
For Want of a Horse
Quincy investigates the death of a ranch owner while Dr. Astin and his wife struggle with their foster child.
16 Dec. 1981
Gentle Into That Good Night
Quincy helps a cancer patient who is dying.
23 Dec. 1981
Dead Stop
Quincy gets involved in the world of truckers and illegal toxic dumping when a driver with lung damage ends up in his morgue following an accident.

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