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24 Jan. 1980
Honor Thy Elders
When an old man commits suicide in a hospital, Quincy discovers the tragedy of parental abuse, and gets involved in a senior citizens center.
17 Jan. 1980
Diplomatic Immunity
Quincy foils the plans of an assassin who is determined to kill an ill Latin American dictator visiting the United States for medical treatment.
31 Jan. 1980
Quincy and Sam go to a prison to investigate the death of an inmate who had a reputation for being somewhat of an activist and the main suspect is a guard who is noted for his brutality. However, while they are conducting the investigation, the inmates decide to stage a revolt to protest conditions in the prison and Sam is taken hostage. Now its a race against time not only to find out the exact cause of the the inmate's death, but to save Sam's life.
7 Feb. 1980
An autopsy will lead Quincy to an emergency room where an inexperienced doctor is ending lives rather than saving them.
14 Feb. 1980
Unhappy Hour
A teenager is killed during an auto accident.
21 Feb. 1980
The Winning Edge
Star gymnast Sally collapses during practice and dies. Quincy suspects that high school coach Virginia Hart is providing the team with performance-enhancing drugs to give them a competitive edge as they head into a national competition.
28 Feb. 1980
New Blood
Quincy is upset when Asten makes him go on vacation and calls in a pretty young pathologist to perform the autopsy on a city councilman who was found dead at the base of a stairwell.
13 Mar. 1980
An incompetent surgeon performing operations in his ill-equipped office causes the deaths of a boxer and a chef.
20 Mar. 1980
The Final Gift
An old friend of Quincy's is dead following a plane crash.
27 Mar. 1980
Deadly Arena
When three people wind up dead as a result of botulism poisoning, Quincy, along with Dr. Janet Carlyle of the health department, try to find out the link. They later find out that all three people were at a huge outdoor stadium and figure out that that was the common denominator. However, the stadium's manager is reluctant to allow them to search for the source of the bacteria, especially due to the fact that the stadium will be hosting the World Cup soccer final. Things really become urgent when a little girl comes down with the same symptoms. Now it is a race ...
30 Apr. 1980
No Way to Treat a Patient
A gunshot victim's death may have been caused by a doctor's incompetence... or it may have been the work of a professional killer.
16 Sep. 1980
Last Rights
Quincy helps an out of town medical examiner deal with a pair of political scandals involving the death of children of influential persons by tainted drugs and the unsafe condition at a mill which is the main economic force in the town.
12 Nov. 1980
A Matter of Principle
When an ex-convict is arrested for a series of rapes, Sam uses a new lab technique for bite marks (forensic dentistry or odontology) that he's developed which casts reasonable doubt on the defendant's guilt. After his technique gets that man acquitted and released, an identical fatal rape in the same neighborhood occurs causing others, including Sam himself, to blame him for the later crime. But Sam keeps investigating, just like Quincy always does.
19 Nov. 1980
Last Day, First Day
A lawyer, who also was a small time coke dealer, is murdered by a group of crooks who inject him with a lethal dose of cocaine. The killers then try to make it look like an accident by putting him in his car and having it drive off the road and explode. However, the plan goes awry when the victim is thrown from the car before it explodes. The killers then blackmail the son of one of Quincy's colleagues to try to get him to get his father to fix the autopsy so that there is no trace of cocaine in his system. When Quincy finds out what happens he tries not only to save ...
26 Nov. 1980
The Night Killer
A mistake at the coroners office concerning a crib death affects not only Quincy and the staff but the parents also.
3 Dec. 1980
The Hope of Elkwood
A track coach comes under fire when his star athlete dies after a grueling, training session. Quincy must determine if the death was from natural causes, or negligent homicide.
17 Dec. 1980
Welcome to Paradise Palms
When Bubonic Plague strikes a Native American reservation, Quincy must find the source of the outbreak before the opening of a prestigious new golf course puts more lives in jeopardy.

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