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Season 5

20 Sep. 1979
No Way to Treat a Flower
A teenage girl dies from a disease that mainly affects the elderly. A few hours later, her boyfriend dies of the same symptoms. Quincy later traces it to a the marijuana they smoked, which was treated with a poisonous fertilizer. Quincy then decides to go after the magazine that advertised it in order to try to keep more kids from dying from the tainted weed. He also must find out where the kids got the weed from.
27 Sep. 1979
Dead Last
During a day at the track, Quincy and Danny overhear an argument between two jockeys. Later, one of those jockeys is apparently killed by a dis-tempered horse. Foul play and fraud are suspected following a pair of autopsies... including that of a horse!
4 Oct. 1979
By the Death of a Child
A small turbulent South American island republic has babies dying.
11 Oct. 1979
Never a Child
The death of a teenage girl will draw Quincy into the world of teenage prostitution and child pornography.
18 Oct. 1979
Hot Ice
While performing an autopsy on a man who was hit by a bus, Quincy and Sam find what looks like a pacemaker inside of him. However, when they remove the object they find out that it actually was a container for diamonds that he was smuggling into the country. Quincy is then "drafted" by a pair of government agents to act as a replacement courier to try to catch the mob boss who was to receive the gems. However, Quincy soon becomes a target of a hit man who poisons him and now its a race against time to find the hit man and get an antidote to save Quincy.
25 Oct. 1979
Sweet Land of Liberty
Steve Yomashira, an old friend of Sam's, goes crazy one night and kills a young police officer with the officer's gun. It turns out that its the latest in a series of near psychotic episodes that Steve was suffering following an incident in Germany while he was serving in the army. Steve then commits suicide and Sam decides to dig deeper and he eventually finds out that Steve was suspected of being a spy for the Soviets and he was given an LSD laced truth serum. Now Sam and Quincy must try to prove that the army was responsible for what happened to him and reverse the...
1 Nov. 1979
Mode of Death
A televangelist whose church is being investigated by federal authorities is found dead in a seedy motel room having died of combining painkillers and alcohol. But the painkillers were prescribed, and the bottle wasn't empty, and the amount of both taken was barely enough to kill him. So was he trying go commit suicide, or was it an accident? Quincy decides to organize a psychological autopsy to find out.
8 Nov. 1979
Nowhere to Run
After a pregnant young woman falls off a cliff during a struggle with her boyfriend, the young man is suspected of killing her; however, Quincy suspects that the girl may have committed suicide, and that her respectable family harbors a shocking secret.
15 Nov. 1979
The Money Plague
While walking through a forest, a forest ranger finds a stack of money believed to be the payoff for a hijacker who used a vial of anthrax to hijack a plane. He also finds the hijacker's skeleton in a tree. Unfortunately, he accidentally steps on the vial containing the spores. Quincy and Sam go to the town where the body was brought in to properly identify the remains. However, when the ranger dies from the disease and it now becomes a race against time to find the infected money before a major epidemic breaks out.
22 Nov. 1979
For the Benefit of My Patients
After two patients with low income die unnecessarily, Quincy is driven to change the policy of a private hospital that does not treat patients who cannot pay for the services provided.
29 Nov. 1979
Murder by S.O.P.
While driving to a forensic pathologists convention, Quincy nearly falls asleep at the wheel and is stopped by the sheriff of a local town and is taken to the local jail where he sleeps it off. However, while he is there a fire breaks out in the jail and four of the inmates are killed as a result. Quince volunteers to perform the autopsy and finds out that one of the inmates, who was in jail for embezzling town funds, was actually stabbed to death. At first it looks as if the owner of the local diner was responsible, but it was later revealed that he had an airtight ...
24 Jan. 1980
Honor Thy Elders
When an old man commits suicide in a hospital, Quincy discovers the tragedy of parental abuse, and gets involved in a senior citizens center.
17 Jan. 1980
Diplomatic Immunity
Quincy foils the plans of an assassin who is determined to kill an ill Latin American dictator visiting the United States for medical treatment.
31 Jan. 1980
Quincy and Sam go to a prison to investigate the death of an inmate who had a reputation for being somewhat of an activist and the main suspect is a guard who is noted for his brutality. However, while they are conducting the investigation, the inmates decide to stage a revolt to protest conditions in the prison and Sam is taken hostage. Now its a race against time not only to find out the exact cause of the the inmate's death, but to save Sam's life.
7 Feb. 1980
An autopsy will lead Quincy to an emergency room where an inexperienced doctor is ending lives rather than saving them.
14 Feb. 1980
Unhappy Hour
A teenager is killed during an auto accident.
21 Feb. 1980
The Winning Edge
Star gymnast Sally collapses during practice and dies. Quincy suspects that high school coach Virginia Hart is providing the team with performance-enhancing drugs to give them a competitive edge as they head into a national competition.
28 Feb. 1980
New Blood
Quincy is forced to go vacation by Asten and is replaced by a pretty young pathologist named Jerri McCraken. However, as this is going on city councilman Larry Bridges is found dead in the stairwell of the apartment building where his secretary, with whom he was having an affair lives, from an alleged heart attack. Quincy tries to help with the investigation, but is rebuffed by McCracken. However, when several inconsistencies are discovered she later changes her mind and goes to Quincy for help. During the course of the investigation they later discover that Bridges ...
13 Mar. 1980
An incompetent surgeon performing operations in his ill-equipped office causes the deaths of a boxer and a chef.
20 Mar. 1980
The Final Gift
An old friend of Quincy's is dead following a plane crash.
27 Mar. 1980
Deadly Arena
When three people wind up dead as a result of botulism poisoning, Quincy, along with Dr. Janet Carlyle of the health department, try to find out the link. They later find out that all three people were at a huge outdoor stadium and figure out that that was the common denominator. However, the stadium's manager is reluctant to allow them to search for the source of the bacteria, especially due to the fact that the stadium will be hosting the World Cup soccer final. Things really become urgent when a little girl comes down with the same symptoms. Now it is a race ...
30 Apr. 1980
No Way to Treat a Patient
A gunshot victim's death may have been caused by a doctor's incompetence... or it may have been the work of a professional killer.

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