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Season 4

21 Sep. 1978
The Last Six Hours
Quincy and his girlfriend Barbara are driving up the coast on vacation when they are nearly run off the road by a young woman who is driving very erratically. She drives off the road and when Quince arrives at the wreck he discovers that she is dead. When Quincy performs the autopsy on her, he discovers that she died as a result of internal bleeding despite the fact that the wreck wasn't that serious. The next day, a police officer, who was inspecting the car, dies of apparently the same thing the woman did. However, things really become personal for Quincy when Sam ...
12 Oct. 1978
Speed Trap
A race car driver is killed in a fiery crash. However, Quincy suspects foul play, especially when he finds amphetamines in the driver's system. He then tries to prove that it was murder while at the same time dealing with a nosy insurance investigator whose company had a major policy on the driver.
19 Oct. 1978
A Test for Living
A young boy who has run away from a home for mentally handicapped children is found dead. When Quincy performs the autopsy, however, he can find no medical reason for the boy being labeled mentally handicapped. He consults with an expert who suggests the boy may have been autistic instead. Quincy learns of another boy who is about to be committed to the same institution who may also be autistic, and fights to have him properly diagnosed before time runs out to get him into a proper school instead.
26 Oct. 1978
Death by Good Intentions
When a patient at a hospital dies unexpectedly, the (black) doctor who was taking care of him is being questioned as to if he gave the patient the proper care. And also it seems that the doctor got his job cause of an affirmative action program, and if he did do something wrong, the whole program is in jeopardy. The man who spearheaded the program who is a friend of Quincy's offers to take the fall but it will cost him his job. So Quincy tries to prove the doctor didn't do anything wrong.
2 Nov. 1978
The world's most successful female television journalist appears to have been killed in a motel fire. But when the woman walks into the press conference where Quincy is announcing the cause of her death, people begin to question Quincy's competence. He has dental and x-ray evidence that support his findings, but when he starts hounding the journalist, trying to figure out who she really is, his career is in jeopardy.
9 Nov. 1978
Even Odds
Quincy is called in to investigate the shooting of a bar owner in an apparent robbery attempt. During the investigation, the suspect panics and grabs the gun he used in the course of the robbery and starts shooting. During the shooting, Quincy is shot and is in grave condition. Monahan, Sam and Astin try to piece together what happened and using their memories of past cases that Quince worked on they try to figure out if he was shot by accident or maybe that his shooting was deliberate.
16 Nov. 1978
Dead and Alive
After a courier van crashes into a gas station, Quincy declares that the driver died. But when the victim's sister starts getting odd calls that sound like they're coming from the dead man, Quincy decides that the driver was blown clear of the crash and is now wandering around somewhere, injured and disoriented. The courier company owner and the "dead" man's mother, however, support the initial determination. They want further investigation shut down, and it's up to Quincy to find out why, and more importantly, to find the driver before he dies for real.
30 Nov. 1978
No Way to Treat a Body
Quincy helps his girlfriend move into a very odd rooming house. On her first night, however, she discovers two bodies mummified and hidden in the attic. Soon two more bodies are discovered, which confuses the person who put three of them there. Quincy determines that the fourth body is a murder victim, but who was the murderer and how the person died isn't clear yet.
7 Dec. 1978
A Night to Raise the Dead
During a severe rainstorm, a mudslide washes several caskets from an old and supposedly abandoned cemetery. At first things look routine as Quincy tries to identify the bodies. However, he discovers a recently deceased man among the corpses and even worse the body shows signs of typhoid. Unfortunately, when Quincy tries to see if anymore bodies are buried up there his efforts are blocked by a senatorial candidate who had a stake in the cemetery. Now Quince must try to cut through the red tape to not only find any more bodies, but to try to prevent a full scale ...
4 Jan. 1979
A Question of Death
The M.E.'s office is helping a hospital with their organ donation program. Quincy goes there to help declare a young man dead and he was told that his kidney would go to a man whose constantly having dialysis. Quincy and the doctor talk to the boy's parents and convince them to donate his organs for transplant. Later a lawyer upon learning of this sues the hospital for coercing the parents for gain. Quincy's in awe cause the man he was told who would receive the organ is not a man of means. He learns that the hospital director overruled the doctor and had the organ ...
11 Jan. 1979
House of No Return
Quincy autopsies a patient who died at a hospital which houses convicts considered mentally unfit for a regular jail. Shortly afterwards, the patient's mother contacts Quincy, alleging that her son was killed after being forced to participate in a human cockfight. But can he prove her story true before more inmates end up on his autopsy table?
18 Jan. 1979
A Small Circle of Friends
While performing an autopsy on a football player who died from an aneurysm, Quincy notices that he also had an especially drug resistant strain of gonorrhea. Quince and Sam are then loaned out to the health department to try to find any women he may have been involved with before a full scale epidemic breaks out. Also, Quince looks into the murder of a prostitute who also was infected with the virus.
25 Jan. 1979
The Depth of Beauty
Quincy investigates the suicide of a woman who was horribly disfigured after undergoing a face peel that was performed by an incompetent plastic surgeon. He then goes on a crusade to see that his operation is shut down and he is aided by a former motion picture beauty who was victimized by the same doctor.
1 Feb. 1979
Walk Softly Through the Night: Part 1
The son of a friend of Quincy's dies of a seizure due to a massive drug overdose. Quincy and the boy's father are determined to find out who prescribed the drugs and why the boy was unable to get help.
1 Feb. 1979
Walk Softly Through the Night: Part 2
The doctor who prescribed excessive drugs to many overdose victims is found murdered, and police arrest the young medical student who was trying to break the addicts by slowly reducing their daily amounts. Quincy doesn't believe the young man is guilty, though his friend Brock Campbell, whose son died due to an overdose from the doctor's prescription, remains under suspicion as well.
7 Feb. 1979
After a jet liner crashes just outside of Los Angeles, Quincy is called in to help identify the victims as well as to help find out the cause of the crash. However, he is soon trying to solve two other mysteries as well. One involves trying to positively identify a man who was traveling under an assumed name with a woman he was having an affair with. The other involves three chemical engineers who all suffered from lung cancer, which might have been caused by a project they were working on.
15 Feb. 1979
Dark Angel
Officer Tommy Bates, a close friend of Monahan's, is accused of killing a young car thief who goes berserk after crashing into Bate's police car. Although the signs point to the young man being under the influence of PCP, there is no trace of it in his blood. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worst when Monahan is suspended for roughing up the young man's accomplice prompting a lawsuit by lawyer Charlie Trusdale, the head of a civil rights organization. However, Quincy finds out that the young man was a chronic user of the drug and thinks that he was ...
22 Feb. 1979
Physician, Heal Thyself
A teenage girl dies after an abortion, and Quincy learns from her boyfriend that the doctor who performed on her may have been drunk. Quincy finds it hard to hold him accountable when everyone around him so willing to cover up for him.
1 Mar. 1979
Promises to Keep
Quincy considers a marriage proposal from his girlfriend Lynne while working on a case. This then causes him to reminisce about his first marriage to his wife Helen. He also thinks about how his career caused him to neglect her, she developed a malignant brain tumor, and how her death influenced his decision to become a forensic pathologist.
15 Mar. 1979
A Marine recruit's death may have been the result of a drill sergeant's vendetta.
22 Mar. 1979
An Ounce of Prevention
Quincy discovers a construction worker died due to pollution in the ground under his home a classic crusading Quincy episode
24 Mar. 1979
The Death Challenge
A retired magician's assistant dies performing his mentor's best illusion.
12 Apr. 1979
The Eye of the Needle
A woman dies because of her ulcer. It was discovered that she was seeing a doctor who practices alternative medicine. The doctor claims that she's aware of her ulcer and wouldn't have allowed it to get as bad as did. But the woman's husband is suing her for malpractice. And she is facing the possibility of losing her license so Quincy tries to prove her innocence.

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