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Season 2

4 Feb. 1977
Snake Eyes
While attending a forensic pathologist convention in Tahoe, Quincy is called on to help when hotel guests and staff are stricken with a mysterious illness.
4 Feb. 1977
Snake Eyes: Part 2
Quincy tries to contain panicked guests in an effort to keep a mysterious illness from spreading outside of the hotel.
11 Feb. 1977
...The Thigh Bone's Connected to the Knee Bone...
In the last of the 90-minute Sunday Mystery Movie episodes (this was aired in the Friday time slot), a crook frantically steals the bones of a long-dead football player from a construction site. But he misses a femur, and it was hit by a pistol slug. The next day, the thigh bone is discovered and turned over to Quincy and a group of medical students. Quincy uses analysis to get a complete portrait of the victim.
18 Feb. 1977
Visitors in Paradise
Quincy and Danny plan a simple fishing vacation in the town of Paradise. Then a case of mistaken identity drags Quincy into a closed murder case. The more Quincy digs, the more he realizes the case should never have been closed the way it was - and the more determined someone becomes to discourage the investigation. A new test that permits Quincy to tell the difference between male and female blood will confirm or deny the suspect's story, and maybe expose something worse...
25 Feb. 1977
The Two Sides of Truth
Quincy is delighted to be reunited with his former mentor, Dr. Herbert Stone, until they butt heads over Stone's contradictory findings and potentially perjurious courtroom testimony.
11 Mar. 1977
Hit and Run at Danny's
Quincy helps a football player struck by a car in Danny's parking lot. Later, the car is pulled from the water and there is just one body inside - a young woman who is friends with Quincy's girlfriend and whom police assume caused the accident. That's big trouble for Danny, because if he served her last, he may be liable for the accident. At autopsy, Quincy discovers evidence of extensive plastic surgery, and his investigators hit walls trying to identify the young woman's next of kin. Discovering her identity may be the key to saving Danny's restaurant, but there are...
18 Mar. 1977
Has Anybody Here Seen Quincy?
Quincy disappears at the worst time: a "corpse" delivered to the morgue isn't as dead as the hospital believes. Monahan needs help with a diamond smuggling case, and a young boy with symptoms that defy diagnosis arrives at the hospital. Fortunately, Dr. Hiro - Quincy's boss' boss - fills in...
15 Apr. 1977
A Good Smack in the Mouth
Asten's wife picks up a 9-year-old boy out hitchhiking and both are in a car accident. Quincy finds out that the bruises on the boy's body are too old to be from the crash and is determined to prove that his parents are beating him, and to get them help before Joey becomes one of his patients.
22 Apr. 1977
The Hot Dog Murder
A medical student asks Quincy to look into the cause of death of a body that was donated to his university. After discovering that the deceased was a key witness in the trial of a corrupt businessman, Quincy believes it's a case of murder.
29 Apr. 1977
An Unfriendly Radiance
Sam calls Quincy at Danny's with a strange case: an accident victim with very unusual blood test results. The man died from an small gash on his forehead, because his blood could not clot. Monohan arrests the driver, who was discovered with a small amount of cocaine that he claims belonged to the passenger. To clear the driver's name, Quincy and Sam must discover exactly how the dead man received a lethal dose of radiation. He works at a nuclear power plant, but the type of radioactive material there could not have caused his death. So where was he exposed? And why?
6 May 1977
Sullied Be Thy Name
A hooker tells authorities that a priest with a high profile anti-pornography campaign had paid for her services, had a heart attack and died with her.
13 May 1977
Valleyview, a convalescent and nursing care home, has an excellent reputation. Then Howard Phillips dies of a blood clot - a heart attack - and his nephew drops $362 on Quincy's desk. That is the county's fee for an autopsy, which is the young man's right, so Quincy performs the examination - and discovers the elder Phillips' heart was in fine shape, with no evidence of a clot. A second patient succumbs to the same mysterious disorder, and shortly after that staff nurse Grayson. All come to Quincy's table; none reveals the secret. Asten pressures Quincy to step ...
27 May 1977
Let Me Light the Way
A rapist is terrorizing Los Angeles. After one attack, a nurse who worked at a local hospital dies as a result of shock. The prime suspect is a mechanic who has eluded capture. Even though Quincy and the police pretty much know who it is they can't arrest him due to lack of evidence. Things become personal when he attacks a rape counselor who Quincy has become friendly with.

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