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6 Jan. 1974
Over the Horizon
James and Captain Baines travel to Africa to bring home wealthy young socialite William Blanshard, who has a collection of native memorabilia, as well as an African consort, Alice. Captain Baines attempts to travel up river to see if trading posts could be established but finds a huge water-fall blocking any chance of the enterprise. He contracts sleeping-sickness but is nursed back to health by Alice. Back in Liverpool Leonora learns that Caroline rejected James' marriage proposal.
13 Jan. 1974
The Silver Caddy
Anxious to gain a contract with wealthy Zebediah Pringlehoffer, James travels to Foochow to bring home a cargo of tea. Leonora accompanies him and continues to rise in his estimation as she copes with an injury on board. James plans to bring his cargo round the Cape of Good Hope but ultimately loses the contract to Fogarty, who has vied with him in bringing home a tea cargo but used the overland railway to save time. Robert becomes a member of parliament and moves ,with Sarah, to London.
20 Jan. 1974
Port Out, Starboard Home
James goes to stay in London with Robert, who suggests he consider the Honorable Hugh Kernan's proposal to build the British-Mexican Railway. Captain Baines returns as a passenger from America, along with a Mr. Wallace, who has been investigating the railway as a possible investment for the Rothschild family. The ship sinks and Mr. Wallace dies. Baines survives but discovers in the dead man's belongings that Kernan's proposal is not viable, as the terrain is unsuitable for a railway. Back in London, Kernan has been seeing Leonora. It is presumed she was with him when ...
27 Jan. 1974
The Passenger
Caroline and James are returning from Baltimore, where she has been sorting out her husband's affairs. There is a new crew, hastily gathered by the shifty Bartholomew and a passenger called Draygon, escorting a thousand dollars' worth of gold bullion. On the voyage, Draygon leads the crew in a mutiny in order to gain possession of the bullion but they are thwarted by Onedin and Captain Baines. Elizabeth is in possession of a patent for hydraulic steering aboard steam-ships left her by Albert; Fogarty, now alone, is emigrating to Australia and asks her to accompany him...

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