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21 Oct. 1973
The Ship Devils
Widowed James busies himself with work. On his new steamship the 'Anne Onedin' the passengers number coal merchant Biddulph, who arranges a shipping contract with James, and his daughter Leonora. The Callons have difficulty managing their line and sell Jack Frazer, father of Albert who is now working in Argentina, the bulk of the company whilst Daniel returns to sea. His first ship sinks due to shoddy workmanship - the rivets used to hold the boat together are inferior, or sea devils. Initially Onedin is blamed but Captain Baines discovers that the fault lay with the ...
28 Oct. 1973
The Stranger
Onedin's contract with Biddulph is jeopardised when the coal miners go on strike. Onedin eventually breaks the strike by getting some of the miners drunk, then signing them up as sailors and having them arrested if they refuse shipboard duties. Samuel Plimsoll is horrified. James Onedin also picks up a lone woman in a boat off the South American coast. Initially amnesiac she proves to be Jack Frazer's niece, Caroline Maudslay, sole survivor of an attack attack by natives on her husband's engineering expedition.
4 Nov. 1973
Echoes from Afar
Both shipping companies are anxious to open up trade in Brazil and James learns from Caroline that her uncle has sold the 'Anne Onedin', renamed the 'Scotch Lass', to a navigation company with a view to Daniel taking it up the Amazon. Senor Braganza is anxious for his son, Jose, to become his business representative in England but the young man is only interested in tropical biology. Captain Baines goes to Portugal and drugs the lad with a view to bringing him to England but ultimately James takes him to South America, where he can study the flora and fauna.
11 Nov. 1973
Amazon Cargo
Accompanied by Portuguese speaking Caroline and the Braganzas Onedin, Frazer, Baines and Fogarty take four ships up the Amazon with a view to establishing a coal trade with the Brazilian railways. Fogarty's men are spooked when they are attacked by natives. Ultimately Caroline knows from her understanding of the language that the locals have no intention of doing anything but fleecing the visitors and they all withdraw. However Jose Braganza is killed by natives, causing his father to terminate his dealings with Onedin.
18 Nov. 1973
Danger Level
Samuel Plimsoll returns to Liverpool to investigate the dangerous over-loading of ships. Inevitably he crosses swords with Onedin and prepares to take him to court for contravening the limit. However he comes to learn that Fogarty has actually bribed a surveyor to falsely claim that Onedin is breaking the rules to gain advantage over his rival. To show good faith Onedin invites Plimsoll on his next voyage and impresses him with his seamanship when the ship hits a storm. Annoyed by Fogarty's dirty dealings Plimsoll agrees to drop the court case providing Onedin ships ...
25 Nov. 1973
Black Gold
Caroline's acquaintance Henry Wickham asks Onedin to smuggle valuable rubber seeds out of Brazil so that he can start a plantation in India. Onedin and Caroline set sail but they fall foul of local big-wig Ortega and, for their own safety, have to return home without the seeds. Eventually they discover that they were being used as decoys by Wickham, who, with Fogarty, set out on a separate expedition and obtained rubber seeds.
9 Dec. 1973
Law of the Fist
Previously the confirmed bachelor, Captain Baines falls for his landlady Mrs. Darling, and, as a favour to her, agrees to take her brother, Tom Ballantyne, on his next voyage. Tom does not approve of Baines as a suitor for his sister and animosity rises between the two men. Finally Baines strikes Ballantyne and gets into trouble as a result. Though the matter is ultimately closed it ends the captain's relationship with Mrs. Darling.
16 Dec. 1973
Ice and Fire
James Onedin plans to sail to Sweden with iron rails and bring home a cargo of timber for use in the Biddulph mines. Leonora, piqued at the attention James is giving Caroline, agrees to part-finance the trip and accompanies him. In Sweden Count Ericson plays hard to get, haggling for a high price for his timber but James knows he must give in else the ice floes will form and block the return voyage. Leonoras helps enormously, both by getting the count to drop his price and, when the ship is in danger of ice, donating dynamite for her father's mine, to blast its way ...
23 Dec. 1973
A Proposal of Marriage
Captain Baines is marooned in revolution-torn Venezuela but gets permission to leave if he will take Colonel Flores, who is accompanying some art treasures to prevent the rebels seizing them. However Baines discovers that Flores is attempting to smuggle gold to America and has him arrested. Ada Mitchell, widow of the man to whom Frazer sold the 'Scotch Lass' tells James Onedin that she will give him the ship if he marries her but he refuses. He is about to propose to Caroline when he learns that Fogarty, sailing the 'Scotch Lass' home, is in severe difficulties so he ...

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