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23 Apr. 1977
Juliet Prowse
Kermit is pressured into allowing Scooter to do a musical number with Muppy the dog. Guest star Juliet Prowse dances to a Scott Joplin melody.
26 Feb. 1977
Connie Stevens
When Fozzie overhears Hilda, Kermit, and Scooter talking about getting rid of "that bear" he thinks they're talking about him when in actual truth it's Gonzo's teddy bear that is being badmouthed. Meanwhile, Sesame Street's Bert & Ernie make a guest appearance in a musical number with Connie Stevens.
15 Jan. 1977
Charles Aznavour
When he's unable to get a spot on the show, Gonzo asks Scooter to be his manager. Scooter thinks Gonzo should do a rock act by banging a large rock with a mallet. Later, Gonzo tries female impersonation in a dress and a blonde wig. But Scooter gives up managing when Gonzo eats his contract.
16 Apr. 1977
Avery Schreiber
In an effort to make Kermit jealous, Miss Piggy instructs Scooter to tell him that guest star Avery Schreiber is smitten with her. But when Kermit finds out it was all a trick, Piggy karate-chops everybody in her path.
22 Jan. 1977
Ben Vereen
Fozzie gets stuck in a trick cabinet owned by Marvel the Magician (who is in Toledo) and is left perform his act while in and have two pig stagehands tip the box over so Fozzie can take a bow. In the end, Fozzie escapes thanks to Crazy Harry who is having a good time setting off other explosions.
12 Feb. 1977
Phyllis Diller
Aging wardrobe woman Hilda tries to make herself look younger by putting on a wig, some makeup and even some "very tight foundation garments."
29 Jan. 1977
Vincent Price
In honor of guest star Vincent Price, the show is filled with monsters, ghosts, vampires and spooky sketches. Meanwhile, a three-headed monster tries to audition for Kermit.
5 Feb. 1977
Kermit is skeptical when everyone backstage is terrorized by "the Phantom of the Muppet Show." aka Uncle Deadly, a monster-actor who performed in the theater years ago, got panned by the critics, and vowed never to perform there again, and not to let anyone else perform either warning the Muppets "Leave or be doomed!"
19 Feb. 1977
Ethel Merman
Fozzie's agent, Irving Bizarre, arrives at the theater to negotiate Fozzie's contract with Kermit who ends up offering Fozzie ten times as much money - despite the fact the bear made nothing before.
7 May 1977
Kaye Ballard
Embarrassed at the "square" music that he and the others have to play each week on the show, Floyd announces that the band is quitting.
21 May 1977
While the experimental mime troupe performs onstage, Miss Piggy must deal backstage with the advances of a recently smitten Gonzo.
26 Nov. 1977
Don Knotts
Fozzie becomes an honorary hip dude when Floyd approves of his suggestion of playing Lullaby of Birdland on the show.
10 Dec. 1977
Zero Mostel
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12 Nov. 1977
Milton Berle
When Berle comes to guest-star on the show, Fozzie is too shy to meet his idol.
24 Sep. 1977
Rich Little
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8 Oct. 1977
Edgar Bergen
Inspired by Edger Bergen and his companion characters, Fozzie decides to try his hand at ventriloquism.
29 Oct. 1977
Steve Martin
Much to Steve Martin's initial displeasure, Kermit cancels the regular show and holds private auditions for new acts.
1 Oct. 1977
Madeline Kahn
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17 Sep. 1977
George Burns
Reporter Fleet Scribbler is covering the Muppet Show with his obviously hostile biased writing.
15 Oct. 1977
Dom DeLuise
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5 Nov. 1977
Bernadette Peters
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19 Nov. 1977
Teresa Brewer
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3 Dec. 1977
John Cleese
The gang tries their best to force John to perform with them, but he drags his feet at every opportunity.

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