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6 Jan. 1981
The Other Woman
Shirley dates a Dr. estranged from his wife. While watching his son at Cowboy Bill's,Laverne meets her. She's almost Shirley's twin. Shirley meets her later and now sees herself as a substitute. Which lady's heart will break in the end?
13 Jan. 1981
The Road to Burbank
A hotel in Nevada is suing for room damages caused by Laverne & Shirley and the boys,while en route to California. Both say it's the others' fault and both tell different versions of what went down. Who's truly guilty here?
27 Jan. 1981
Born Too Late
Lenny & Squiggy attend a silent movie show. They like how the guy gets the girl. Failing to do so at Frank's restaurant. They discuss how the "leading man" could be used to their advantage. Shown in "silent films" starring them.
3 Feb. 1981
Love Out the Window
Laverne loves stuntman Sonny but fears losing him,if a stunt fails. Shirley tells Sonny. He quits to sell insurance,giving Laverne less to worry about. Seeing later,that he's now unhappy,Laverne plots to get him back where he belongs.
10 Feb. 1981
Malibu Mansion
Cowboy Bill (who gave Frank his franchise) hires the girls to house sit his seaside Malibu home. After he leaves,Laverne gets the not so bright idea to throw a beach party, inviting all - and inviting a storm of trouble.
17 Feb. 1981
To Tell the Truth
On a rainy night,Rhonda brings over a game called "Truth" for the girls and their friends to play. Players must reply honestly but the sharp arrows of truth trigger a night of verbal fights between all.
24 Feb. 1981
I Do, I Do
The girls meet 2 British band mates,who take them to a Hollywood party. In attempt avoid drug use going on,they eat "brownies" instead. The end result causes them to agree to marry the two,who'll pay less taxes by having wives.
3 Mar. 1981
But Seriously, Folks
Carmine decides to take a shot at stand up comedy but when his act almost fails,he decides to make jokes at his friends expense. Ultimately making them feel humiliated. Will Carmine cut it out carry on carelessly?
10 Mar. 1981
The Bardwell Caper: Part 1
Passed over for a raise,Shirley pens a note to the boss. Laverne signs,adding an insult & it gets sent. Later,he informs them they did get it. Now the girls must execute "Mission:Impossible" to retrieve the nasty note. Make no mistake.
17 Mar. 1981
The Bardwell Caper: Part 2
In part two,with help from Carmine & the boys...the girls put their 'perfect' plan into action. Things quickly unfold into clock-like confusion. Will they nab the note & save their jobs before Mr. Bardwell's arrival?
7 Apr. 1981
High Priced Dates
Rhonda gets the girls a date with 2 big spenders. Later the 2 men try to 'cash in' and make a play for them. The girls stop them cold but wonder later if they over-reacted. Do they owe the guys more because they spent so much?
14 Apr. 1981
Fifth Anniversary
Edna & all think Frank has forgotten his 5th wedding anniversary,making Edna furious. The girls & the guys play peacemaker for the two and have an anniversary party in the couple's unstable trailer home.
5 May 1981
Out, Out Damn Plout
Sgt. Alvinia Plout has gone AWOL. A General she loved,broke her heart. She hides at the girl's place & takes a job as a lounge singer. All while M.P.'s trail her. The girls must think fast to save their former Sarge from a court-martial.
12 May 1981
Laverne's Broken Leg
Laverne,after breaking her leg,feels like a burden to others. She also feels self pity. Wishing out-loud she was never born,a guardian angel appears,showing her what friends & her father would be like if she hadn't existed.
19 May 1981
Sing, Sing, Sing
Carmine & Shirley perform a beautiful duet at Cowboy Bill's. Laverne too,wants to sing as pretty a song as they did. Carmine gives her voice lessons and Lenny also tries to help. ...but it just may be Squiggy has the real answer for her.
26 May 1981
Child's Play
Shirley's new play is a wild take,on Mother Goose. Her friends in lead roles. Enter a Broadway Impresario wanting a preview. Giving Lenny & Squiggy an address to the theatre,they promptly lose it. Is it onto Broadway? Or off the deep end?
13 Oct. 1981
The Most Important Day Ever
The wives of a Latvian acrobat group see the girls alone with their men and then quit the act. Which Lenny & Squiigy had booked on TV's "Hollywood Palace". The girls decide to apologize by taking their place,but may regret their move later.
27 Oct. 1981
It Only Hurts When I Breathe
News of a high school reunion sparks memories for the girls but also sparks a childish arm punching contest, with Shirley accidentally breaking Laverne's jaw - but it's more than just that pain the girls have to face though.
3 Nov. 1981
I Wonder What Became of Sal?
10 years after Laverne & sailor Sal Malina,broke off their engagement,he shows up in Burbank. Certain their being more mature will make a difference. Will love finally bloom for two & lead to I do?
10 Nov. 1981
Young at Heart
Shirley discovers her date's only 19 when he's carded for beer at Cowboy Bill's. She tries to end it there, but he still wants date number 2 at a frat party. She gets Laverne a date, too but can these 1950's gals keep up with the young '60's party crowd?
17 Nov. 1981
The Defiant One
Shirley's unwittingly swept up at a foiled bank robbery scene,as police mistake her for a gang member. Cuffed to their tall but very dim leader,she's now on the lam when he makes a break for it. Can she outwit this nit-wit and get away?
24 Nov. 1981
Night at the Awards
The "Squignowsi Talent Agency" duo of Len & Squig decide to crash the 'Golden Circle' Awards,on 'live' TV,in an effort to talk to female actress Joey Heatherton and have her read their new screenplay,hoping she'll star in it.
1 Dec. 1981
Some Enchanted Earring
Frank visits Laverne,his late wife's earrings in hand. She thinks they'll be hers, but it'll be Edna his 2nd wife. Borrowing them for a 'car date', she later finds one missing. Enlisting Shirley's help to save the precious heirloom.
8 Dec. 1981
Moving In
Laverne says yes to her boyfriend about living together & Shirley must keep Frank from finding out. Later,Laverne starts to doubt the arrangement. Is it together forever in love or just for fun?
15 Dec. 1981
Friendly Persuasion
X-mas '66. Charles Grodin's cousin is Bardwell's Manager. Charles bets him that nice,not bossy,always pays. Laverne's sure he wants a date,Shirley thinks he wants her job. Later at the apt. his lecture to the gang,is met with suspicion.

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