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7 Jan. 1980
Not Quite South of the Border
A too good to be true, inexpensive vacation to "Neir", Mexico proves to be just so when the girls get a room with a wall missing. Plus many other deceptive practices foisted on them & other guests by the hotel's deceitful owner.
14 Jan. 1980
You Oughta Be in Pictures
With a movie about to be filmed in Milwaukee, the excited girls try out for parts and land the leading roles. Of course, they are not so thrilled when they get the real scoop on the film and their parts.
21 Jan. 1980
The Beatnik Show
A visit to a local beatnik coffeehouse does not impress Laverne much but Shirley's enamored of the culture and soon is dressing,speaking and acting like a beatnik herself. Can Laverne sway her friend back from the lure of the beat scene ?
28 Jan. 1980
The Right to Light
A power company clerk is mean,when the girls complain of bogus charges on their bill. So,they to stage a protest & chain themselves to the co.'s new computer. However,a far angrier customer has an even more explosive protest in mind.
4 Feb. 1980
Why Did the Fireman...
Laverne is in deep denial when she learns that her boyfriend, a firefighter with the Milwaukee Fire Department, is killed fighting an apartment blaze.
11 Feb. 1980
The Collector
In need of better and faster income,Carmine compromises his principles and becomes a debt collector for a local loan shark. The girls find out and do all possible to save him and return him to his lovable self.
26 Feb. 1980
Murder on the Moose Jaw Express: Part 1
While on a train heading to Canada,the girls end up in the middle of espionage & murder,after an injured man comes to them,warning,"Beware of the bald man" and expiring. Who is the bald man and will the girls escape certain danger?
4 Mar. 1980
Murder on the Moose Jaw Express: Part 2
Pt. 2 - Laverne sees Shirley is missing,Lenny & Squiggy attempt a rescue and no bald man on the train is above suspicion. Laverne realizes she needs to out the villain & confront him. Will the Laverne,Shirley,Lenny and Suiggy survive?
11 Mar. 1980
The Survival Test
Being in the army reserves puts the girls to the test when Sgt. Plout takes them on a survival test. Far from the comforts of home. Their lone competitor is a soldier, who feels girls couldn't possibly 'rough it' or defeat him.
25 Mar. 1980
The Duke of Squigman
Squiggy is a sleepwalker. Not just walking but, seemingly awake, he becomes "The Duke Of Squigman" and Lenny must protect him then. It's decided, Squig needs a therapist to find the deeper reasons for his subconscious persona.
1 Apr. 1980
Antonio, the Amazing
Laverne's distant Italian cousin, Antonio, comes to the U.S. seeking his fortune. Trouble is, he's not good at many things, getting fired from his first job. Will the girls help him grin and bear it and find his place in his new land?
6 May 1980
The Diner
Lenny and Squiggy come into some money and invest in a run-down diner. Their ideas about food service bring no business, so they hand it over to the girls. The ladies spark success but could get burned by their own ambitions.
13 May 1980
Separate Tables
To help Laverne fight a phobia of doing things alone,Shirley comes up with the idea of Laverne dining alone for a full evening in a Chinese Restaurant. Hopefully the owner & the entertainment will help her forget her solitude.
18 Nov. 1980
Not Quite New York
The girls have worked for Shotz 8 years. Now,they & all others in the bottle cap dept. are cut loose. They've been replaced by a machine. With nothing to lose,the girls decide to join Frank & Edna in Burbank,CA and say goodbye to Miluakee.
25 Nov. 1980
Welcome to Burbank
Lenny & Squiggy drive the girls to Burbank in an old ice cream truck. The girls enter and set up their new apt. Soon,they meet their new neighbors and are quickly shook up at California ways. Will they adapt or head on back?
2 Dec. 1980
Studio City
The girls find out about auditions for a new Troy Donahue film. Upon arrival it turns out the studio's seeking stunt women. The girls go for it,only to discover Troy's not in their scene. Is there still hope to meet their movie idol?
9 Dec. 1980
Grand Opening
Shirley's working,Laverne isn't and Shirley's paying all the bills. Also,Cowboy Bill's is opening and Sonny & LaVerne were to do a stunt. He gets hurt,so it's Shirley who ends up throwing knives at Laverne. Is she really "this" mad at her?
16 Dec. 1980
Candy Is Dandy
The girls land a full time job working in Bardwell's dept. store, gift wrapping. 1st task? Wrap boxes of candy. Laverne eats some, unaware they contain Rum. She ends up out of it & Shirley's in a panic. Will their new boss give them the toss?
30 Dec. 1980
The Dating Game
The girls fail to get on The Dating Game but Lenny & Squiggy(somehow)get chosen by host Jim Lange. The boys turn the show upside down with their crazy antics and answers. Can they still rate winning a date?

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