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10 Jan. 1978
The Mortician
Laverne finds an unknown man attractive. Following him to his workplace she finds out he's a mortician. She tries to get close by having Shirley fake that she's doomed. Will he feel closer to Laverne for this or horribly offended?
17 Jan. 1978
The Horse Show
Shirley's rescues a white horse. The owner wants to send it to the glue factory but Shirley seeks him a happy home. She gets Edna in trouble with a health inspector for having him in the apt. Will it be greener pastures for Buttercup?
24 Jan. 1978
The Slow Child
Laverne and Shirley get reacquainted with Miss Babish's mentally challenged daughter, Amy, who's visiting from her special school. Lenny meets Amy and immediately comes to like her, despite people's protests about what's best for Amy.
31 Jan. 1978
The Second Almost Annual Shotz Talent Show
The girls must book acts for the annual talent show for the brewery... but must also find 'something' for the seemingly untalented and clumsy son of Mr. Shotz to do. Will he make the Shotz spotlight or make a monkey out of himself?
7 Feb. 1978
The Dentist
Laverne busts a tooth but wont see a dentist. Shirley suggests her student dentist cousin Mikey. Laverne's hates the idea. Mikey has flunked before. Shirley gets her okay but once in the chair will Laverne truly feel safe in Mikey's hands?
14 Feb. 1978
Bus Stop
Traveling to another city by bus for a blind date,the girls end up being ditched by 2 medical students who don't find them attractive. Leaving the girls stranded overnight with no way home for over 12 hours.
21 Feb. 1978
The Driving Test
Laverne and Shirley try to help Squiggy study to ace his written exam for his driving test or else he'll lose his job as a Shotz truck driver.
28 Feb. 1978
The Obstacle Course
Laverne's cop boyfriend is running an obstacle course for the Ladies Auxiliary Milwaukee Police program and Shirley signs up to try it despite a history of poor athletics.
9 May 1978
The Debutante Ball
Laverne attends a Debutante Ball with Lenny when it's found out he's 89th in line to be a duke on the Polish throne.
16 May 1978
2001: A Comedy Odyssey
A dream episode about the girls as 80-year-old women in the year 2017. They are so desperate to be married at any cost, finally agree to marry Lenny and Squiggy - or will they?
23 May 1978
The Dance Studio
Carmine wants to own the dance studio he works at,by trying to get a financial backer. The girls,plus Lenny & Squiggy try to help in their own way but it may be out of step,in helping his chances.
30 May 1978
Breaking Up and Making Up: Edna & Frank
A jealous Frank doesn't like Edna's ex-husband showing up and spending time with her. This causes them to break up. Laverne and Shirley must patch things up between the two and show them how much they really love and need each-other.
5 Sep. 1978
Festival: Part 1
Laverne, Shirley, Frank and Edna travel to New York to visit Frank's mother and attend a street festival; they are joined there by Lenny and Squiggy (who hitchhiked).
5 Sep. 1978
Festival: Part 2
Laverne, Shirley, Frank, Edna, Lenny, and Squiggy continue their visit to New York, and Frank wants to win a trip to Italy for his mother by winning the Greased Pole competition.
19 Sep. 1978
Playing the Roxy
Shirley's read of stripper Roxy LaToure. Her later fall down the steps and head blow,cause her to become Roxy. Len and Squig take advantage,hiring her to 'dance' at a Teamsters party. Laverne must save Shirley's honor before all's revealed.
26 Sep. 1978
The Robbery
Laverne's new man Jake is exciting, but that excitement turns to danger when he forces her to help rob a store. Shaken up, she begs Shirley to help rid her of him. Jake won't have it, but can they get him to surrender to police?
10 Oct. 1978
The Quiz Show
TV game show "Be Silly for Dollars" comes to Milaukee. Len, Squig and the girls are chosen as contestants. The boys are happy, winning a salami, but the girls perform zany stunts to win the grand prize from "The World Of Luxury".
17 Oct. 1978
Laverne & Shirley Go to Night School
Shirley takes up a night school Medical Assistance class. Laverne joins her too. One Professor Wilner makes learning tough for Laverne,so she walks out,as he says she's unteachable. Will Shirley help Laverne bone up and pass the class?
24 Oct. 1978
A Date with Eraserhead
The only date,a blind one at that,Shirley finds to make Carmine jealous,is with a former classmate known as Eraserhead. An already balding,chubby and weird guy. Is it really worth it to get even with Carmine for dating another?
31 Oct. 1978
The Bully Show
A bully that works with Lenny and Squiggy is always pushing them around. He gets them to set him up with Laverne, but he has only one thing on his mind. Will the guys step aside or stand up to him and save Laverne?
14 Nov. 1978
A Visit to the Cemetery
Frank and Laverne are fighting,due to her refusal to visit the cemetery,to honor her late mother on her birthday. It's later discovered her reasons for not attending,go emotionally deeper than just not liking cemeteries.
21 Nov. 1978
Chorus Line
Despite her Pop's doubts,Laverne and Carmine travel to Chicago to tryout for the musical West Side Story. Carmine teaches her the steps and moves but will Laverne's audition run as smooth?
28 Nov. 1978
Laverne and Shirley Move In
The girls tell Edna about the time they planned to move into their apartment after high school. Also telling how a call from Shirley's mom & Frank DeFazio refusing to let Laverne leave home,almost broke up their friendship.
5 Dec. 1978
Dinner for Four
The girls think they've hit the dating jackpot when they get asked to cook dinner for 2 good looking men. However they're in for 2 big surprises at the men's apartment.
12 Dec. 1978
It's a Dog's Life
Shirley befriends a German Shepard at the kennel,when its abusive owner claims he's a mad dog. Finding out all unadopted and unclaimed dogs are put to sleep,she and Laverne have a sit in. Can their efforts save him and all the other dogs?
19 Dec. 1978
O Come All Ye Bums
Frank DeFazio loses some of his Christmas spirit when he has to cancel his yearly gathering for the homeless and poor. The girls and friends step in to help him keep the holiday meaningful for the less fortunate.

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