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27 Jan. 1976
The Society Party
Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney mingle at a dinner party that's being given by their boss's family.
3 Feb. 1976
The Bachelor Party
Laverne allows a bachelor party to be thrown in the pizzeria.
10 Feb. 1976
Bowling for Razzberries
It's the Bowling Championship, for the Shotz ladies bowling team. Laverne, comes down with a bad cold, on the night of the game.
24 Feb. 1976
A Nun's Story
The girls are looking forward to their once a year High School reunion. They also are looking forward to seeing their old friend Anne Marie. Much to their horror, Anne Marie is a Catholic nun.
2 Mar. 1976
Falter at the Alter
Laverne decides to marry her boyfriend - even though she's been going out with him for two months.
9 Mar. 1976
Dog Day Blind Dates
The girls go on a disastrous double-blind date.
16 Mar. 1976
Once Upon a Rumor
Lenny starts a rumor that Squiggy and Shirley are a couple, but Squiggy was just fixing Shirley's zipper.
23 Mar. 1976
One Flew Over Milwaukee
Shirley drives everyone crazy with her nurturing of her pet canary.
30 Mar. 1976
Dating Slump
Shirley is left dateless due to her dating standards.
6 Apr. 1976
It's the Water
Laverne gets jealous of Shirley's promotion at the brewery.
13 Apr. 1976
Fakeout at the Stakeout
Laverne becomes a decoy to help catch a thief.
27 Apr. 1976
Hi, Neighbor
Squiggy and Lenny move into the girls' building, making them all neighbors.
4 May 1976
How Do You Say 'Are You Dead' in German?
A German delivery man passes out in their living room and Laverne and Shirley go into a panic.
11 May 1976
From Suds to Stardom
The girls have been out of the company's annual talent competition for the past four years, but this year, they're determined to be part of the show.
18 May 1976
Mother Knows Worst
Shirley's mother comes to visit.
28 Sep. 1976
Drive! She Said
Shirley wants to buy a car but needs half of Laverne's money to afford it. Laverne refuses to help buy the car and Shirley reveals Laverne's secret fear: she's scared to drive.
5 Oct. 1976
Angels of Mercy
Shirley talks Laverne into volunteering with her at the hospital.
19 Oct. 1976
Bachelor Mothers
It's Saturday night and the girls have no dates. Fonzie drops by and asks the girls to babysit his god son and they do. But when someone asks them out, they play odds and even to see who stays with the baby and Shirley who usually wins loses. After Shirley leaves the guy who ask them out calls to say they can't make it. So Shirley asks Lenny and Squiggy to go catch her but they refuse. Shirley goes and asks them to watch the baby. When they come back they find the baby gone, the guys say someone came saying he's the father and took the baby. The girls are worried when...
26 Oct. 1976
Excuse Me, May I Cut In?
The girls get Richie and Potsie as partners for a dance contest.
9 Nov. 1976
The Bridal Shower
The girls have trouble fitting in at a bridal shower.
16 Nov. 1976
Look Before You Leap
Laverne tries to remember the events of a wild night when she wakes up with morning sickness and fears she may be pregnant.
23 Nov. 1976
Dear Future Model
The girls decide to start a new career in modeling.
30 Nov. 1976
Good Time Girls
The girls end up getting phone calls after Hector scribbles their number in a men's room.
7 Dec. 1976
Two of Our Weirdos Are Missing
Lenny and Squiggy vanish without a trace.
21 Dec. 1976
Oh Hear the Angels' Voices
Carmine talks the girls into singing at a Christmas show.

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