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Season 7

13 Oct. 1981
The Most Important Day Ever
The wives of a Latvian acrobat group see the girls alone with their men and then quit the act. Which Lenny & Squiggy had booked on TV's "Hollywood Palace". The girls decide to apologize by taking their place,but may regret their move later.
27 Oct. 1981
It Only Hurts When I Breathe
News of a high school reunion sparks memories for the girls but also sparks a childish arm punching contest, with Shirley accidentally breaking Laverne's jaw - but it's more than just that pain the girls have to face though.
3 Nov. 1981
I Wonder What Became of Sal?
10 years after Laverne & sailor Sal Malina,broke off their engagement,he shows up in Burbank. Certain their being more mature will make a difference. Will love finally bloom for two & lead to I do?
10 Nov. 1981
Young at Heart
Shirley discovers her date's only 19 when he's carded for beer at Cowboy Bill's. She tries to end it there, but he still wants date number 2 at a frat party. She gets Laverne a date, too but can these 1950's gals keep up with the young '60's party crowd?
17 Nov. 1981
The Defiant One
Shirley's unwittingly swept up at a foiled bank robbery scene,as police mistake her for a gang member. Cuffed to their tall but very dim leader,she's now on the lam when he makes a break for it. Can she outwit this nit-wit and get away?
24 Nov. 1981
Night at the Awards
The "Squignowsi Talent Agency" duo of Len & Squig decide to crash the 'Golden Circle' Awards,on 'live' TV,in an effort to talk to female actress Joey Heatherton and have her read their new screenplay,hoping she'll star in it.
1 Dec. 1981
Some Enchanted Earring
Frank visits Laverne,his late wife's earrings in hand. She thinks they'll be hers, but it'll be Edna his 2nd wife. Borrowing them for a 'car date', she later finds one missing. Enlisting Shirley's help to save the precious heirloom.
8 Dec. 1981
Moving In
Laverne says yes to her boyfriend about living together & Shirley must keep Frank from finding out. Later,Laverne starts to doubt the arrangement. Is it together forever in love or just for fun?
15 Dec. 1981
Friendly Persuasion
X-mas '66. Charles Grodin's cousin is Bardwell's Manager. Charles bets him that nice,not bossy,always pays. Laverne's sure he wants a date,Shirley thinks he wants her job. Later at the apt. his lecture to the gang,is met with suspicion.
5 Jan. 1982
I Do, I Don't
When a couple's wedding plans go sour,still single-gal Shirley takes advantage of the paid for package and practically railroads Carmine into proposing marriage. Question is,will he choose to make there on time to wed his "Angel Face"?
12 Jan. 1982
Life Is the Tar Pits
Lenny meets up with student & archaeology major Karen at The LaBrea Tar Pits. They hit it off well together but Squiggy is jealous and resentful of Karen. He may try to bust up their romance. Will it be good-bye Lenny or good-bye Karen?
19 Jan. 1982
Watch the Fur Fly
After Shirley,scolds Rhonda for wearing fur,the girls go to a party with foreign guests. Laverne boasts speaking 7 languages & Shirley says nothing when she finds out her date is a furrier - and how long will this charade last?
26 Jan. 1982
Rocky Ragu
Rhonda & Carmine are up for parts in life story of boxer Rocky Manicotti. Carmine however is up against a real boxer and must hone his boxing skills once again,as well as his acting. Will the Big Ragu deliver a knockout performance?
2 Feb. 1982
Star Peepers
A famous singer insults the girls at work & they vow to get even with him. Deciding to get a scandal on him in the tabloid Peeper Scooper. The editor's ideas might give them 2nd thoughts. Will they really make it curtains for the crooner?
9 Feb. 1982
An Affair to Forget
Laverne's crazy about her new guy but discovers the hard way that he's married. When his wife appears on the scene at a restaurant where they're dining,he goes one step too far to hide Laverne from her.
16 Feb. 1982
Whatever Happened to the Class of '56?
The girls & Carmine fly to Miluakee for a Class Of '56 reunion. Only to find out that Lenny & Squiggy wrote a letter. The girls are hot new movie stars and Carmine's a Vegas sensation. Will they fess up to their peers or keep it a secret?
23 Feb. 1982
Ski Show
The L.A. singles bar scene is a no-go for the girls and they decide to try their luck at a ski resort. Literally getting their "high hopes" for romance just a little too high for their own good.
2 Mar. 1982
Helmut Weekend
Squiggy's con-artist dad left him when he was age 9. Now he shows up 20 years later hoping to reconnect. Squiggy wonders if will he really make up for lost time or ditch him again at age 29?
9 Mar. 1982
That's Entertainment
Frank & Carmine have an all out debate about whose generation's music and movies are better. The comparisons are shown in entertaining performances by the cast members.
16 Mar. 1982
Lightning Man
Carmine's hit by lightning and it gives him the delusion he's now invulnerable to anything. Squiggy sees dollar signs and dubs him "Lightning Man". Signing Carmine up for dangerous stunts. Will these two see they're crossing dangerous wires?
4 May 1982
Crime Isn't Pretty
A burglar has been breaking in and stealing select items from the girls' place while they're at work. Frank & Carmine decide to help by setting up special traps to catch the culprit in the act.
11 May 1982
Perfidy in Blue
Shirley's lost or misplaced Laverne's favorite blue purse. Afraid to tell her,Shirley lies about where it may be. Later,Shirley goes to bed and dreams of Laverne & an evil mystery movie type family's attempt to do her in,for lying.

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