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Season 3

20 Sep. 1977
Airport '59
The girls are happy to head out on their first plane trip ever but their smiles are turned upside down when their pilot passes out. Leaving it up to to one of them to take over the controls.
27 Sep. 1977
Tag Team Wrestling
A lady driver argues with Laverne. Later,the girls take part in a charity wrestling match. To their horror,one of the opposing team is the gal Laverne met earlier and she wants revenge. Will the girls pin them down in the final round?
4 Oct. 1977
The Pact
Laverne's new boyfriend asks Shirley out behind her back. This later leads to fight between the two. Will they stop arguing long enough to see that their friendship is worth more than one man?
25 Oct. 1977
The Robot Lawsuit
The girls shop in a toy store for a friend. Laverne sees a toy robot and plays with it. The robot blows a fuse though and attacks her. Leading the girls to sue the toy co. ..but the girls discover the law can be as unfeeling as that robot.
1 Nov. 1977
Laverne's Arranged Marriage
Frank,in old world style,arranges a match between Laverne and a rich cheese tycoon,whose also got a mob connection. Frank wants them to wed but Laverne would sooner defy her father instead.
8 Nov. 1977
Cruise: Part 1
The girls work as temps to save for a cruise. They deal with a bratty boy, but they make it long enough to finally get aboard and say bon voyage. They discover Len and Squig have stowed away.
15 Nov. 1977
Cruise: Part 2
The girls warn the boys to stay away from them on the ship,since they're stow aways. Later,Laverne dates a handsome sailor. Shirley has a whirl-wind romance with a man called Ensign Benson....but is that wind moving too fast for her though?
22 Nov. 1977
Laverne & Shirley Meet Fabian
Rosie Greenbaum bets Laverne & Shirley they can't get into the hotel where singer Fabian is staying. As well as getting their picture taken with him. What plan of action will the girls "turn loose" to meet him and put Rosie in her place?
29 Nov. 1977
The Stakeout
2 FBI agents use the girls' apt. to stake out criminal activity across the street. When the suspect gets outside their window though,the girls are shocked to see Carmine with him. Has Carmine gone bad or is there another explanation?
6 Dec. 1977
Shirley's Operation
Dressed as Alice In Wonderland for a local children's play,Shirley ends up going to the hospital instead to get her appendix out. Her fear causes her to run and hide,so the gang must find her before her appendix fails her for good.
13 Dec. 1977
Take My Plants, Please
The girls take up the odd job of selling house plants door to door,after getting laid off from Shotz. They run into an odd assortment of bizarre tenants who have varied reactions to their sales pitch.
27 Dec. 1977
New Year's Eve 1960
It's New Years Eve 1959 and 1960 is shortly due. In the final hours,Laverne's date cancels,Shirley's sick and Lenny and Squiggy have a special plan for midnight outside the apartment building. Will Laverne leave the '50s in tears or cheers?
10 Jan. 1978
The Mortician
Laverne finds an unknown man attractive. Following him to his workplace she finds out he's a mortician. She tries to get close by having Shirley fake that she's doomed. Will he feel closer to Laverne for this or horribly offended?
17 Jan. 1978
The Horse Show
Shirley's rescues a white horse. The owner wants to send it to the glue factory but Shirley seeks him a happy home. She gets Edna in trouble with a health inspector for having him in the apt. Will it be greener pastures for Buttercup?
24 Jan. 1978
The Slow Child
Laverne and Shirley get reacquainted with Miss Babish's mentally challenged daughter, Amy, who's visiting from her special school. Lenny meets Amy and immediately comes to like her, despite people's protests about what's best for Amy.
31 Jan. 1978
The Second Almost Annual Shotz Talent Show
The girls must book acts for the annual talent show for the brewery... but must also find 'something' for the seemingly untalented and clumsy son of Mr. Shotz to do. Will he make the Shotz spotlight or make a monkey out of himself?
7 Feb. 1978
The Dentist
Laverne busts a tooth but wont see a dentist. Shirley suggests her student dentist cousin Mikey. Laverne's hates the idea. Mikey has flunked before. Shirley gets her okay but once in the chair will Laverne truly feel safe in Mikey's hands?
14 Feb. 1978
Bus Stop
Traveling to another city by bus for a blind date,the girls end up being ditched by 2 medical students who don't find them attractive. Leaving the girls stranded overnight with no way home for over 12 hours.
21 Feb. 1978
The Driving Test
Laverne and Shirley try to help Squiggy study to ace his written exam for his driving test or else he'll lose his job as a Shotz truck driver.
28 Feb. 1978
The Obstacle Course
Laverne's cop boyfriend is running an obstacle course for the Ladies Auxiliary Milwaukee Police program and Shirley signs up to try it despite a history of poor athletics.
9 May 1978
The Debutante Ball
Laverne attends a Debutante Ball with Lenny when it's found out he's 89th in line to be a duke on the Polish throne.
16 May 1978
2001: A Comedy Odyssey
A dream episode about the girls as 80-year-old women in the year 2017. They are so desperate to be married at any cost, finally agree to marry Lenny and Squiggy - or will they?
23 May 1978
The Dance Studio
Carmine wants to own the dance studio he works at,by trying to get a financial backer. The girls,plus Lenny & Squiggy try to help in their own way but it may be out of step,in helping his chances.
30 May 1978
Breaking Up and Making Up: Edna & Frank
A jealous Frank doesn't like Edna's ex-husband showing up and spending time with her. This causes them to break up. Laverne and Shirley must patch things up between the two and show them how much they really love and need each-other.

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