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Season 2

28 Sep. 1976
Drive! She Said
Shirley wants to buy a car but needs half of Laverne's money to afford it. Laverne refuses to help buy the car and Shirley reveals Laverne's secret fear: she's scared to drive.
5 Oct. 1976
Angels of Mercy
Shirley talks Laverne into volunteering with her at the hospital.
19 Oct. 1976
Bachelor Mothers
It's Saturday night and the girls have no dates. Fonzie drops by and asks the girls to babysit his god son and they do. But when someone asks them out, they play odds and even to see who stays with the baby and Shirley who usually wins loses. After Shirley leaves the guy who ask them out calls to say they can't make it. So Shirley asks Lenny and Squiggy to go catch her but they refuse. Shirley goes and asks them to watch the baby. When they come back they find the baby gone, the guys say someone came saying he's the father and took the baby. The girls are worried when...
26 Oct. 1976
Excuse Me, May I Cut In?
The girls get Richie and Potsie as partners for a dance contest.
9 Nov. 1976
The Bridal Shower
The girls have trouble fitting in at a bridal shower.
16 Nov. 1976
Look Before You Leap
Laverne tries to remember the events of a wild night when she wakes up with morning sickness and fears she may be pregnant.
23 Nov. 1976
Dear Future Model
The girls decide to start a new career in modeling.
30 Nov. 1976
Good Time Girls
The girls end up getting phone calls after Hector scribbles their number in a men's room.
7 Dec. 1976
Two of Our Weirdos Are Missing
Lenny and Squiggy vanish without a trace.
21 Dec. 1976
Oh Hear the Angels' Voices
Carmine talks the girls into singing at a Christmas show.
4 Jan. 1977
Guilty Until Proven Not Innocent
Laverne gets arrested for stealing.
10 Jan. 1977
Anniversary Show
The girls remember experiences from the past year.
11 Jan. 1977
Playing Hooky
Laverne and Shirley call in sick to take a day off of work and have fun; they go on a bike ride, go to the park and meet two men who they have a great time with, until they're arrested for solicitation.
18 Jan. 1977
Guinea Pigs
In order to raise the money to go to a cocktail party, the girls sign up to be paid volunteers for scientific experiments.
1 Feb. 1977
Call Me a Taxi
A temporary lay off at work forces the girls to take jobs as taxi dancers. They earn money by dancing with men for ten cents a dance.
8 Feb. 1977
Steppin' Out
As the girls rush to get ready for a big date, they face wardrobe and hair problems, as well as complications from a house fire raging across the street.
15 Feb. 1977
Buddy Can You Spare a Father?
Shirley goes looking for her missing down-and-out father at a sleazy bar on the waterfront.
22 Feb. 1977
Honeymoon Hotel
Shirley wins a honeymoon vacation in a fancy hotel and she and Laverne decide to take advantage of it. Carmine poses as Shirley's husband and they sneak Laverne in, but after Carmine leaves, the girls quickly find out the hotel is intent on getting as many publicity photos of the married couple as possible throughout the vacation.
1 Mar. 1977
Hi Neighbor, Book 2
When Lenny and Squiggy get stood up, Laverne and Shirley take pity on them.
8 Mar. 1977
Frank's Fling
The girls conspire to ruin Frank's girlfriend.
22 Mar. 1977
Haunted House
Laverne and Shirley want to buy a new couch and find out about a furniture sale in a house Shirley says is haunted. When they and Lenny and Squiggy go to buy the couch they find out she may be right.
29 Mar. 1977
Lonely at the Middle
Shirley gets promoted to head of the bottle-labelers division at the brewery.
5 Apr. 1977
Citizen Krane
The girls are headlined in a musical extravaganza by an impresario who promises them fame and fortune.

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