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Season 8

28 Sep. 1982
The Mummy's Bride
In mid-1967, Shirley met and dated Walter Meeney, a medic. He's now proposed, but his hospital stay and being on hold for active duty speeds up the wedding date. All her friends 'scrub up' to help her become Shirley Feeney Meeney in his ward.
12 Oct. 1982
Window on Main Street
A "home of the future",is what Shirley & Laverne must live in and demonstrate at Bardwell's. A hypnotist cures Laverne of being shut in but he called her 'chicken',while both were under and they end up acting so in the window later.
19 Oct. 1982
The Note
Laverne & Carmine return with 1st prize,a crib,from a dance contest. Only to find Shirley & her things gone. Laverne finds a short farewell note. Making her hurt that Shirley didn't do so in person,after living together for 11 years.
26 Oct. 1982
Lost in Spacesuits
Chuck and Laverne test a new anti-gravity space suit close to quitting time but then,she can;t get out of it. She & Chuck make it back to her place and must get the suit off and returned or else face the Govt. as traitors.
9 Nov. 1982
The Playboy Show
When Rhonda asks Laverne to pick up a job application for her at the local Playboy Bunny Club, it's Laverne who gets the job offer, and accepts the job against her father's wishes.
16 Nov. 1982
Death Row: Part 1
60s radicals pick Laverne,to help heist her local bank & the girl 'Sheba' wins her friendship. Laverne wises up too late as the plan fails. The gals give fake names,that are actually on a 'most wanted' list. Sending them to state prison.
23 Nov. 1982
Death Row: Part 2
Sheba & Laverne are still in prison,mistaken for 'Smith & Jones' The good news? Lenny & Squiggy visit there and spot Laverne. She sends them back in a hurry to get help from Frank and his army buddy judge,to save them before it's too late.
30 Nov. 1982
Tossing out a chain-letter seems to bring Laverne and those around bad luck. So much so,they enlist the help of a Gypsy Spiritualist to try and remove the hex from her.
7 Dec. 1982
Of Mice and Men
Lavere's new guy "Wheezer" feels like a wimp after he cannot help protect her and Carmine's date from two jerks. Laverne gets her Pop's help,in an idea meant to help Wheezer find his confidence. Will it be fight or flee?
14 Dec. 1982
The Gymnast
A once famous gymnast takes a shine to Laverne but Laverne sees a glaring truth (and danger) that she may be just a replacement for his former love and partner, whose picture she finds at his place.
4 Jan. 1983
The Monastery Show
Needing a much needed retreat, Laverne goes to a convent for a retreat but she can not get used to the nuns vow of silence.
11 Jan. 1983
Defective Ballet
Two Russian ballet dancers (one a twin for Squiggy),try to defect to the U.S. The KGB mistakes Squig for the dancer and threaten his life. It's up to Laverne & a handsome male ballet dancer to rescue him and help the other two escape.
18 Jan. 1983
The Baby Show
Sgt. Plout has been discharged from the Army for getting pregnant. She gets Lavere's help, as she's single with no career now. The two team up to win a "mother to be" contest to win baby supplies for her on the way infant.
25 Jan. 1983
The Rock and Roll Show
Impressed by Chuck's chops on the harmonica,Laverne advises him to start a band. He does so with his co-workers from the Aero-Space Factory. With Laverne's help,can these misfits of science become a '60s rock & roll "mod" squad?
1 Feb. 1983
The Fashion Show
Laverne gets jealous of the models her fashion photographer boyfriend works with. So much so,she nearly end up sabotaging a media covered fashion show,by strutting out onstage herself,to keep an eye on him.
8 Feb. 1983
Short on Time
Frank asks Laverne's help regarding wife Edna. Laverne's too busy. Rhonda and Chuck both ask for her time & help. Leaving her Pop with Chuck's chimp,to attend The Spinners concert,will she later see her dad needs her to be there for him?
15 Feb. 1983
The Ghost Story
When the ghost of a former Olympian haunts her apt. ,Laverne and friends hold the craziest séance ever to make contact. Actually getting rid of the ghost proves to a race to the finish.
22 Feb. 1983
Please Don't Feed the Buzzards
Len & Squig pay for an old suitcase and find a treasure map inside. Their secret reaches Frank & Carmine & the 4 men bare California's desert heat to seek riches. Will they survive long enough to find and enjoy it?
1 Mar. 1983
How's Your Sister?
Squig's sister Squendolyn visits & he pays Carmine,$100 to keep her busy. She loves Mr. Ragu but her looks put him off. At party they attend together, women hit on him but,he must say no. Can he make her see they're not a match?
15 Mar. 1983
Do the Carmine
Attempting to become a singer, Carmine writes & records a very catchy dance song that catches fire but the lyrics burn the ears of 1960s, almost militant, censorship.
3 May 1983
Councilman DeFazio
Frank decides to run for a city councilman's position,when his restaurant ,Cowboy Bill's,is threatened to be closed up & torn down to make way for a high rise. Can Frank foil this foul political plot?
10 May 1983
Here Today, Hair Tomorrow
Carmine's fed up with L.A. and his lack of success there as an entertainer and decided to go to New York,with financial help from friends and try out for a role in the musical "Hair".

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