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Season 1

29 Feb. 1976
Mr. Right
Mr. Angel gives a lonely young woman who offers her bus seat to an elderly man the chance to meet Mr. Right.
8 Mar. 1976
Take Me Out to the Ball Game
An expectant father is presented with his wished-for opportunity to become a professional baseball player - just as his wife goes into labor.
15 Mar. 1976
Good Neighbor Maxine
Maxine wishes for more adventure in her life and winds up getting more than she bargained for -- including a dune buggy ride and the unwanted advances of a truck driver.
22 Mar. 1976
I Want Nancy!
A timid bank teller named Harold asks Mr. Angel for help in attracting Nancy, the teller at the next window. Mr. Angel grants Harold his wish and Nancy agrees to a date -- except that she chooses a restaurant on the 26th floor, and Harold is claustrophobic and secretly terrified of elevators.
29 Mar. 1976
See Jane Run
A woman named Jane is about to get an inheritance but she wants to find her long lost twin sister first, so she can give her share and so far has been unable to. When she helps someone, Mr. Angel shows up to grant her a wish. And what she wishes is to find her sister. Now he tells her he can't make her find her sister just like that. He can make sure she's on the right track. And it takes her to people who know her sister and some not fondly.
5 Apr. 1976
Jack the Ribber and Me
An orphan gives another orphan who's been adopted his suitcase. That's when the Angel goes to see him and offers him a wish. And he wishes for a family but he's at the age that most people don't want to adopt. He runs away from the orphanage and is taken in by a man who runs a rib joint. And they bond.
22 May 1976
A Night with Brockton
Mr. Angel grants a Midwestern farm girl's wish to spend the night with her favorite actor, but the circumstances of their meeting are not what she had in mind.
29 May 1976
A young writer wants to be published. And when his boss sends him out of town on an errand, he discovers that he is delivering some sensitive material and there are people trying to get it from him.
5 Jun. 1976
The Big Break
When a singer-guitarist asks Mr. Angel for a "big break" in show business, she winds up breaking her foot instead. However, her visit to the hospital ultimately leads to the break she'd been hoping for.
12 Jun. 1976
Mixed Doubles
Eager to free himself from burdensome alimony payments, Adam Hastings wishes for his wife to remarry. The granting of this wish leads to new worries, however, with a stepfather now in his children's lives.
19 Jun. 1976
The Queen's Rook Club
When a tailor gives a young man credit on a suit he made for him, Mr. Angel comes to see him and offers him a wish. He wants to win something special. The man is also a chess enthusiast, he has a very expensive chess set. At a place where he goes to play chess, an arrogant chess champion puts his cup there. And thinking getting the cup is his wish. he challenges the man for his cup against his chess set. But on the day he's suppose to play he breaks his glasses and can't see.
26 Jun. 1976
Coffee, Tea, or Gloria
Exhausted by the constant quarreling with his wife, Brad wishes to find out what his life would be like if he'd married his college sweetheart Gloria.
2 Jul. 1976
Funny Fellow
A shoe store owner named Henry wishes for an opportunity to break into show business as a comedian.

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