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4 Jan. 1978
Game, Set, Death
At the La Hermosa Women's Tennis Match, player Sandy Keller almost dies when someone tampers with the shower door. This is one of several incidents plaguing women's tennis tourneys, so Bosley and the angels investigate.
11 Jan. 1978
Hours of Desperation
Three men rob a jewelry house and make off with some valuable gems. One of them grabs the jewels and tries to make a break for it. The other two show up at the office and pulls their guns and one of them makes Sabrina wear a belt that has explosives in it. They tells them that they want them to find their partner and bring the jewels to them. So Kris and Kelly search for the man. They start with the hospital because they say that when he was making his getaway they shot him and that he could have been hit. When they find him but he gets away, Kris and Kelly decide to ...
18 Jan. 1978
Diamond in the Rough
Past associates of ex-jewel thief Freddie Brander think he stole a valuable gem, but he knows that Faris Salim has it in his Caribbean home. So Freddie, Bosley, and the angels go there to get it, but Freddie's former associates follow.
25 Jan. 1978
Angels in the Backfield
When one member of the Ducks female football team is attacked by masked bikers, quarterback Amy Jarvis recruits the Angels to join the team and solve the mystery. Could members of the rival Panthers team be guilty?
1 Feb. 1978
The Sandcastle Murders
The seaside community where Kris lives is menaced by a strangler who buries his victims in the sand. The investigating officer Lieutenant Francona is a longtime rival of Charlie Townsend. Bosley and the Angels are on the case.
8 Feb. 1978
Angel Blues
A singer who had a breakdown while performing then walked off and disappeared for a few hours. She would then call her father telling him, she's on her way home. But after calling him, some men grab her and then kill her by giving her drugs. Her father then hires Charlie to find out what happened to her. First the girls learn that she overdosed on heroin which is not the drug she's known to take. They learn that she spent those hours she was away riding around in a cab. So Kris pretends to be a reporter and asks the cabbie who drove her around to take her where the ...
15 Feb. 1978
Mother Goose Is Running for His Life
When a toymaker has a few close calls, he calls Charlie who then has the girls on it. Sabrina pretends to be the daughter of a foreign toymaker who wants to go into business with the toymaker. Gordon, one of the toymaker's designers, wants to make toys that are a bit eerie and hopes that Sabrina can help him. Later a man breaks into the toymaker's office and gets killed. So the girls try to find out who he is and they learn he works for one of the toymaker's competitors who wants his new designs.
22 Feb. 1978
Little Angels of the Night
In an apartment building where many of the tenants are prostitutes, someone is killing them, so the owner calls Charlie. Kris and Kelly move in and they have their eye on the creepy guy who works at the nearby restaurant who delivers the food there.
1 Mar. 1978
The Jade Trap
When a wealthy resident of a high class apartment building is killed, suspicion falls on the cat burglar who's been plaguing the building for years. So the owner calls Charlie for help. They set a trap using Charlie's valuable jade as bait. What they don't know is that the cat burglar is not the killer but saw the murder being committed.
3 May 1978
Angels on the Run
Kelly is chloroformed by diamond thieves who mistake her for another man's wife. Kris and Sabrina have to rescue Kelly before the thieves discover they've drugged the wrong woman and decide not to keep her alive.
10 May 1978
Antique Angels
An antique car rally serves as the backdrop when a company is raided by criminals masquerading as a film crew to steal radioactive fuel cores and smuggle them out of the country.
13 Sep. 1978
Angels in Vegas
Tropicana Casino owner Frank Howell (a non-singing Dean Martin) calls Bosley and the Angels to Las Vegas to investigate some suspicious deaths that he believes are part of a plot to gaslight him.
20 Sep. 1978
Angel Come Home
Jill Munroe's friend Paul Ferrino wants her to drive his new car in the Grand Prix, but it's vandalized right after he shows it to her. Could Jill's fiancé Steve Carmody be the culprit?
27 Sep. 1978
Angel on High
A man learns that a woman he knew years ago died in an accident. He also learns that she has a son, whom he believes could be his. So he hires the girls to find out. Kelly finds him and gets close to him and is waiting for the right time to tell him because he's fragile. Sabrina learns that his mother is the daughter of a criminal and that the people who are now in charge of his business are wary that her son might come and take over. At the same time, someone is trying to keep them from finding out the truth.
11 Oct. 1978
Angels in Springtime
When famous actress Eve LeDeux is electrocuted at an exclusive women's spa, the Angels go undercover to capture the killer and find the missing manuscript of Eve's memoirs, which may reveal information some would rather be forgotten.
18 Oct. 1978
Winning Is for Losers
Several attempts are made on the life of golf pro Linda Frey, who is an old friend of Kris. The Angels investigate suspects in and around the tournament, while Linda's manager Bill Montclair tries to woo Kelly.
25 Oct. 1978
Haunted Angels
Bosley's bridge partner Claire Rossmore donated her estate to a local Institute for Psychic Research so that she could contact her dead nephew Martin. Bosley thinks she's being swindled, so he and the Angels investigate.
1 Nov. 1978
Pom Pom Angels
Three Cheerleaders, mysteriously disappeared after receiving religious notes from religious fanatics. The Angels, go undercover as cheerleaders to find the missing girls, at a cult where they serve 'The Good One', and ended up with their hair cut.
8 Nov. 1978
Angels Ahoy
On a cruise ship, one of the passengers recognizes another passenger as a man who killed his wife, but originally disappeared. Later the passenger is found dead. The owner then calls Charlie. They believe that someone is smuggling fugitives out of the country on the ship. And they suspect one man, Sanchez of being involved. But they know that there others so to find out who they are they need to provide them with another fugitive. So Sabrina poses as a woman on the run and approaches Sanchez who offers to help her for a price. Kelly is hired as the ship's new ...
15 Nov. 1978
Mother Angel
After a precocious girl, Samantha, witnesses her neighbor murdering a man, Charlie asks the Angels to look into the case, & despite the angels disbelief in the little girls story, her aunt begins to uncover new evidence pointing to an unexpected figure.
22 Nov. 1978
Angel on My Mind
The Angels must work together to locate Kris who is suffering from amnesia after being struck by a vehicle in a parking lot of a restaurant, where she had the misfortune of witnessing the owner get robbed & murdered.
6 Dec. 1978
Angels Belong in Heaven
A guy who knows Charlie calls him to tell him that someone he knows took out a contract on one of the girls but before he could say anything the men he's with finds him and kills him. So the girls have to try and find out who the target is.
20 Dec. 1978
Angels in the Stretch
Gambler Les Ferrar is murdered while investigating peculiar activity in regards to a horse race on which he had money. The Angels research the case and find that someone manipulated the winning horse.

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