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5 Jan. 1977
Angel Trap
The Angels are assigned to stop Jericho, an assassin systematically murdering the aging members of a World War II intelligence unit. Jill is the bait to lure him into the open, but will she be compromised by his continental charm?
12 Jan. 1977
The Big Tap-Out
The Angels lay an elaborate trap for compulsive high stakes gambler Roy David, who bets with stolen money.
19 Jan. 1977
Angels on a String
Charlie gives the girls three days off with pay as a reward for their hard work. But the Angels put their vacation on hold due to the kidnapping of a politician that Sabrina idolizes.
2 Feb. 1977
Dirty Business
A film laboratory is the target of an arson attempt, but the victim Marvin Goldman is reluctant to disclose details that the Angels need to discover who is behind it and why. The cover-up could cost Jill her life.
9 Feb. 1977
The Vegas Connection
The Angels investigate Cass Harper, who hires girls for a Las Vegas nightclub chorus line as a front for a prostitution ring, & he lures them by saying his clients are extremely wealthy & may be looking for marriage.
16 Feb. 1977
Terror on Ward One
The Angels & Bosley work undercover at a mental health facility as student nurses, a magazine writer & a patient to investigate a suspicious death, & they learn that someone of high rank at the facility could be charged with malpractice.
23 Feb. 1977
Dancing in the Dark
The Angels are assigned to break up a blackmail scheme operating out of a dance studio. Jill secures a spot teaching disco dancing to seniors while Kelly poses as a 'hard-boiled' private eye and Sabrina as a wealthy but socially inept ingénue interested in dancing lessons.
9 Mar. 1977
I Will Be Remembered
Aging actress Gloria Gibson, who is staging a comeback, is the target of a "gaslight number" intended to drive her insane. The Angels go undercover at the movie studio to protect their client and squash the plot against her.
23 Mar. 1977
Angels at Sea
The Angels & Bosley work together on a case involving a series of supposed accidental deaths taking place aboard a luxury cruise ship, & when they discover who is responsible for the deaths, the situation becomes explosive.
4 May 1977
The Blue Angels
Suspecting corruption on the vice squad, the Angels go undercover to rout out the rotten cops. Jill poses as a masseuse, Sabrina as a transferred vice officer and Kelly returns to the Police Academy.
14 Sep. 1977
Angels in Paradise
Sabrina and Kelly welcome a new Angel in the person of Jill's little sister Kris. However, the celebration is short lived as the Angels receive word that Charlie, who was on vacation in Hawaii, has been kidnapped by Leilani Sako, who wants the Angels to break her husband Billy out of prison or else she will kill Charlie. The girls succeed in getting Billy out, but before they can make the exchange, Charlie is taken hostage by the even more vicious Mr. Blue, who wants Billy dead.
21 Sep. 1977
Angels on Ice
Personnel keep disappearing from Max Brown's ice show, so he hires Charlie and the angels to investigate. Kelly and Kris fill in for the missing skaters and find that the kidnappings are linked to political unrest in an Arab nation.
28 Sep. 1977
Pretty Angels All in a Row
When someone is terrorizing contestants in a beauty pageant, the host Ben Pawl goes to Charlie for help. So Kelly and Kris join the pageant. Sabrina goes as a reporter. And they try to find out what's going on.
5 Oct. 1977
Angel Flight
A stewardess who's a friend of Sabrina's being terrorized by someone. To help her Kris and Kelly go work a Stewardesses to find out who's terrorizing her. When they're about to try the airline's new plane the person tells her what he wants.
19 Oct. 1977
Circus of Terror
A circus owned and operated by an old fashioned thinking gypsy, has been plagued by some unexplained accidents. His son turns to Charlie for help and so the girls go undercover, Kris working for the knife thrower, Kelly as a stunt motorcycle rider, and Sabrina working for a mime.
26 Oct. 1977
Angel in Love
Hildy Slater runs Utopia West, a human potential enterprise/resort. When her nephew Frank, a Vietnam vet, is murdered on site, she calls the Townsend Agency to solve the crime. Sabrina falls in love with a potential suspect.
2 Nov. 1977
Unidentified Flying Angels
UFOs, mysterious disappearances and the murder of a wealthy old lady put the Angels on the trail of a killer...from another world? Sabrina acts as a pushy Bronx reporter, Boz and Kris as a Sugardaddy and his bubble headed wife, and Kelly impersonates an alien.
9 Nov. 1977
Angels on the Air
When someone tries to kill a radio reporter who works in the field, she turns to Charlie for help. Charlie then decides to have one of the girls take her place and the one chosen is Kelly because her voice is almost similar to the reporter's. So while Kelly takes her place, the others try to figure out who's trying to kill her but it won't be easy since the reporter does dozens of stories at a given time.
16 Nov. 1977
Angel Baby
A young man whom Kelly knew when she was a cop is arrested for making a disturbance at his girlfriend's place. He calls Kelly telling her that he was looking for her, she offers to help. Kelly then talks to her friends who tells Kelly that she's pregnant and is planning to give the baby up for adoption. So Kelly goes in as an expectant mother and makes contact with her. In the meantime they discover that the brokers might not be all that legitimate because one of the them has a criminal record and they learn that one of the expectant mothers died under mysterious ...
23 Nov. 1977
Angels in the Wings
A musical production is constantly being terrorized by a deranged phantom who cannot speak, & after the Angels go undercover by joining the cast & crew of the production, they find the real reason the man is causing so much trouble.
30 Nov. 1977
Magic Fire
An arsonist known as the Magic Man, whose methods lead people to believe that he's a magician, although has been inactive for years is apparently active again. A magician friend of Charlie's is being investigated so he asks them to help clear his name. Kris, Kely and Bosley go undercover at a magic club thinking that the arsonist is there. While Sabrina goes to the man whose business is being attacked by the arsonist. And the man is not cooperating with the investigation.
7 Dec. 1977
Sammy Davis, Jr. Kidnap Caper
Sammy Davis Jr is hosting a charity event at the Beverly Seville hotel, which coincides with a celebrity look-alike contest. When attempts are made to kidnap him, the Angels go to work as his bodyguards and Bosley acts as his chauffeur.
21 Dec. 1977
Angels on Horseback
Some people go to a dude ranch, they arrive in the evening and they're brought there in a van. When they arrive one of the guests is killed. Obviously one of the guests killed him. So Charlie is hired to find out who so he sends the girls and Bosley to the ranch. When they arrive Charlie informs them that the dead man was involved in some kind of scam and some of the guests and a ranch employee worked with him. And one of these persons, a woman who was involved with the man, appears to have hooked up with another guest.

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