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Season 3

13 Sep. 1978
Angels in Vegas
Tropicana Casino owner Frank Howell (a non-singing Dean Martin) calls Bosley and the Angels to Las Vegas to investigate some suspicious deaths that he believes are part of a plot to gaslight him.
20 Sep. 1978
Angel Come Home
Jill Munroe's friend Paul Ferrino wants her to drive his new car in the Grand Prix, but it's vandalized right after he shows it to her. Could Jill's fiancé Steve Carmody be the culprit?
27 Sep. 1978
Angel on High
A man learns that a woman he knew years ago died in an accident. He also learns that she has a son, whom he believes could be his. So he hires the girls to find out. Kelly finds him and gets close to him and is waiting for the right time to tell him cause he's fragile. Sabrina learns that his mother is the daughter of a criminal and that the people who are now in charge of his business are weary that her son might come and take over. At the same time, someone is trying to keep them from finding out the truth.
11 Oct. 1978
Angels in Springtime
When famous actress Eve LeDeux is electrocuted at an exclusive women's spa, the Angels go undercover to capture the killer and find the missing manuscript of Eve's memoirs, which may reveal information some would rather be forgotten.
18 Oct. 1978
Winning Is for Losers
Several attempts are made on the life of golf pro Linda Frey, who is an old friend of Kris. The Angels investigate suspects in and around the tournament, while Linda's manager Bill Montclair tries to woo Kelly.
25 Oct. 1978
Haunted Angels
Bosley's bridge partner Claire Rossmore donated her estate to a local Institute for Psychic Research so that she could contact her dead nephew Martin. Bosley thinks she's being swindled, so he and the Angels investigate.
1 Nov. 1978
Pom Pom Angels
Three Cheerleaders, mysteriously disappeared after receiving religious notes from religious fanatics. The Angels, go undercover as cheerleaders to find the missing girls, at a cult where they serve 'The Good One', and ended up with their hair cut.
8 Nov. 1978
Angels Ahoy
On a cruise ship, one of the passengers recognizes another passenger as a man who killed his wife, but originally disappeared. Later the passenger is found dead. The owner then calls Charlie. They believe that someone is smuggling fugitives out of the country on the ship. And they suspect one man, Sanchez of being involved. But they know that there others so to find out who they are they need to provide them with another fugitive. So Sabrina poses as a woman on the run and approaches Sanchez who offers to help her for a price. Kelly is hired as the ship's new ...
15 Nov. 1978
Mother Angel
After a precocious girl, Samantha, witnesses her neighbor murdering a man, Charlie asks the Angels to look into the case, & despite the angels disbelief in the little girls story, her aunt begins to uncover new evidence pointing to an unexpected figure.
22 Nov. 1978
Angel on My Mind
The Angels must work together to locate Kris who is suffering from amnesia after being struck by a vehicle in a parking lot of a restaurant, where she had the misfortune of witnessing the owner get robbed & murdered.
6 Dec. 1978
Angels Belong in Heaven
A guy who knows Charlie calls him to tell him that someone he knows took out a contract on one of the girls but before he could say anything the men he's with finds him and kills him. So the girls have to try and find out who the target is.
20 Dec. 1978
Angels in the Stretch
Gambler Les Ferrar is murdered while investigating peculiar activity in regards to a horse race on which he had money. The Angels research the case and find that someone manipulated the winning horse.
10 Jan. 1979
Angels on Vacation
After Kris invites Bosley & the Angels to a small town for a vacation, their arrival is marred by a lack of rooms & gangsters who have broken their headlights, & they develop a plan to rescue the women kidnapped by the gang.
24 Jan. 1979
Counterfeit Angels
The Agency's in trouble when three women who claim to be "the angels" rob a place. The owner claims that Charlie called him up and said that his establishment's security needs to be checked out so he sends "the angels". But Charlie somehow gives the girls the heads up so they go hide while they try to sort the whole things out. It seems the whole things was engineered by an impersonator, who was the one who called the owner. It seems he owes a bookie a lot of money when what they got was not enough to cover what he owes he plans another job. But when the bookie learns...
31 Jan. 1979
Disco Angels
The Angels work together to investigate a case involving someone who was strangled to death at a disco by putting on clever disguises at the popular disco club in order to stop another crime from taking place & save innocent victims.
7 Feb. 1979
Terror on Skis
The government hires the Angels to find people responsible for killing the President's special aide at a ski resort in Vail, Colorado. The government warns the Angels that the identities of all their federal agents may have been revealed. During their investigation of the guests at the hotel of the President's murdered aide, the Angels discover that an extremist Italian Radical Group is there. When Sabrina is captured by them, she learns of their violent past.
14 Feb. 1979
Angel in a Box
In an attempt to get back at Kris' sister Jill for being the cause of someone's untimely death, a multimillionaire captures Kris & leaves a trail of clues on purpose so that the Angels will be able to follow him & fall into his trap.
28 Feb. 1979
Teen Angels
After a murder takes place at a prestigious school for girls, the Angels investigate the case by going undercover to find answers about the death, & they soon discover that some of the girls are selling & abusing drugs & alcohol.
7 Mar. 1979
Marathon Angels
After the mysterious disappearances of two women who were participating in a marathon as a promotional tool, Kris & Kelly enter the race as a part of their investigation & wind up having to chase the suspects on foot.
21 Mar. 1979
Angels in Waiting
Bosley meets attractive Ellen Miles and takes time off from work to get to know her, unaware that Lawrence Wellman, whom Charlie and Bosley helped send to prison years earlier, has been released and is following Bosley for revenge.
2 May 1979
Rosemary, for Remembrance
Rosemary Garfield's 1935 murder remains unsolved after 44 years. Her widower Jake was wrongly sent to prison for it, but has been released. The Angels try to solve her murder and find out who is trying to kill him.
16 May 1979
Angels Remembered
The girls and Bosley gather in the office and Charlie calls them and they talk about their adventures.

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