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7 Jan. 1978
All for One
Jaime enrolls in college to find a computer hacker who's been raiding several bank accounts, including the OSI.
14 Jan. 1978
The Pyramid
While Oscar is overseeing an attempt to save the ozone layer, OSI agent Chris Williams goes on a dinner date with Jaime Sommers. They both end up caught in a mysterious underground pyramid made by intelligent aliens ages ago. The sentinel has just awoken because Oscar's experiment could be harmful to his people and they in turn might retaliate against Earth.
21 Jan. 1978
The Antidote
During a meeting with Soviet ambassador Zuhkov, both he and Jaime Sommers are poisoned. As Chris Williams and Max race to find Dr. Rudy Wells, Jaime lays dying unless she reveals Oscar Goldman's top secret location.
28 Jan. 1978
The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming
Rudy Wells and fellow OSI operative Ray Fisk are abducted by a bright red flying saucer near the underground laboratory specializing in UFO sightings known as 'The Barn'. Jaime Sommers decides to investigate and runs into nosy reporter Casey.
11 Feb. 1978
Sanctuary Earth
A satellite inexplicably crashes down in a lake near Ojai. Jaime Sommers is first on the scene and discovers a young girl named Aura who claims to be from another planet. Aura explains she is a princess from the planet Zorla and is being pursued by trackers from the planet Ulo.
18 Feb. 1978
Deadly Music
Dr. Henry Klempt has isolated a frequency that makes sharks attack anything or anyone he wants. When Jaime Sommers joins a diving team that is deploying a submarine detection system, she becomes the first human test subject of this 'deadly music'.
25 Feb. 1978
Which One Is Jaime?
When Oscar learns some men are investigating Jaime, he lures her into OSI HQ under the pretense of a mission. Callahan is tasked to take care of Max at Jaime's carriage house, only to fall victim to the kidnappers who mistake her for Jaime.
4 Mar. 1978
Out of Body
Jaime's native American soul mate Tommy Littlehorse is electrocuted and left for dead during a break in at the OSI labs. Since he was one of the few people with access to the top secret Rosebud project, suspicion falls on the comatose Littlehorse. However, Jaime is certain of his innocence and begins to receive visits from Tommy's out of body spirit form.
25 Mar. 1978
Long Live the King
Middle Eastern king Kusari is visiting New York and Jaime Sommers poses as his new social secretary to foil an assassination plot. Unfortunately the foreign agents recognize Jaime and try to get rid of her. Sommers teams up with the chief of protocol Sam Sloan, who also happens to be a self indulgent lady killer. Sloan comes to think the assassination attempts are meant for him because of his gambling debts.
6 May 1978
Rancho Outcast
Jaime Sommers assumes the identify of criminal Blondie Malone to find a couple of stolen currency plates. She teams up with Petie 'The Weasel' Regan, who is the only person that can identify the culprit, Frank Boylan. Together they head for Hidalgo, a safe haven for criminals in Central America.
13 May 1978
On the Run
Jaime Sommers has decided to retire from the OSI. The powers that be go over Oscar Goldman's head and want to put her in a special compound for retired agents because they see her bionics as government property. As Oscar breaks the news to Jaime, he tells her to make a run for it. When she does, she is immediately branded a fugitive wanted by the government.

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