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12 Jan. 1977
Jaime teams up with Darwin Jones, an expert in meditation and biofeedback to stop his brother Payton from selling a code analyzer to foreign powers. If they get their hands on the analyzer, the identities of every OSI agent are at stake.
19 Jan. 1977
Doomsday Is Tomorrow
A well-meaning scientist threatens the world with a doomsday device to ensure world peace, but things go terribly wrong.
26 Jan. 1977
Doomsday Is Tomorrow: Part 2
Dr. Cooper's Doomsday Device has been triggered and only Jaime Sommers can attempt to break through the defenses held up by super computer ALEX7000 before it's too late.
2 Feb. 1977
Deadly Ringer
Jaime Sommers is knocked out while doing some needlework at home and wakes up in a cell at state penitentiary, having switched places with her double, Lisa Galloway. Meanwhile, Galloway has taken Sommers place teaching at Ventura Air Force base. She and her benefactor Dr. Courtney mistakingly think Jaime's super strength is derived from a substance invented by Rudy Wells called Adrenalizine and Lisa is tasked to steal more of it. Back in prison, Jaime is about to receive plastic surgery against her will to restore Lisa's old face.
9 Feb. 1977
Deadly Ringer: Part 2
Lisa Galloway is enjoying Jaime Sommers' life so much she doesn't want to give it up. Having been assigned to courier the Adrenalizine, Lisa keeps some for herself to have access to Jaime's super strength. Meanwhile, the real Jaime Sommers has escaped from prison but find that nobody, not even Oscar Goldman, believes her when she tells them who she really is.
23 Feb. 1977
Jaime and the King
Oscar gives Jaime an undercover job in Monte Carlo posing as the private tutor of Prince Ishmael, son of Sha Ali Ben Gazim of Almain. Her mission is to protect the Shah from assassins targeting him without his knowledge.
9 Mar. 1977
Beyond the Call
Decorated Vietnam veteran John Cross takes a job teaching survival skills at the Ventura Air Force School and Jaime Sommers is his first test subject. Helen and Jim look after Cross's daughter Kim who hasn't spoken since her mother died in her arms. The young girl soon proves herself to be a handful and Major Cross is planning to steal a top-secret missile guidance system to get back at the army which he feels deserted by.
16 Mar. 1977
The DeJon Caper
Jaime Sommers travels to Paris, France with art forger Pierre Lambert to catch an American criminal called Beaumont who pays Pierre to copy stolen art. Although Lambert tries to give her the slip several times, eventually he realizes that Jaime is his only means of breaking free from Beaumont without being killed.
23 Mar. 1977
The Night Demon
Thomas Bearclaw and his friend Lyle Cannon find a carving of the Indian protector of the dead Masauu at an excavation site and are haunted by the demon that very night. The next day Jaime Sommers visits unexpectedly as Bearclaw had been asking her to do so for some time. Before long, Jaime is having nightmarish visions of Masauu as well.
30 Mar. 1977
Iron Ships and Dead Men
Oscar reveals the reason he joined US intelligence was to clear the name of his missing brother Samuel, who disappeared during Pearl Harbor when Oscar was 11. Now, 36 years later, the older Goldman's dog-tags have been found on board the destroyer Henderson and Jaime is glad to offer her assistance and goes undercover as a member of the salvage team.
4 May 1977
Once a Thief
After small time burglar Inky is thwarted by Jaime, he decides to prove he did not imagine her bionic powers by filming her doing super human feats. This in turn gives him the idea to blackmail her into helping him pull one big score: a bank robbery.
10 Sep. 1977
The Bionic Dog
Jaime learns that a bionic prototype was applied to a German Sheppard six years earlier. Every defect that Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers have suffered from over the years, Maxamillion (whose bionics cost a million dollars) suffered from first. Now Max is acting lifeless and depressed and Rudy Wells is planning to put the dog down. So, Jaime takes it upon herself to prove Max still has the will to live.
17 Sep. 1977
The Bionic Dog: Part 2
Jaime and Max have fled to the Sierra Nevada mountains and take refugee with an old flame of hers, forest ranger Roger Grette. She finally deduces that Max is not suffering from bionic breakdown, but has a fear of fire instead. During one such panic attack, Max breaks loose and runs straight into a forest fire.
24 Sep. 1977
Fembots in Las Vegas
The son of the renegade scientist, Dr. Franklin, plots his revenge by reactivating Jaime Sommers' greatest enemies, the Fembots.
1 Oct. 1977
Fembots in Las Vegas: Part 2
Carl Franklin has managed to launch the stolen energy ray into space and now demands that the three people he holds responsible for his father's death be handed over to him. They are: Oscar Goldman, Dr. Rudy Wells and Jaime Sommers.
15 Oct. 1977
Oscar asks Jaime to keep an eye on OSI computer expert Billy Cole who spends all his spare time competing in rodeo competitions. Cole has developed a Minerva code but has neglected to write any of hit down, and foreign powers want to make sure the code goes down with Cole during his latest competition.
29 Oct. 1977
African Connection
Jaime Sommers is on a mission in Africa t stop dictator Azzar from rigging the elections. She hires Harry Walker and his WWII tank 'The Princess' to transport her through the jungle.
5 Nov. 1977
Motorcycle Boogie
Jaime is in West Germany on the trail of a stolen computer tape. She crosses the Iron Curtain with the help from motorcycle stunt man Evel Knievel, though she refuses to believe he is who he claims to be.
12 Nov. 1977
Brain Wash
Oscar's secretary Peggy Callahan introduces Jaime Sommers to her new boyfriend John at his hair salon. Jaime then overhears Callahan spilling classified OSI information while having a wash and a set. Sommers in turn tells Oscar Goldman not to trust his secretary any longer although Callahan insists she's innocent. Jaime decides to visit John's salon to find what exactly is going on there.
26 Nov. 1977
Escape to Love
Jaime is on a mission to rescue Doctor Arlo Kelso and his son Sandor from behind the Iron Curtain. Things become complicated when Sandor falls in love with her.
3 Dec. 1977
Bionic canine Max is kidnapped by foreign agents just when Jaime is incapacitated because of a bionic check-up.
17 Dec. 1977
Over the Hill Spy
Oscar Goldman asks retired OSI agent Terrence Quinn to help catch his long time Sovjet nemesis Vanovic. Jaime Sommers is brought in to accompany Quinn on his mission.

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