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1 Jan. 1984
Tommy Goes Overboard
Tommy's home from college feeling down,due to bad grades & a failed romance. Also,Mel gets a visit,his old Navy buddy Frank. Who ends up inspiring Tommy to consider a change,that Alice may not be crazy about.
8 Jan. 1984
Vera, the Horse Thief
Vera takes up the cause of an abused miniature horse.
15 Jan. 1984
Jolene Throws a Curve
Jolene doesn't want to pitch on Mel's softball team.
29 Jan. 1984
Lies My Mother Told Me
Mel's mother finally confesses that his dog was not a war hero.
12 Feb. 1984
Alice and the Devoted Dentist
Alice's dentist falls in love with her.
4 Mar. 1984
Alice's Hot Air Romance
Alice has to deal with a sexist balloonist.
11 Mar. 1984
Dollars to Donuts
After one good day at the track, Tommy decides to become a professional gambler.
18 Mar. 1984
My Dinner with Debbie
Vera's landlady wants to prove she's a better cook than Mel.
25 Mar. 1984
Vera's Fine Feathered Friends
Vera plans to rescue the bird's nest from Mel's sign before Mel gets rid of it.
1 Apr. 1984
Jolene Is Stuck on Mel
Jolene is stuck on Mel though being glued together is more like it.
15 Apr. 1984
Don't Play It Again, Elliot
Vera and Elliot receive a piano and Elliot won't stop playing it.
13 May 1984
Mel Spins His Wheels
Mel's prejudice against the handicapped is tested when he is confined to a wheelchair.
20 May 1984
Be It Ever So Crowded
Vera and Elliot buy a house.
14 Oct. 1984
Romancing Mr. Stone
The girls place a personal ad to get Alice a date.
28 Oct. 1984
Space Sharples
Mel stops a bank robbery dressed as a superhero for Halloween.
4 Nov. 1984
Big Bad Mel
Mel wants to tear down a day school to build a parking lot.
18 Nov. 1984
Houseful of Hunnicutts
Jolene has family overload when seven of them take up residence in her one bedroom apartment.
25 Nov. 1984
Tommy's Lost Weekend
Alice suspects that Tommy is developing a drinking problem.
16 Dec. 1984
Undercover Mel
Mel has gone undercover to stop some beef rustlers and collect the reward.
23 Dec. 1984
Footloose Mel
Mel throws out a bunch of break dancers whom he thinks are nothing but a gang of hoodlums.

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