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14 Jan. 1979
Sweet Charity
Alice has extra tickets to a celebrity ball and no end of interested parties.
21 Jan. 1979
The Fourth Time Around
Flo and Mel's brother think about getting hitched; marriage number four for each.
28 Jan. 1979
Tommy's First Love
Tommy is in love and using the phone way too much.
5 Feb. 1979
Mel Grows Up
Mel's mother is spending the winter in Phoenix. OOH BBBOY! It's Martha Raye!
18 Feb. 1979
Vera's Broken Heart
Vera's boyfriend is getting married to someone else.
25 Feb. 1979
Alice's Decision
Alice has an offer to sing on the road, but what can she do with Tommy?
11 Mar. 1979
The Last Stow It: Part 1
Mel wants to take it easy, so he sells out to no-nonsense restaurateur Randolph Briggs. When the girls begin to protest his overbearing ways, he fires each of them, one by one.
11 Mar. 1979
The Last Stow It: Part 2
When humorless restaurateur Randolph Briggs refuses Mel's offer to buy back the diner, he opens an eatery in Alice's apartment. Alice decides that she needs to help Mel get his diner back.
18 Mar. 1979
If the Shoe Fits
Alice and Vera are up for the same part in a play.
25 Mar. 1979
My Fair Vera
Vera is being cast in a local commercial.
1 Apr. 1979
Flo Finds Her Father
Alice tries to bring Flo and her father together.
23 Sep. 1979
Has Anyone Here Seen Telly?
No one believes Vera when she tells them that Telly Savalas stopped by.
30 Sep. 1979
Mona Lisa Alice
Mel wants his waitresses to smile or else the meal is on the house just when Alice is very unhappy.
7 Oct. 1979
Mel Loves Marie
Mel gets engaged, but wants his fiancée, Marie, to sign a prenuptial.
21 Oct. 1979
Vera Robs the Cradle
Tommy falls for has dance instructor Vera.
28 Oct. 1979
Flo's Chili Reception
Mel thinks that Flo's boyfriend is after his Texas chili recipe.
4 Nov. 1979
Little Alice Bluenose
Vera's boyfriend objects to her nude art classes.
11 Nov. 1979
Carrie Sharples Strikes Again
Mel's mother is cooking at the diner and the customers roll in.
18 Nov. 1979
Mel's in the Kitchen with Dinah
Mel is preparing his chili on Dinah Shore's show, but can only bring one waitress.
2 Dec. 1979
Cabin Fever
The gang and Mel's girlfriend are packed into a cabin on a fishing weekend.
9 Dec. 1979
My Cousin, Art Carney
Vera is Art Carney's cousin and she gets him to endorse Mel's chili.
23 Dec. 1979
Mel, the Magi
It's Christmas and the gang is preparing Christmas dinner at the diner with meager resources.

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